Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freakishly Warm January

What is going on with out weather this year. We are having super warm weather lately and its so crazy. I don't mind, since it gives us a much needed excuse to get outside and run off tons of extra energy, but it's weird for winter. I miss the snow!! I we've had about 2 inches total and it's just pathetic.
That said, here are some fun pictures from some play dates at the park this month.
Love this boy. Love him even more when he's running wild at the park and not in our little house.

It was 67 degrees outside so we decided milkshakes were in order- it was also happy hour- so win win.


Maddie and Bailey playing on the teeter-toter. They are besties
Swingin' with Dad, we love it when Chris has a day off and can play with us.

Man I love this girl!

She was having so much fun splashing in this puddle. (yes, my daughter is wearing a tank top in January) It was 76 degrees outside. 

Melts my heart- they are best friends

Bailey's favorite thing in the world- Bubbles
In other news, Bailey's hair is finally long enough for a high pony. It's a big deal!
Sweet kids all ready for church. I find that I'm able to get us ready for church so much faster, when Chris is working. haha. I think I just know I can't rely on anyone else to help me so I do it all myself and I do it fast!!! When Chris is home, which is rare, I depend on him too much and then I just get frustrated when things don't get done my way....I'm kinda a control freak.
Anyways, the point is- aren't my kids so cute in their Sunday clothes?

So I hope everyone else is having a good winter...maybe someday we'll get some winter weather, but for now we'll just have to keep enjoying this freakishly warm weather we've been happening.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photo Card

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We celebrated at our house this year with Nanny, Papa, Uncle Joe, Tia and the cousins. It wasn't anything huge, but I tried to make it fun for the kids. We had balloons pinned to the wall, one for each hour, and inside they each had activities to do for each hour of the night.

Also, Tanner helped me make this 2013 cake. It's funfetti and he was so excited about it!
Tanner couldn't wait to pop the first balloon and see what was inside.
It said "balloon fight with Papa"
 Tanner was so cute pretending to read the papers. He told us each paper said the same thing-- "balloon fight with Papa" . I guess that was his favorite part of the night.
6:00 pm said "Have a glow stick dance party"
This was a big hit with the kiddos.
Then Papa popped our 7:00 pm balloon. It said "eat cake"

And for our grand finale - the kid's midnight (at 8:00 pm)
The balloon said "Open presents". Tanner and Clark got "finger lights" and Bailey got bubbles. They were just cheap toys from the dollar store, but the kids loved them. 
Then we watched a ball drop online and sipped our sparkling cider

Here are the kids ringing in the new year. They loved these little blowers and the confetti poppers.

Then the party kinda broke up. Everyone said goodnight and we put the kids down for bed. It was great. Chris and I didn't make it to midnight, but it was still a great night.

The next morning Chris was off work, so I woke up early and ran the "David's Trail 5K". It was my slowest time yet because it was hiking trails and lots of hills. But it was a fantastic way to start off my new year. I'm really trying to stay in shape and this was a great jump start to my 5K season. Also, I set a resolution to run a 10K this year- I'm super excited!

Hope everyone had a great new year!

Christmas Shutterfly books-Complete

Here's a preview of Tanner's shutterfly books this year. I'm still working on Bailey's link.
Enjoy. I know he does!