Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red, White & Blue Festival

This weekend was our community's Red, White & Blue festival. I can't believe the 4th of July is so close. This year is more than halfway over- I can't get over that!
Anyways, I love this little town and all the fun events they put together for the holidays and other random occasions.
On Friday we headed over to the ASUMH campus for some games, food and a movie. Tanner immediately found his little buddy, Austin Kingery, and they had a blast together.
Little Buddies

Seriously- I love this kid! (Notice his oh-so-patriotic shirt)

We had to walk around to every booth so Tanner could see what everyone had to offer. We played a few games...
Tanner playing the golf game- The kid's got skills!

The bean bag toss...

The boys got their face painted.
Don't ask me why Tanner always looks so serious after getting his face painted...

and then we enjoyed a snow cone to cool off.
(Tanner may have eaten most of it and consequently had a tummy ache that night- yeah-I'm a responsible parent)

Then it started getting dark and they set up the big screen to play the "Movie in the Park". They have these movies throughout the summer and they are usually at the park- but this one was on campus. The movie was "MegaMind" and it was so cute.
Before the movie started

Laying down to watch the movie

Tanner did good for about the first 2 mins...but then he wanted to get up and play. Eventually Chris took Tanner home and I stayed with my Brother (who showed up for the movie) to finish watching the show.

The next day we mostly took it easy. We spent some time at Nanny and Papa's and then Tanner took a nice long nap. He has been exhausted from the crazy late-night parties. We went to a birthday party at the park for one of Tanner's little friends and then grabbed some Sonic and headed over to watch the firework show. Which was really good (as usual- ASU always puts on a great show) and the weather really cooled off.
Tanner would not take his eyes off the fireworks- not even to smile for a picture.

Tanner wasn't sure how he felt about the fireworks. At first he was scared and just wanted to snuggle me.

Snuggling while watching the show

But then Uncle David held him and they counted off each time a firework sounded. David would say "1..2..3.." and then Tanner would yell "GO" and the fireworks would light up the sky.

I think he was convinced he was actually causing them.

Either way- it made Tanner happy and he was able to enjoy the rest of the show. Then we headed home, exhausted from another late night.
Thankfully now Tanner is down for a nap- and hopefully it will be nice and long!
We had so much fun this weekend and I'm glad we went. But now its time for me to take a nap. 6 1/2 weeks and counting until baby comes! YAY!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Sweetheart!

Four years ago today I married my best friend and the man of my dreams.
It hardly seems possible that its already been four years, the time has flown by.
I love my sweet husband more than I can say. He makes me laugh when I'm sad, smile when I'm upset and he makes me feel beautiful even when I've just woken up. He's pretty much the best husband ever. I'm so grateful that he's mine for eternity.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Drake Family Vacation

We just got back from a week-long vacation in Branson, Missouri.
Its only 1 1/2 hours away and there is tons to do- so we love it. Not that we do a ton while we are there- its mostly a bunch of lounging at the pool and marathons of "24" But, somehow I still managed to take about 300 hundred pictures. Prepare yourself...

Chris, Tanner and I spent our first day in Branson at Silver Dollar City. We discovered a few more rides that Tanner could ride and a bunch of rides that are just right for Chris and I. Chris and I decided that we are getting old. We no longer liked being yanked and jerked around by roller coasters and the dizziness I feel when I get off a ride is not something I like to relive. So we found a few "tame" rides that even we could handle.
Tanner really wanted to ride the "hopping frogs" He did good until it really started hopping- even I was a little nervous. Those frogs were really jumping.
Tanner and I before the ride took off- Yep- he was a big boy and sat in his own seat

Tanner and Dad after the frog ride.

We also played in the rope tree house again and cooled off at "geysers gulch"

Tanner squirting the water gun

Then Chris and Tanner played in the ball fort- Tanner loved helping his Dad load the ball gun.
Tanner in the ball pit, handing Dad balls

Helping dad load the gun

I love this shot of Tanner following his Dad around. He looks so little and yet its such a big boy thing to do- running around and throwing balls....

Tanner in the ball fort- I'm not sure if he knew how to get out at this point...

Doesn't he look concerned?

After grabbing some yummy ice cream and later some frozen lemonades- we decided to leave the park and head over to the condo.

Saturday night we ate in and just hung out with my siblings. We, of course, did a little swimming as well.
Yes Tanner is trying to drink the water from the fountain....

