Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tanner's Baptism

This morning my sweet boy got baptized and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. I'm so proud of him and his choices. He's such a good boy.
We took these pictures to use for his baptism announcement and to display at his baptism. I kind of love how they turned out and I love this boy. 

I seriously can't handle this kid and his smiles. 

So we printed a bunch of those pictures and used this morning at his baptism. 

Now onto the actual baptism. I can't begin to describe what a special day it was.
Because we couldn't baptize Tanner on the stake appointed day (because the stake day is always the first weekend of the month and Chris has drill on the first weekend) we got to have Tanner's baptism all on his own. The whole program was catered to Tanner and he got to pick the speakers. 
There was such a sweet spirit present and I was basically a crying mess the whole morning.
I'm so grateful for my husband and the fact that he is a worthy priesthood holder. I'm so grateful he was able to baptize Tanner.  
Papa gave the opening prayer and then we sang "When Jesus Christ was Baptized".
Then Nanny spoke about Baptism. She let Tanner read a scripture and then asked him questions. It was so cute that he was so involved in the talk.
Then Tanner was baptized. Chris was softly crying the whole time and it was precious and tender. 
After the baptism I was helping Tanner get ready and Chris was tying his tie and Tanner looked up at his dad and asked "Dad, why were you sniffling the whole time? Are you sick?" and Chris looked back at him and said "no son, I was crying. They were happy tears because we are so proud of you."
It was a sweet moment that helped Tanner realize what a great thing he had just done. 

After the baptism, Mimi spoke about the Holy Ghost. She told lots of stories about her experiences with the holy spirit and it really seemed to speak to Tanner. He was listening so intently and being so reverent. It was so special. 
Then Chris confirmed him and gave him the gift of the holy spirit. It was so special. 
Chris was so annoyed with himself because he was weeping a lot, but the tenderness is something that I treasure and I love him even more for it. 
After the confirmation, Aunt Sarah and I sang "Gethsemane" as a special musical number. 
When Tanner told me he wanted a musical number, I asked him what song he wanted and he asked for Gethsemane and then he said he wanted me and his Aunt Sarah to sing it. Sarah and I don't sing in front of people. But when Tanner asked, we couldn't say no. So we sang and it wasn't terrible. lol. 

Then Sis. Katie Castaldi welcomed Tanner to primary and talked about faith in God. She gave him a bag of skittles and talked about rainbows and a clean slate. It was sweet. Then  Bro. Berndt, the bishopric member from our ward, welcome Tanner to the ward as the newest member. He gave him a bag of popcorn. He talked about how kernels of corn change and become better just like Tanner changed when he was baptized. 
We sang "I love to see the Temple" for a closing song and then Grandpa Herb gave the prayer.
It was seriously so special and sweet and an amazing morning.
It was so sweet to see the love and support he had. 
Uncle Joseph and his family, Aaron Lanoy and his family and Aunt Sarah and her family were there and both sets of Grandparents were there. So much family support. 
Then the rest of the room was filled with friends. It was so special to see all the love others hold for my sweet boy. 

Here are some pictures of the decorations.
This was the entry table. We had a small photo book for everyone to sign and write a message/testimony to Tanner. And the programs were there for people to take.
Oh and this little white suit was the suit Tanner was blessed in as a baby. I can't believe he was ever that small. 

This was the dessert table. Tanner loved the set up and was so sweet and grateful!

We served these adorable CTR shields and number 8 cookies and glazed donuts. 
My friend Tracie made the cookies for me and they were amazing. 
We also had little bottles of water. 
Then while cheddar popcorn and oreo truffle pops. 
Aunt Sarah made the truffle pops and they tasted so good. 
I love this boy and desire to be good. He's such a sweet tender soul. 

I'm so proud of Tanner. He wanted to invite some non-member friends to his baptism. He was so cute. He just wanted to share his special day with his friends and wasn't scared at all to ask them. 
This sweet boy is our neighbor, Judah Halbrook. Tanner took an invitation over to their house and the immediately accepted. They wanted to be there to support Tanner.
I wish I could be a good missionary like that. So fearless. 
It was also a special day because Tanner's best friend Cooper got baptized an hour after him. 
It was special that they got to share their day together. 
Oh and here is a picture of some of the kids who were at Tanner's baptism to support him. 
(back row): Clark Drake, Daniel Castaldi, Caleb Lott, Brody Quale, Tanner, Beckham Quale and Preston Braithwaite. 
(front row): Blake Lanoy, Addi Caresia, Chloe Caresia, Bailey, Karina Fuhriman, Danny Drake and Max Allred. 
Oh and we took some family pictures outside as a family. We didn't get them taken with the Aunts and Uncles but we were able to snag the grandparents. 
Both sets of Grandparents and our family. 

Love these boys. 

After the baptism, we had a luncheon at our house for all our family. There were 21 one of us and it was crazy. But I love the crazy loving life we have. 
We had a sandwich bar and then we opened birthday presents with Tanner. 
As you can tell in this picture, it was chaos. 
But it was a great day. 
We are so happy with Tanner's decision to be baptized.
He's a great example to our family and we love him so much!

