Saturday, February 28, 2015

Second Snow Storm of the Year

We woke up to about 4 inches of snow this morning and we are now enjoyed our second snow storm on the year. The kids were so excited to go play again. Our snow had all melted from our first snow storm, so it was fun to have the ground all white again. 
Love these kids. 
Tucker loved sledding with his big brother and sister. 
Tucker can't stay outside as long as the other kids, so he played for a bit and then Daddy took him in so he wouldn't get too cold. But we sure love this kid. 
The older kids and I worked hard making a snowman. Unfortunately, the snow was pretty dry and didn't want to pack. It took a long time to get a tiny little snow man. 
Here we are with our "Baymax" snowman. Bailey and Tanner agreed, a big white snowman should be named "Baymax" since Baymax is big and white. 
Daddy brought Tucker over to the window so he could watch us play. 
Then Tanner decided he was ready to go in and get some hot cocoa. Bailey wanted to keep playing. We went to the driveway and went sledding some more. 
The front of the house was pretty much untouched besides are footprints and it was so pretty
Here is Bailey in front of our snow-covered house. 

Then Bailey and I went inside and enjoyed some hot cocoa too. 
Then it was time for naps. Because this snowstorm came on a Saturday, Daddy was home to hang with us too. SO fun. 
Also, they have already cancelled church tomorrow so we get to spend tomorrow together as well. 
Yay for snowstorms.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

"Big Hero 6" Movie Night

Tonight we had a themed pizza/movie night and the kids loved it. "Big Hero 6" came out on dvd and we rented it for our weekly family movie night. I decided to make our dinner on theme with the movie. The kids and I also made some "Baymax" masks to wear while we watch the movie. 
For dessert I made some "Baymax" cake pops. These were a huge hit with the kids. 
How cute are my mini-baymax kids. I love them with their masks on. 
We ate our pizza and then enjoyed our cake pops while we watched "Big Hero 6"

Daddy and all the kids snuggled up watching the movie. 

It's been a while since we've had a themed movie night and the kids loved it. It was fun to spend a relaxing night together!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tucker's First Haircut at the Salon

Today Tucker got his first real haircut at an actual salon. I gave him a haircut around 2 weeks and saved that baby hair, but since then I've been trimming his hair pretty frequently.
I finally decided it was time to hand that head of hair over to a professional. 
Tucker was ridiculously perfect during his haircut. He say unbelievably still the ENTIRE time. 
Amanda, the hair stylist, and I were laughing so hard because it was like Tucker was in a trance. I think he liked the feel of the comb against his head. He just loved the entire experience. 

You can't not love this little face. 
And here is a side view to show off how long his hair was around his ears. 
I've seriously never seen a kid hold so still. He did better than his siblings during his haircut. 

And he was flirting with Amanda the entire time. Oh this boy!
Finished product. How I love this little man. He's so sweet and so perfect. Love my little Tucker and I love his new haircut!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tanner- Person of the Week

 Tanner is the "person of the week" at his preschool this week. What does that mean? Well basically he gets to be the line leader all week, he gets to make a poster about himself and present it to his class and his classmates will ask him questions about him that he gets to answer and he gets to bring snacks for the week. 

On his poster we included facts about Tanner like: his name, age, favorite color, food and the fact that he loves to make his bed. It also included a list of things he loves to do, like ride his bike, swim, go on dates with mom and play at the park. He also loves "Star Wars" and "Transformers". 

Tanner helped me pick out what color paper to use for his name and he arranged some of the pictures and words. But when I asked Tanner what pictures he wanted to put on his poster, the first picture he asked for was a picture of him and his Uncle David. He's totally obsessed with Uncle David. It's pretty cute. He likes how it turned out and was excited to take his poster to preschool this morning. 

Tanner is such a sweet boy. He has his difficult moments but is really a tender boy. He's learning so much at preschool this year and we are both excited for kindergarten. 
We just love this little boy. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Our First Snow Day

We finally got a snow day and the kids and I couldn't be more excited. Even Daddy got to stay home from work to play with us.  We started off the morning with chocolate chip pancakes, but because the snow it white, Tanner insisted we use white chocolate chips. The pancakes were a big hit. 
Then we immediately got bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow. Luckily for us, our driveway is ridiculously steep so we had a great time sledding down it over and over again. 
Tanner loved it so much!
I was surprised by how much Bailey enjoyed the sledding. 
Love these two little sledding pros!
They had so much fun. We played and played!
We played outside for an hour before our hands got cold. 
Bailey enjoyed sledding with her Daddy too. 
Oh and we had to make snow angels. 
Then Bailey turned over and made one on her tummy. lol. This girl cracks us up. 
Love these little snow buddies
Then we went inside to get warm for a little bit. We drank some hot cocoa and watched "Peter Pan".
Then Tucker woke up, so we got dressed again and took Tucker outside to enjoy his first ever snow. 
Here are all three of my babies on the sled. 
Tucker really loved sledding. I would just gently pull him around the backyard and he laid there and smiled the entire time. 
Then we went back to the driveway and went sledding some more. 
I just love these kids and I love that we all enjoy the snow. 
I think Tucker was a fan of the snow. 
How cute is this little guy?
All three of my snow buddies. So cute. 
Then we went back in for lunch and naps. 
We watched another movie after naps and played outside again until dark. 
Then it was time to eat dinner and take baths. 
The kids slept so hard because we spent all day playing in the snow. 

Then today, Thursday, Clark and Danny came over to hang out while their parents went to a visa  appointment. We played outside again. Believe me, getting 5 kids ready took a while, but the kids enjoyed the snow so it was worth it. 
We even made a little snowman. 

We had fun with the cousins, but we are happy the roads are clearing off so we can get out and about again. I wonder how much longer Winter will stick around. It took a while for the winter weather to arrive, but maybe it's here for a while.