Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Day Out With Thomas

Yesterday we made a dream come true for little Tucker. Tanner and Bailey were also very excited but this particular excursion was planned with Tucker in mind. He's completely obsessed with trains and Thomas is his favorite. When I found these tickets online and realized how close it was, it was a no brainer. 
We drove over to Spencer, North Carolina- about 3 1/2 hours away and enjoyed a wonderful day out with Thomas the train. 
"Day out with Thomas" is a traveling event that features a ride on a Thomas train and meeting Sir Topham Hatt. There was also story telling, games and an imagination station.
Our first stop was the train ride. 

Before the train ride began, the conductor had us all cheer for Thomas. Bailey and Dad were very good at cheering. 
Each kid also got a "Jr. Engineer Certificate"
Tucker through a massive fit before boarding. We had to basically drag him onboard, kicking and screaming, and it was completely unexpected. But once the train ride started he was totally happy. He stopped crying and really loved it. So crazy. He's so ridiculous sometimes. 
It was so fun to pass "Percy" on the tracks during our ride. We all waved and yelled "hi" to Percy. 
I just love Tucker in his little conductor outfit. He really loved looking out the window. 

Also he loved climbing up and down the train steps at the end of our ride.
The train conductor didn't mind and let him climb as long as he wanted.

Seriously happy face!
He also just loved staring at Thomas. 
I love this one. We stayed in the spot and waved until Thomas had disappeared down the track. 

Then we also waved at Percy when he drove past. 
Next it was over to the bounce houses. They had two "Thomas" themed bounce houses up and they were a big hit.
Then we did sidewalk chalk and bubbles and Tanner got to meet one of the conductors. 
Here is Tanner in front of Percy. 

And Tucker with Thomas

Then we went over to the model train room and watched the trains run all around. The tracks went all around this huge warehouse room and Tucker loved it. 
And we played on the wooden train tracks

Then it was on to the sandbox. For some reason, this was a huge hit. It's not train related at all but the kids loved it. 

Then we went over to the roundhouse and the kids got to ride their own personal thomas trains. 

they played digital Thomas trains. 
Bailey and Tanner both got temporary tattoos of their favorite characters. Bailey got Rosie and James. Tanner got Philip and Thomas.

We did lego tables and ring toss. 

Then we played with the electric train set

Sir Topham Hatt was also there, but my kids didn't want to stop playing to get in line to meet him.

After playing at the round house for a couple hours, we called it a day and headed out to find some ice cream and start the drive home. It was so awesome. The kids had a great time and it was a very fun train filled day.