Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Session with Cousin Stephanie

My cousin's sweet wife, Stephanie, came over on Saturday and took some pictures of my kiddos. I'd wanted to get some to mark Bailey's half birthday so I asked her. She said she wanted the practice and I love pictures- so it was perfect. I LOVE how the turned out.
Here are Bailey's pictures first.
love her chubby thighs

and her entire chubby body


So serious

And here are Tanner's. He wasn't as cooperative, but considering he's a busy two year- I feel good about these.

I have to explain this picture. This is the look Tanner gave Stephanie when she started taking pictures of Bailey. I don't know if it was jealousy or if he was being protective, but this picture cracks me up.
Love this little strut

So Tanner. Very intense!

Thank you Stephanie for doing such a great job. You can practice on my kids anytime.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

This year Valentine's day was great. It was Chris' year to plan our activities and he did a fantastic job.
He made me breakfast first- lemon blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs and it was soo good. I also found a bouquet of roses waiting for me on the table.
Before he left for work I gave him his gift- a pair of cuff links. Then the kids and I kissed him goodbye and he headed off to work.
During Bailey's morning nap Tanner and I made him a valentine. When Bailey woke up we added her contribution. (Tanner's hands and Bailey's foot)

Then we made some treats for Chris and headed into town to meet him for a valentines lunch at our favorite Pizza place. Tanner gave him the card we made and the treats. He was so excited - he kept saying "Dad, numnums"
After lunch I took the kids home for nap time. After nap we delivered a few more valentines and went for a walk with our neighbors.
We snapped a few pics of the kids in their festive outfits.
My babies

Sweet little man

Daddy's sweetheart

Then Chris got home, we loaded the kids up and took them to Nanny and Papa's house. Chris had made us reservations at "Big Creek". Usually its closed to the public but Chris' partner at work let us use his membership. Our dinner was DELICIOUS. We both had prime rib, lobster bisque, caeser salad and asparagus. Seriously- I ate until I was sick.
Then Chris gave me an amazon gift card- LOVE THAT MAN. He totally knows me!
We picked up a couple of movies and some dessert and headed over to pick up our babes.

It was perfect. I love my husband for making the effot to make valentines day special. He knows how much I love this holiday and he spoiled me. I really feel blessed to be married to such a sweet man. He's my best friend and I can't imagine life without him.

Snow Day

We had about 1/2 an inch of snow back in December, but this time it snowed about 3 inches. Which was enough for Tanner and me. We played 3 times outside in the snow the first day. HE LOVED IT.
As soon as Chris opened the door to leave for work Tanner ran outside to see the snow.

He was very reluctant to come back inside. I had to take Bailey out really quick in her snow suit because it was too funny. This snow suit was about 5 months too small. It was a 0-3 month snow suit and I squeezed her into it. Bailey is currently wearing 6-9 month clothes, so you can imagine how tight it was. She really didn't seem to mind. She dind't even cry. And as you can tell from these pictures, she looked hysterical.

After I got Bailey down for her morning nap, I got Tanner bundled up and we headed outside to face the cold.
He ran all around, sometimes stomping and sometimes walking really gently. I was cracking up. Then I showed him how to make snow angels. That was a big hit.

Also on his "A list" was eating the snow. Unfortunately, he didn't really care if the snow was clean or walked all over or full of dirt. Everything went in his mouth.

We went out again after Bailey woke up. Bailey wasn't really into this time around

We went out again when Chris got home. Tanner was so excited to show dad all his snow.

Bailey seemed to enjoy herself as long as she was being held.

They played together until Tanner's little hands were frozen. Then Tanner had a nice warm bath with Bailey. It was pretty fun. Now I feel like we can move onto Spring. Now that I've had a little bit of snow, I'd be ok if the weather got nice and we got to start wearing short sleeves. Maybe in shorts. I'm way excited to bust out the kids summer wardrobes.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday to my Baby Girl

Today Bailey is 6-months old.
I can't believe it! She is so big!
I'm so grateful that she has become such a sweet girl. I look back at the early days, even the first three months and I can't believe how far she has come.
She is so much happier these days. She can entertain herself with toys now, interact a little bit more with Tanner and she eats like a pro.
Here are a few things that are going on with Bailey right now.
She can roll back and forth and does all day long.
She has discovered her toes and loves them
She is eating cereal and gerber fruits and vegetables.
She loves her brother's giraffe- not so much her own hippo, but the giraffe.
She is still very happy in the mornings and after her naps.
She loves to be held and walked around.

In a couple of weeks we are having Bailey's 6 month pictures taken and I'm so excited. I'll post them as soon as I can. Happy 6 months Bailey Boo!
Here is my big girl swinging at the park yesterday!