Friday, August 25, 2017

I Don't Know What You've Been Told- Tanner Turned 8 Years Old

So yesterday our favorite little Cadet turned 8 years old. I really can't believe it. Tanner is 8 and growing up way too fast. I love this kid so much. We had the best time celebrating him tonight with 7 of his little friends. 
I mean, REALLY, how cute is this guy?
We love this kid so freakin' much and we are so proud of the young man he is becoming. 
Chris dressed in one of his former uniforms and came to be the "drill sergeant" at the party. The kids loved it and Tanner was thrilled.
Tanner loved the party set up. More than once during the party, Tanner came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for the awesome party. He kept telling me how much he loved it. It was so cute.
I love this boy and his tender heart!
Now, onto the party setup. I kinda love how this all came together. I was worried about achieving the look I was imagining but it's basically exactly how I imagine it. 
This was the main food table or our "Mess Hall".  How fun is the netting backdrop? I love it.
I bought tons of different sized crates from Walmart and painted them in camo colors. I made some pedestal stands and bought a printable army package from etsy. These details really brought the party together.
I served dinner for the boys and lots of snacks. 

This is one of my favorite party details. Chris and I made it together. He cute the wood and drilled holes and I painted the letters. I feel like it pulls the food table together. 
So we served veggie cups or  "local vegetation"
Mini brownies or "bootcamp brownies"
We had camo cupcakes and these super yummy green gummy army men. They smelled like green apples and I kind of loved them. I ate more than my fair share. 
We also had kettle corn with chocolate drizzles or "paratrooper popcorn"
That was it for the snacks/treats. Then each boy also got a "MRE" dinner. MRE's are "Meals Ready to Eat" and the military eat them when in the field or during combat. You can add water and heat them up or eat them cold but each packet contains 2000 calories. In my opinion, they aren't very tasty, but they are great for food storage.
Anyways, I didn't serve real MRE's. But I made each boy a kid-friendly version. They included two pieces of bread, one slice of cheese, two pieces of ham and a packet of mayo. There was also a granola bar and a juice box inside each box. The boys loved it!
Oh and Tanner's cake. Tanner finally confessed to me this year that he doesn't really like cake. It was so cute because he didn't want to hurt my feelings but he didn't want a cake. After I assured him that I was OK with him not liking cake, we nixed the typical birthday cake and found a better solution. 
So this year, Tanner had a donut cake. And we placed those delicious gummy army men on the cake too. So cute. I kind of love it and I love that I didn't have to stress over making a fancy camo cake. 

Then we had a drinks/favors table. 
I served water and root beer
And the favor bags were so fun. They had camo binoculars, a rubber bracelet, chocolate bar and a bag of green plastic army men. 

Oh and each boy also got a real "MRE" to take home and try. 
Here are the tables were the boys ate their food. 
You can see that each boy also got a camo helmet. 
This was our "armory". Here is where the boys suited up into their camo shirts and dog tags and where we armed them with marshmallow guns and ammo. 
The camo shirts were rolled up with the dog tags wrapped around them and then on the bag of the bench were all the camo marshmallow guns. 
And here are the marshmallow ammo bags. 
When everyone got to the party, we had the boys get their camo gear on and then we headed outside to the obstacle course. 
Chris took the boys through the course and they watched in complete awe and fascination. 
They had to army crawl under the ropes
Then they had to grab two water balloon grenades and throw them at the target. 
This is the water balloon target Chris (the most amazing husband) made for me and then I painted. 
Then they had to run/jog around the bushes and come back to the starting point. 
Then it was onto some more boot camp drills. Sit ups and push ups. 

Next up, "tug-o-war". There were four boys on each side and they had  blast competing against each other. 

Look at all these brave and strong soldiers!
(back row) Brody Quale, Caleb Lott, Judah Halbrook and Cooper Lowden
(front row) Beckham Quale, Tanner, Clark Drake and Conner Misken. 
Then it was back inside to the Mess Hall for dinner. 
Sweet friends!

After dinner we took the boys out for an epic marshmallow gun war. It was seriously so fun. I played with the boys and I definitely got a few good shots in, but they all gained up on me and shot me quite a few times with their marshmallow ammo. It was so awesome. We were all laughing and giggling so much. Such a blast!
After the boys were sufficiently worn out, we went back inside for cake and treats. 
Then it was onto presents. I loved watching all the boys interact and play together. They all enjoyed watching Tanner open his presents. So fun!
Watch out world- these boys are brave and bold. 
We are so grateful for all these great friends. 
They all had such a great time together and Tanner is such a lucky boy. 

So that's Tanner's 8th Birthday party. We had such a blast and we were so happy to share the fun with both sets of grandparents there with us. It was a great night. 
I can hardly believe after all my prep and work, the party's over, but stay tuned because tomorrow morning my sweet 8 year old boy is getting baptized.