Monday, March 28, 2016

Bailey's Preschool Egg Hunt

Today, the Monday after Easter, Bailey's class had their egg hunt. Here is a shot of the entire class. 
It was probably the world's fastest egg hunt but the kids all seemed to have fun. 
Here is Bailey making sure her egg does indeed have candy inside. 

Bailey and her friend, Chloe after the egg hunt. 
It was so sunny and hard for the girls to see, but they tried to smile. 
We took a few pictures in the shade afterwards. 

This green egg was a favorite because it was blending into the grass and she almost didn't see it at first. 
I love this one. She was obsessed with her eggs. 
Love my precious girl. 

Oh and one day when the older kids were at school, I took Tucker over to the Tulip path for some pics. They were so beautiful and I couldn't stand not documenting them. 

Now Easter is happily wrapped up and I can move onto the next major holiday or school event. 
Here's too the month of April and all the fun that is coming our way!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

Jessica and I met one evening to take some Easter pictures of our kids. Her camera is still in the shop so we used my new lens and I love how they turned out. Jessica took the pics while I danced around like an idiot making kids smile. 

This girl...she's my favorite girl in the world. 

And Tanner was a champ and totally posed himself. So cute!

Then there is this boy. Who could stay upset with this little guy. He's so cute. Even if he's a total buster. 

I love how the pictures turned out!!!

Then on Saturday, Uncle Joseph and his family came over and we colored easter eggs. We tried a new method this year using shaving cream. It was a mess but the kids liked it. And it was really fast. 

The eggs in the shaving cream, being dyed. What a mess. 

Then right after naptime, Nanny and Papa arrived and we took off for the theater. We went to see "Zootopia" and it was such fun. The movie was adorable and the kids were angelic. I literally couldn't believe how good Tucker was. He sat in his own seat like a big boy and watched the entire movie. The last 20 minutes he sat in my lap, but he was still angelic. 

Then it was back to our house for our egg hunt. 

Tucker loved finding eggs with candy in them. It was so cute to watch his face when he'd open an egg and find candy. 
Here is Nanny helping Tucker open his eggs. Tucker didn't know there was difference between the eggs and had lots of real eggs in his basket, so when he would get candy it made him so happy. 

Bailey only looked for fake eggs with candy...I don't think there was a single real dyed egg in her basket. 

Then there was this kid. He's an egg hunting champ at this point. 

He had lots of eggs and mostly candy ones. He was quite thrilled with his loot. 
We had to snag one picture with Nanny and Papa. We are so happy they live close enough to come over and play occasionally, along with Uncle Joseph and his family. 
Then we all went out to dinner together. We went to an authentic Mexican food place and everyone enjoyed their meals. 

Then this morning, Sunday morning, we ate a delicious cinnamon roll breakfast and then went to the 9 am ward for church. It was a great Easter Sunday . After second hour we came back home to prep for dinner and Uncle Joseph and his family came back over. 
We ate a very yummy ham dinner and enjoyed our time together. 
The kids also found their Easter baskets after church. We decided we wanted to keep our Sunday morning focused on Christ and we had the kids watch the Easter story in America video. Tanner explained everything that was happening in the movie to Bailey. It was pretty cute. Then after dinner the kids dug into their baskets. They loved everything the Easter bunny brought them and they were so happy. 

All-in-all, it was a wonderful Easter. 

 By 3 pm, our Easter dinner was over and we had cleaned up. Everyone loaded up and drove back to Mtn. Home. It was such a fun weekend. I hope everyone had a great Easter!