Sunday, October 1, 2017

General Conference Weekend in Mtn. Home

We just got home from visiting Nanny and Papa in Mtn. Home and we had such a great visit. 
We don't often visit them without the other cousins visiting too, so this was kind of nice to have them all to ourselves.
We got to enjoy General Conference together and the kids had a great time playing!
Benson even got to try out the walker. He loved standing up and looking around at everyone. 
But he really loved when his brothers pushed him around the house in the walker. 

Tanner, Bailey and Tucker spent most of Saturday playing outside and they had the best time together. Nanny and I watched conference together while the kids played and Benson just chilled on the floor. He was so good. So happy just playing and laying on the floor. 
Nanny and I talked and just enjoyed a quiet afternoon together

Chris and Papa worked in his shop on Saturday morning, getting all the electrical work done. Now all his lights work. Papa was so thrilled. And Chris was happy he could help!
We got to watch part of the Razorback game and it was a win for the HOGS. 
I just love all these little hog fans. And they all seriously love their baby brother!
Be still my heart!

It was a good day to be wearing Razorback red!

And I love these pictures of my Dad with Benson. I have pictures of my Dad with each of my kids during their first razorback season and I cherish them all. We raise our Razorbacks young over here.

So cute! My parents are the best!
After conference, Nanny and Papa took us out to "Pizza Inn" to try the new pizza buffet. This was the best place for kids. They got to eat pizza until they were stuffed and then they started in on the dessert pizza and ice cream. So fun!

Sunday morning we had cinnamon roll casserole for breakfast. It was a big hit.
Then Aunt Robin came over and visited for a little while until conference started. Then we enjoyed the first session of conference together. My kids did so good watching conference. I had an activity book for Tanner, Bailey and Tucker and they enjoyed coloring and doing the word searches. 

We also did a snack game. When you heard certain words, you got to add treats from that bucket into your cup. They LOVED that!

And Benson literally happily played on his play mat for almost 2 full hours. It was crazy. He was so happy and quiet. He's never been quiet for that long ever!!!

After the first session was over, we ate a big lunch together. Then we loaded up the car and we left as the second session started. We were able to listen to the second session on the way home and the kids slept, so we actually got to listen. It was so nice. It was a great conference and a great weekend with Nanny and Papa. We are so lucky to have them living close enough to visit!  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wildcat Welcome at Elm Tree Elementary

Last night we all went to the kids school for their "Wildcat Welcome". It was basically a back to school carnival and the kids had a great time. They played tons of games, ate yummy treats and earned prizes. 
The first game was probably their favorite and it wasn't difficult at all. Tanner, Bailey and Tucker each went "fishing" and caught a "TY" beanie boo Dory fish.
They were so excited and they love Dory so it was perfect. 
Tanner had his fortune told to him at one of the booths. 
Then both Bailey and Tanner had their hair sprayed with hair color. 
While Bailey and I waited in line for the face painting and nail painting, Chris took Tanner around to play all the other games. 
Eventually it was Bailey's turn to have her nails painted. 
True to character, she picked hot pink polish.
Then it was time for the face painting. 
Bailey got a butterfly
While Tucker got a kitty cat face. 
Bailey was so thrilled to see her sweet teacher Ms. Brown. 
Then it was outside for bounce houses and slides. Tanner and Tucker loved it. Bailey went down once, then chilled and enjoyed her treats. 

Lastly, we went over to the obstacle course and the kids had a great time running themselves ragged. They were exhausted when we left

The kids had so much fun. I'm grateful for their awesome school and their wonderful teachers. 
It was a great kickoff and I'm looking forward to another great school year. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tanner the Cub Scout

Now that Tanner is 8 he is OFFICIALLY a CUB SCOUT!!!
What? I have a boy in scouts?? How is this possible?
Also, he's the cutest cub scout ever!
Eight year old scouts are in the Wolf den. 
I seriously can't handle his adorable wolf uniform!!
The cub scout sign. 

Seriously, the wolf handkerchief? Too freakin cute!

His first official night at cub scouts was a pack meeting. He helped with opening exercises. He was part of the color guard. The posted the colors and it was pretty cute. 
Then he sat with his den during the rest of the pack meeting. 
He was welcome to scouts and had to tell his pack three things about himself. 
Favorite color: blue
Favorite cereal: Captain Crunch
Favorite animal: giraffe
This is his first den leader- Bro. Kent Hutchings. 
His den was also in charge of bringing treats for dessert. So I tried my hands at sugar cookies. Tanner loved how they turned out. 
How cute are these boys? And their wolf hats? 
We are lucky that his den is so big and he has so many little friends in his den. 
Tanner is very excited to start working on passing things off. He can't wait to earn his bobcat badge.
I am so excited too. I'm weirdly excited for him. I figure, I have three boys- I'm going to live and die doing scouting- I might as well just jump in and try to enjoy it. 
So that's what I'm doing.