Friday, July 31, 2015

Kindergarten Waffle Bar

Today was our last day of summer vacation  and we had a "Back to School Breakfast" for Tanner and his kindergarten friends. Bailey became fast friends with the girls. 
We invited three other little kindergartners over. The table was all set up and the kids loved it 
We had a waffle bar and it was delicious
Tanner loved getting to load up his waffle with whatever toppings he wanted. 

My little kindergartner. 
Bailey and the other little sister got to sit at their own little table. They were so cute. 
Tommy and Tuck were high chair pals. 
They enjoyed sharing food again. 
And shared a few good laughs together.
Tanner loved having his friends over. They played together and ate their waffles. So fun!
Tucker was pretty thrilled to be included in the fun. 
How cute are these little kindergartners? I love them! 
And one with the little sisters, of course. 
I'm a little nervous for Tanner to start kindergarten, but mostly excited. I think he will love it! We will see in just 3 days. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Boating in Mountain Home & Pioneer day Celebrations

We drove over to Mtn. Home on Friday afternoon. We picked Tanner up from VBS and left from there. We got in a little before bedtime. The kids played and ate dinner. Tucker discovered "hide-n-seek" and it was so cute!
Bailey sat in Nanny's rocking chair and enjoyed reading all of the books to herself. 
The next day we rented a boat and went out on the lake. My two oldest were tubing masters. They were such little dare devils and they loved tubing so much. 
This picture accurately depicts their love of tubing. Tanner giving me the "thumbs up" to go faster. They loved it so much!
And I love Bailey's face- looking at Tanner with that smile. They had a blast together. 

After Tanner and Bailey tubed, we threw out the anchor and played for a while. Tucker and Uncle David had so much fun in the water together. 

The kids loved playing with the tube and the rope. 
Then I took Tucker tubing. It was his first time and he was a fan. 

He was a little squished inside his life jacket but that didn't stop him from smiling the whole time. 

Then we parked it again for lunch and more swimming. Tucker and Papa had a great time swimming together. Tanner loved jumping off the boat. 
Then Papa took Tanner tubing. He let him stand as they were pulled. It made me a little nervous, but Tanner loved it!

Then it was Bailey's turn to go with Papa. 
I love this one of Bailey relaxing. It cracks me up. 

After we got home from boating, we got cleaned up and went to the Mountain Home Ward Pioneer day activity. They asked everyone to dress up, so I pulled some outfits together for the boys and made Bailey a dress. She loved her dress so much. 
Tanner was a big fan of his suspenders. It was so funny. 
She was so thrilled that she had a pioneer dress to wear. Doesn't she look cute? 
There was a super cute covered wagon backdrop at the pioneer day celebration. Don't my pioneers look so cute?

We went to church on Sunday and then ate dinner together before driving back home. It was such a fun weekend. Now school is getting ready to start so we might not be back to Mtn. Home for a while. I can't believe Summer is almost over. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tanyard Creek and Shortstop Grill

We've lived here for two years now and we FINALLY made it over to "Tanyard Creek". Its this beautiful little creek/waterfall in Bella Vista about 20 minutes away. The kids loves swimming in the creek and climbing up the waterfall steps. 
The water was perfect and the weather was so hot- it made for the perfect cool down on a hot summer day. 

Even Tucker loved playing in the creek. He thinks he is so big!
And Bailey mostly enjoyed dipping her feet in the water. She got in a few times, but she mostly liked playing on the creek shore. 

Basically getting a cute family picture is impossible these days, Tucker never wants to sit still. But we keep trying!

After our swim we drove over to the short-stop grill. This is another place we've been dying to go. They have delicious burgers and HUGE ice cream cones. These were the smalls. So fun.
The kids loved getting their own cones. They were literally bigger than their heads. 
We had a great Saturday as a family. Tanyard Creek will definitely be on our list of favorites.