On Sunday, my parents and my sister Sarah and her new husband Johnny arrived. That bumped our total family members up to 12 and completed the crew. We rented two condos this year because our family is growing so much and we were sooo glad we did. The two families with young kids (my brother Joseph, Julieta, Clark. Chris, Tanner and I) were in one condo and everyone else (Mom, Dad, David, Laura, Sarah and Johnny) were in the condo just one room over.
Our rooms were on the ground floor and on the pool-side. We pretty much walked out our backdoor into the pool. It was awesome.
After everyone was finally together we snapped a few family shots (even though this picture will be outdated in about 7 1/2 weeks- comon' baby) and then we headed off to Olive Garden.

Its a good thing the food was good because our service was terrible. Luckily, we were able to laugh it off and still enjoy each other's company.
When we got back from dinner, both Tanner and Uncle Johnny had their first experience with fireflies. I think they were equally excited about them too!
If you look close you can see one crawling on David's hand...Its not lit up though.

Sunday night we said good-bye to Chris and Joseph - Joseph had class and Chris had to work. It was sad to see them go, but we managed. Tanner enjoyed having even more room to himself on our King size bed. We played dominos that night and chatted until we couldn't keep our eyes open.

Monday we spent at the pool. Well between the pool, mealtimes and naptime- It was a pretty full day. Tanner LOVED the pool. He loved being able to touch and walk around- but sometimes he would walk in too deep and I'd have to keep pulling him back to where he could touch. He was determined he could breathe underwater. I'm a little more than concerned about the lack of self-preservation...
Tanner really liked standing over the fountains... my kid is so weird!

Double Trouble

Tuesday morning I took Tanner to the "party at the pool" they had face painting, bubbles, sidewalk chalk- what's not to love? Tanner had blast. He held sooo still while he got his face painted. And then he loved looking in the mirror afterwards. He thought his fish face was pretty cool.

Love this boy

The rest of Tuesday we spent shopping. Well- the girls went shopping (except for Laura- who decided she'd rather babysit). I bought WAY too many clothes for Tanner and baby girl at the Carter's outlet and the other outlet stores. We wont even get into how much I went over my budget. But on a positive note- Tanner is TOTALLY set in the way of 2T clothes. And baby girl's closet is getting pretty full too.
It was really fun!
Tanner and Papa- Tanner is wearing Aunt Sarah's sunglasses (which he found in the condo somewhere) and Papa is wearing my sunglasses (which Tanner also found and brought to Papa to wear)

Then on Wednesday we went to see "The Body" exhibit in Branson. It was pretty cool. After that, just more swimming and eating.
That night we roasted s'mores around the fire. Tanner really enjoyed the chocolate and the marshmellow. He could have done without the graham cracker though.
Papa and Tanner roasting marshmellows


Papa and Tanner eating their s'mores

On Thursday, my brother David watched Tanner while I spent a few hours shopping in Springfield (a short 30 minute drive from Branson). I got some stuff for the baby nursery and a few pairs of jeans for Tanner, then I headed back to my boy. That night was more food and then we went and saw "X-Men 1st Class"- So good by the way!
My little cheeseball

Friday we slept in, had donuts for breakfast and then made sushi for lunch.
Tanner loves donuts

Then Sarah and Johnny had to leave to fly back to Utah. SO SAD!
but then Chris came back up. We spent the day at the pool, napping, playing in the clubhouse and then my Dad grilled some steaks for Dinner.
Tanner really loved throwing the ball in the fountain and watching float away. Then he run and get the ball and do it over again. Uncle David and Uncle Johnny would sit on two of the three fountains and make the one Tanner was playing with squirt water really high. Tanner loved it.

Tanner's new trick- jumping into the water

This was kind of a slow motion jump because we were trying to catch it on camera..but he really would jump/walk off the edge of the pool into the water. He thought he was pretty big stuff! He'd even go underwater.
Oh and just pretend you can see my big belly in that maternity swim suit...
Mom and Tanner

Tanner playing on the beanbags in the clubhouse

Going down the slides at the clubhouse

That night we watched more "24" and eventually went to bed. It was such a fun-filled week!

Saturday we had to check out by 10 am. Which was soo early. Even Tanner had gotten in the habit of waking up around 10:30 am- so it felt really early when my alarm went off at 9 that morning. We ate breakfast in the other condo and then did a little more shopping before driving home.

We had such a wonderful week, and although we missed Chris like crazy, we had so much fun with my family. I'm so glad that we all get along. My siblings are honestly some of my best friends and its so fun to grow up and have kids and watch them play together too. I LOVE MY FAMILY!