Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break Stay-cation 2015

We stayed around locally for our spring break this year. Tanner had the week off of preschool and since we had so much fun last year, we decided to do it again. We planned a different activity each day during our spring break and it was a blast. 
Day 1: we spent the day at the new park here in Centerton. It was such a fun park. The kids loved it. 
These two loved this little teeter-totter. 
But the real fun came on this huge see-saw. So fun!
It was such a fun playground. The kids just played and played. We packed our lunch and spent about two hours playing. We had a bunch of friends meet us there so we had lots of kids to play with. 
And to top it all off, the weather was amazing! Such a nice way to kick off our spring break. 
Day 2: Ice skating at the Jones Center. 
I can't even describe how excited Tanner and Bailey were to go ice skating. We didn't go at Christmas because Tucker was too little and our schedule was crazy, so when the Jones Center offered discounted rates, we jumped on it. Chris took off work early and we drove over to spend some time together as a family. 
Cuties with their ice skates on. 
Oh and the reason they are all in Razorback attire is because if you showed your Razorback spirit you got an even bigger discount. 
I took turns helping the kids skate around in the middle. But Tanner held on just fine around the sides of the rink and skated around 
Love these kids. They had so much fun. 

Daddy and Tucker were such champs and watched and cheered for us. 
After we skated, we went over and played in the bounce houses for a while. 

These boys were so cute together. Tanner very carefully played with Tucker in the bounce house. 

After we finished playing we went and had Chinese food together. Yum. Perfect day number two of our staycation. 

Day 3 : Kid's eat free at "Flying Burrito". This was so fun. We met a bunch of friends at one of our favorite restaurants and the kids got to order whatever they wanted because it was free. 
They loved it!
After lunch we went for a walk around Compton Gardens with our friends. 
Resting for a little while on the rock wall. 
Here is Bailey finding some wildflowers on our walk to find a bathroom. 
Tanner and his buddy Maddox playing in the stream. 
Love these two cuties! We had a great walk and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Day 4: Penguins of Madagascar at the Dollar Theater. 
I took these cuties to see a movie with our friends. Tanner and Bailey loved it so much. Tucker was good most the time but it was during nap time so he got a little fussy. But it was cute and with help, it worked out pretty well. 
Day 5: Our final day of our stay-cation. I took Tanner and Bailey to the pool at the gym. I took Tucker to the daycare so I could really enjoy my time with my two little swimmers. They loved it. We swam for 2 hours and then picked up our little Tucker, who we all missed. It was weird to not have him with us. Tanner and Bailey had a blast swimming though. 

Anyways, we had a great spring break staycation. It was a nice relaxing week, but Tanner and I are both ready for preschool to start again!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Somehow I turned 28 last week. I'm not really sure where the time has gone, but here we are...28 years old. Crazy. Well my birthday fell on a Sunday this year so my sweet husband and cute kids threw me a little party. 
This is the sight I woke up to on my birthday

Chris even thought ahead and bought donuts on Saturday so I could have them on Sunday morning. After letting me sleep in, Chris and the kids set up everything and patiently waited until I woke up. 
When I finally came out of my room, Tanner and Bailey were so excited and started yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" and showing me all my presents and my breakfast. Tanner couldn't wait to show me the card he picked out for me. It was completely adorable. 

Chris made me a delicious burger for dinner and I completely devoured it. SO GOOD! 
Then he made me a milkshake and put the kids to bed for me. Awesome birthday and awesome husband. The next night for FHE the kids helped Chris make me a birthday cake.
Then they all sang to me as I blew out my candles. (Tanner said I only needed 7 candles and since 7 candles sounded better than 28, I was totally ok with it.)

The following Thursday my parents came over to spend the weekend with us. My kids were so excited to see them. It has been 3 months since we saw them last- WAY TOO LONG!
On Saturday, my mom and I spent the day shopping as a delayed birthday present. 
It was so fun and relaxing. I sure love my Mom, she's kind of amazing. 
Then on Sunday my parents went to church with us. We had to snag a few pictures before church. 
This is Tucker's "cheese" face. I love it so much!
These kids are my world. 
And this man is the love of my life. I'm so blessed!
And we are all so lucky to have these amazing people in our life. They are such great grandparents for my babies!

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to see Nanny and Papa again next month for little Tucker's birthday party. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had so much fun on St. Patrick's day!
The day before we build a trap so we could try and catch a leprechaun. Tanner was pretty serious about the set-up of the trap. He knew just how he wanted the trap to work and made sure the final product was just what he wanted.  
This was our finished product. We made a ladder and covered the box in green paper. Then we cut out green shamrocks (because leprechauns love shamrocks) and then we cut out arrows to point the way to the treasure we laid out as bait. According to Tanner and the books we read together, leprechauns love gold things. So we filled our treasure bucket with gold necklaces and gold coins. 
Tanner also laid a path of gold coins out to lure the leprechaun to our trap. 
Both Tanner and Bailey happily went to sleep the night before, because they couldn't wait to see if we caught a leprechaun.
Unfortunately, the next morning we found our trap had been sprung, but we didn't catch a leprechaun. 
The kids were disappointed until they discovered the leprechaun hat that our little leprechaun left behind.  

we also discovered little leprechaun footprints leading to the trap and some paths all over the house. 
This lead to even more excitement from the kids. 
Tanner and Bailey found tracks leading into the kitchen. On the table they found some treats from the leprechaun. Such excitement!

Even little Tucker got excited over his treats from the leprechaun. 

Then throughout the day, while the kids weren't watching, I would move the footprints around the house and leave other treats and notes behind. Each time the kids discovered more footprints, they would flip out and get so excited. It was so fun!

The last note from our leprechaun asked if the kids would leave his hat out for him so he wouldn't look so funny. Leprechauns need their hats and they feel silly without them.
Tanner very graciously left the hat on his headboard when he went to sleep but he did tuck the note from the leprechaun under his pillow. 

Anyways, we had a great St. Patrick's day. I'm so grateful for these happy-go-lucky kids!