Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweatpants Sunday

Sunday afternoons in the Herb house are known as "Sweatpants Sunday". All week I dress my kids up, do their hair- or in Bailey's case, put a headband on her, and make them wear outfits that sometimes are my cute than comfortable- but on Sundays after church we relax and get comfy. I look forward to it and if my kids knew any better, they'd look forward to it too. I LOVE my little babies in their sweats, they give the best snuggles when they are so cozy.
Today because the weather was so nice, (I think it was almost 60 degrees) we went for a walk/bikride. Tanner rode his bike, with Chris pushing him and I held Bailey in the front carrier. It was such a beautiful day to be outdoors.
Tanner didn't want to come back in.
Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pics of my kids in their sweats. (ps- Christie, I'm in these pictures!)
My sweet boy after our walk.

Bailey in her sweats- love the huge open mouth smiles

Bailey and Mom after our walk. You can't tell but Bailey really liked our walk. She was talking and growling the entire time.

Mom and the kiddos before we left for our walk. Yep- even I'm wearing sweatpants. Sweatpants Sunday- its a real thing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day Photo Fun

Yesterday I spent a good two hours taking pictures of my kiddos for our Valentine's day card. For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE Valentine's day. So this was the perfect chance to dress my kids up and take some sweet pictures. Here are some of my favorites.

Tanner took a lot of convincing for most of these pics.
He just didn't want to stand still and smile. Imagine that- a 2 year old not wanting to hold still. But all in all we got some cute ones I think.

I posed him like this while taking his pictures.

Then while I was taking Bailey's pictures Tanner came over and posed himself like this, and said "Cheese again, Mom". I about died laughing.

And Bailey was pretty good, after she got to eat. As you can tell in the pictures- she is practically starving and wasting away to nothing.

I ordered the cards today and I can't wait to see how they turned out.
This year is Chris' turn to plan our Valentine's date so we'll see how he does. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest and next year I'm doing a "14 days of Lovin" leading up to Valentine's day. SO excited!

Also- next week Bailey turns 6 months- so be on the look out for the pictures from that. I just got her petti romper in the mail today and I'm pretty much in love with the way she looks in it.

Until then...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Not that a whole lot has happened around here, just life as usual. But I haven't posted in a couple weeks and therefore I have a few hundred pictures on my camera card. So here are a few pics just because...
Tanner doing his favorite thing in the world

More of Tanner holding Bailey

Sweet Baby B

Tanner's new obession- coloring. Which he calls "paint"
Complete concentration

sweet smiles though

Razorback gear- this was right before the Cotton Bowl- BTW- We won!
Bailey helping dad

cutest razorback booty ever

Papa Time

This picture wont rotate..but i just love her face.

The kids right after the game...and the next morning. Those Tattoos were a little hard to get off.

Random dress up fun with Bailey

Cute kids after Church

Bailey tried baby food for the first time. We started out with squash. It was a hit. She ate the entire container.

Pizza and Movie night at the Herbs- Tanner and Dad picked out "Kung Fu Panda 2" It was pretty cute

Saturday morning snuggles. I just love my husband. He's such a sweet dad!

We make bathtime fun- GREEN WATER. Tanner loves all things green right now. so this is a big hit with him

She is getting so big...

Anyways- thats it. Just pictures- hope you enjoyed them!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warmest January Ever

I can't get over the weather we have been having so far this year. Its been in the low 60's on and off for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow the high is 66 degrees. The average this time of year is usually around 43 degrees. Its crazy. I'm not complaining, actually quite the opposite. I'm LOVING it! I hate being stuck inside the house and Tanner is like a caged animal. He goes crazy and is constantly running circles just trying to use up energy. He's a wild boy.
Well today I took the kids for a bike ride. Well actually Tanner rode his bike while Bailey rode in the front pack carrier. I love Tanner's her tricycle because it has a removable handle bar that I can use to push and steer. Its great! I just buckle tanner in and while he thinks he peddling, I can push with just one hand and carry Bailey in the front carrier. Easy peasy.
We met up with our neighbors and had a great walk/ride.
Here are a few pics of my little man on his bike.
He loves his bike
He even packed his giraffe and a bottle of chocolate milk for the trip.

Well tomorrow I think we will go to the park and then head over to my parents house for the Cotton bowl- MAY THE HOGS KICK BOOTY!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And a Happy New Year

Welcome 2012!
We had a great, low-key new years celebration. We hung out with my family until about 10:00 or so. Came home and put the kids in their beds. Then ate the last of our "junk food" and watched a movie until 12:00. At midnight we kissed, sipped our sparkling cider and said "good night". I think I was out cold by 12:01 am. Pretty wild huh?
We did set a few goals for our family though. Which is kind of a big deal for us because, if you know my husband at all you know, Chris hates setting resolutions. But this year we set a few and I'm REALLY excited about them.
1) Read the the Book of Mormon as a family by our next Stake Conference- April 22nd, 2012. This was a challenge given to our Stake by our Stake President and Chris and I both felt like our family could use that added measure of the spirit gained through scripture study and if any blessings come our way from doing what is asked by our leaders, well we wouldn't complain.
2)Have regular Family Home Evening. We were doing really good this summer because there were so many fun things to do outside and it made it fun. But now that its winter and we are stuck inside (usually) its hard to think of things to do besides just have a lesson. So we are going to try really hard to have fun FHE each week. I read a talk by Elder Bednar last year that made me realize how important family scripture reading and FHE are even to the youngest child. So we want to do this for our kids.
3)Live within our means. Since we moved to Arkansas 2 years ago we have been spending way too much money. So Chris and I made out a strict budget and we aren't going to spend anymore money then we really have to. Its going to be really hard because we love to eat out together and I love to buy clothes for my kids. Granted- I usually by their clothes at consignment stores and hardly ever pay full price, but even that adds up. I'm keeping track of all our purchases and I'm really excited to see how much we are able to save to pay off other debts.
4) Eat healthy and eat in moderation. I've gotten in this habit of eating...well anytime. And it wouldn't be so bad if I was eating healthy food but I'm just snacking of junk food. Its making it really hard to lose the last bit of baby weight. So Chris and I are both going on a moderate diet. Nothing really strict, just healthier choices. We will start working out too, but right now we are just trying to master eating better. I threw out all our junk food and bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables. We're are looking foward to a healthier 2012

As for my personal goals, I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail but they mostly revolve around being a better mother to my sweet kids and a better wife to my husband. I also want to become a better friend. I have alot of things I need to work on, but these are a few that I am focusing on.

Thats it for me. Happy New Year!