Sunday, February 23, 2014

Road Trip to Texas

On Thursday evening we left for Fort Worth, Texas to visit our awesome friends, the Thornocks. It was a 6-hour drive and we hoped that by leaving around 5 pm, the kids would sleep through half of the trip or more. We drove to Oklahoma and hit the turnpike. Grabbed some dinner and then the kids passed out. They slept until Dallas (1 hour short of our destination) where they woke up because of the stop and go traffic and all the bright lights. Sometimes I forget how sheltered I am living in Arkansas. I was so anxious while we drove in Fort Worth. There was construction everywhere, detours, delays and the traffic still didn't slow. Drivers there are crazy. But we finally got to the Thornocks house around 11:45 pm. We were so relieved. We visited for a while, but then had to go to sleep because we were thoroughly exhausted. 

The next day we ate breakfast, got the kids ready and then drove up to IKEA. The kids actually were pretty good in the car considering how much driving we did. Here are my little travelers!
They thoroughly enjoyed all the snacks I'd packed. How I love these little faces. 
After IKEA and lunch we headed over to the aquarium. We went to the "Sea Life Aquarium" in Dallas. It was awesome. The kids really loved it. 

How cool is this? This was the display as we walked into the aquarium. 
The kids were enthralled. It was so fun!
We saw sharks, sting rays, lots of fish and coral, jelly fish, star fish and sea turtles. 

The kids loved this dome.

How cool is this picture? Aspen and Bailey were little buddies at the aquarium. 
This was one of my favorite parts. A tunnel, completely glassed in with fish all around. Isn't it awesome?
Oh this boy! He's my buddy.
The jellyfish were a HUGE hit. 
We had a great time and the kids were thoroughly exhausted after their big day. 

The next day we went and ate lunch at this awesome taco place. Then we headed over to the Fort Worth Zoo. Unfortunately when we pulled onto the road for the parking lot, the line was so long we decided to scrap the plan and took the kids to the park instead. 
They weren't too disappointed and it was a gorgeous day for the park. The weather was perfect all weekend. Around 70 degrees and it felt so nice!
Yes, that's my son climbing on top of that huge rock structure. Who's genius idea was this??? Right- stick a huge, very tall rock at a children's playground- that's a good idea. 
Regardless, Tanner loved the challenge and I think I only had a mild anxiety attack. 
It's a good thing he's so cute. I was freaking out!!!

Sunday morning, before church, we snagged a picture of all 5 kids together. Yes they totally coordinated. No- we didn't plan this. But yes-  it's adorable? 
You can bet, 5 kids ages 5 and under got a little crazy sometimes, but it was so fun!
And even though it was great to see Christie and she's convinced I came all that way to visit her and see her new home, I was really there to see that adorable boy on her lap.
Seriously, he's 3 months old and one of the best babies I've ever seen. Such a little stud!
Then we went to church with the Thornocks and got to hear Christie speak in their ward conference. She did a great job and we were happy to be there.
 We left after sacrament and started the 6-hour trek home. 
The kids actually did remarkably well. One thing that really helped were these amazing activity books called "Water WOW" . The pages reacted with the water pens and changed colors. They played with these books for about 1 1/2 hours. AMAZING!

We arrived home just in time for bedtime. It's so nice to be home, but we had a great visit.
Thanks to the Thornocks for having us over for the weekend. That was probably our last road trip until this boy comes. 9 more weeks!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

LOVE day 2014

This year's Valentine's day was a total success. The kids woke up to find these treats waiting for them. Each year my kids get some small gift from Chris and I, this year they got books. They were beyond excited. 
Then I made Chris this yummy breakfast with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. 
After breakfast, Chris went to work and I got the kids ready for the day in their cute little Valentine's outfits. Don't they look adorable? 
After getting all ready for the day, we went to our friend's house for a playgroup valentine's day party. We went over early to help set up. There were about 12 adults and 16 kids. Everyone brought something for lunch and we all exchanged valentines. 
Here are the kids and I at the party. 
Little sweethearts eating their lunch. 
After lunch the kids all played outside. With 16 kids it was a bit chaotic but the kids had a great time. 
Then we exchanged valentines. Tanner and I made all his little friends these little goldfish valentines that say "Will you o'fish'ally be my valentine?" for the girls or "You are o'fish'ally the coolest valentine." for the boys. They were so cute and Tanner loved them. And I made Bailey little purse valentines this year. She loved handing these out. She kept saying " I give purses to all of my friends."
Here are the kids with their valentine boxes. Tanner's was a pirate ship. He helped me make it and loved getting to do something crafty with me. He actually used the hot glue gun and did all the glueing without burning either of us. He also painted the masts and helped attached the sails. Such a big helper. 
Bailey wanted a princess castle this year. She didn't really do much to help but she was more than thrilled with the result. 
Both kids love their valentine boxes. 
After our playgroup party we went to Daddy's work to take him his "candy bouquet". The kids were a little sad to see all the candy stay with Dad, but they were happy to see him. 
After naps, the kids got these lip suckers that they loved. It was so funny to watch them make faces with these lips. 

For Valentine's day, Chris gave me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Unfortunately I ate most of them before I remember to snag a picture. They were delicious. 
After Chris got home, I went and picked up our babysitter. It was our first time to use an actual babysitter and I was a little nervous. The girl we used came highly recommended and she didn't disappoint. The kids absolutely adored her. They ate a heart-shaped pizza, their boxes of chocolates and then made chocolate chip cookies. Then they watched a movie. 
Chris and I only went to dinner, so we weren't gone long, but when we got home the kids were sad to see our sweet babysitter leave. I was so relieved. She said the kids were fantastic and we are so happy to have someone we can call when we need. 
For our big valentine's day dinner, Chris took me to "Doe's Eat Place" and it was so delicious. We split a 2 lb porterhouse steak. The meat was so tender and delicious. It was a great dinner and so nice to have some alone time with my man! 

Valentine's day was wonderful and I'm so grateful for the sweethearts in my life.