Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Puppy Paw-ty!

Happy Birthday to my little man!!!
I can't believe my Tanner is TWO! The past two years have absolutely FLOWN by. It kind of breaks my heart to know that he's no longer my baby- he such a little boy now. He acts like a little boy- playing with dirt, splashing in puddles, taking toys apart just to see how they work, cars, trucks, tractors, puppies...he is just a little man now. I have a feeling I'm going to really have a hard time when he starts kindergarten. I miss my baby- but I'm thoroughly enjoying this new stage of life.
He is such a sweet little boy and I love getting to be his mom.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER! And thank you for the joy you bring into our lives. Not a day goes by that Chris and I don't crack up at something he's said or done. Its so fun!!!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy first thing this morning.

Tanner had his favorite breakfast food this morning (malt-o-meal, so weird- I KNOW)
Then he helped "Mimi" (Chris' mom) make cupcakes and loved that.

Then he took a bath with his little sister

For lunch we took him to his favorite pizza place and then let him play at the arcade.

Then it was home for nap time and party prep.
We had a puppy party this year and I had so much fun getting ready for it.
His invitations read "There will be cats to chase and bones to chew, Come help us celebrate because Tanner is turning 2"
Although it was a much smaller party then last year, I still had fun with the decorations. Here are a few pics:
Our little puppy

Tanner's Puppy cake


Table decorations

Birthday Banner

Balloon boy

Before we started opening presents we had face painting. Tanner thought it was so funny to watch others get their faces painted. He even tried to paint Uncle David's. (Thank you David for painting us all up)

His party was a family affair this year. Although we missed Aunt Sarah and Uncle Johnny- everyone else was able to be there.

Tanner made a HAUL on presents- it was a little ridiculous actually. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!
In fact he got so many presents we had to stop halfway through opening them to let him take a break. He was starting to loose interest...What a great problem to have-- TOO MANY PRESENTS!

We took a break and ate some cake. After spending two hours making his cake, the little twit only ate the doggy tail and then enjoyed digging his fingers in the rest of the cake...
Tanner and his cake

Then he ate a cupcake.
It was hard to tell what was face paint and what was cupcake at this point...

Then back to more presents....
After a little warming up to his new dog "BOLT"- it was "PUPPY LOVE"

We had so much fun and I want to thank everyone for their help and for their awesome gifts! Tanner doesn't know what a lucky little boy he is to have such great Grandparents, Great-Aunts & Uncles, Aunts and Uncles and cousins. THANK YOU
And once again happy birthday to our sweet Tanner-Bear!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now to the lake we go...

Yesterday we headed out to Bull Shoals lake for some much needed time on the water and time in the sun. Of course, having just had baby 2 1/2 weeks ago- I declined the chance to ski and tube. One good tumble and I'd be done for...
Here is Tanner with Chris at the boat dock before taking off.

Anyway-- Mom and I held down the fort on the beach. Tanner and Chris took off on the boat and Tanner thoroughly enjoyed helping Papa drive the boat around the Lake.
(Even though you can't tell from this picture- he loved it. He was mad that I made him look at me for a picture- all he wanted to do was steer the boat)

Tanner even took a turn tubing with Chris- although the water was a little choppy- I'm not sure how much he enjoyed it. He tolerated it though...
(Sorry these pictures aren't the best- it was really rough water)

Meantime, Bailey and I hung out with Nanny on shore and soaked up the sun. Well Bailey didn't see the sun that much but she did get out of her carseat for a bit.
Bailey and I at the lake... I LOVE HER LITTLE SWIM SUIT!!!

Bailey in her suit

When the first group of boaters came back Tanner and Chris got of the boat and hung out on shore with us. Correction- Tanner was carried off the boat because he was out like a light. The rocking of the boat was just enough to lull him to sleep. We made him a little bed out of a floatie and he slept for about 40 mins like this...

Then we had lunch and let Tanner play in the lake.

After about 4 hours we headed home. We were all tired and ready for naps. Later that night we went to Nanny and Papa's for bar-b-q pork and hung out with the family.
It was a great Saturday and it was so fun to get to be out enjoying the beautiful lakes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 weeks with Bailey and Big Brother Tanner

Today marks the 2 week mark since Bailey entered our lives. Life is starting to settle down. I'm feeling alot better, I am back to cooking, sometimes cleaning, and doing a TON of laundry (8 loads to be exact). Ridiculous right? But I'm glad to have some semblance of normalcy...
Here is a summary in pictures of the last two weeks.
Tanner reading to his little sister

Bailey's newborn photo session

Some pics I took for fun

Bailey travels...

Bailey gets to meet her Uncle David- dont mind that David looks totally awkward...

Movies with Dad

Tanner being a cutie pie

And Tanner's new obsession with dice- he's such a weird kid.

Bailey had been sleeping really well for the last 1 1/2 weeks, but the last 3 nights or so has been horrific. I don't think she is getting enough to eat, but today my doc called in some "Reglan" to help my production. Maybe that will make our lives better.
Tanner has been a sport. Even though Bailey's cries wake him up sometimes- he just comes into our room, grabs Chris' hand and drags him back into his bedroom and then goes right back to sleep. He's still taking really good naps, and although sometimes he gets bored he's been so great. I've been trying to spend a little 1-on-1 time each day with him while Bailey is napping.
Today I'm exhausted, but overall the transition is going well. If we can get Bailey eating enough I think she will sleep better and then we can all sleep better too. Wish us luck!