Saturday, May 6, 2017

Strawberry Picking

 This morning I took the kids to a local farm to pick strawberries. Chris is gone for drill this weekend and we had no plans, so we called some friends and we met at McGarrah's Farm. 
Tucker was a strawberry picking machine. He went to work right away and he probably picked more than anyone. Not all the berries he picked were ripe, but he did his best. 

Bailey was a little more hesitant to pick berries because it was muddy and she didn't want to get dirty. But she found a few dry patches of dirt and picked some berries there. She mainly followed her friend Chloe around and giggled with her. 

These girls are the best of friends. Chloe and Addi Caresia and Bailey.

Tanner helped out and picked some berries too. He loved having his friends- Brody and Beckham Quale there too. 

And Tucker and Braxton were happy to hang out with the big boys. 
These kids and I finally got our box filled and even though it was a lot of work for this pregnant momma, the kids had fun and that makes it worth it...Right?
And now we have fresh berries for Daddy's birthday next week!

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