Friday, August 28, 2015

Meeting Cinderella

Today I was able to take Bailey to meet Cinderella. Our local "Gap Kids" hosted a "Bippity Boppity Back to school meet and greet with Cinderella" 
It was pretty cute. Stephanie Lanoy watched the boys for me so I could just take Bailey and it was so fun to get some one-on-one time with her. I feel like with all the craziness surrounding kindergarten, Bailey has just been shuffled around. So it was fun to spend some time with her. 
She loved it so much. 
Cinderella danced and sang songs with the girls. It was so cute. 
Bailey immediately gave Cinderella a hug. Then she talked with her for a little bit. 
After we met Cinderella we colored princess coloring sheets. They also gave our princess popcorn. So fun. 
We were able to meet our favorite Fuhrimans there too. 
And Bailey's little friend Chloe was there too, with her little sister. 
After coloring together, the girls went back to hang out with Cinderella. 
Lots of hugs and snuggles for Cinderella. 
Isn't this picture magical? Bailey was so happy just sitting on Cinderella's lap. 
We had a great time hanging out with Bailey's little friends and meeting Cinderella. Such a fun Mommy and Bailey date. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tanner's 6th Birthday

Before Chris left for Annual Training, we had a little birthday party for Tanner. Tanner was so sad that Chris was going to miss his party, so we decided to remedy that by having a little party with just Daddy. 
These two are so cute. 
We sang to Tanner and he blew out candles on a cupcake. 
Then Chris brought in Tanner's birthday present. Chris picked this out for him, and in case you can't tell from Tanner's face- Tanner was sooo happy and completely surprised. 
He's so happy to FINALLY have a big boy bike. 
Chris had to leave bright and early the next morning, so we called it a night, but Tanner loved his little party with his Dad. 

Then we had Tanner's family party on Saturday. Nanny, Papa, Uncle Joseph, Aunt Julieta and their boys drove over from Mtn. Home Saturday morning so they could party with us. 
Stephanie and Aaron and their sweet boys also came over for the party. 
This year we did a pirate theme party. 
Tanner loved it. I did too. It was super easy since I already had tons of pirate decorations. 
We served "Deadman's punch" and "Caribbean Sea Water"
We had buccaneer cupcakes
And Captain Tanner's birthday cake. Tanner loved how his cake turned out. He was especially excited about the gumball cannonballs. 
The whole table set up.

The birthday boy was pretty excited about getting to wear a pirate costume for his party. And Bailey was excited to get to match her older brother. 
We also had a few little treasure boxes full of gold chocolate. 

This kid was so happy. I just love his smiley face
And we had to get a pic of Tanner and I with his cake. 
We sang to him and then Tanner blew out his candle. 
After cake Tanner opened his presents. He got some awesome transformers and star wars legos. He was one happy boy. 
When he opened his first present he discovered it was a Bumblebee transformer and he thanked everyone by saying "Oh my gosh. I've always wanted one of these. THANK YOU!"
Then he opened the grimlock transformer from us and he said "How did you get enough money for this!" Lol. We were all laughing at his reactions. So funny. 

Speaking of happy boys...this kid got a cupcake to himself and made such a mess of it.
His face, his hair, his hands- it was everywhere.

Then we went out to the backyard and played with our waterballoon catapult. So fun!

All those little cousins had so much fun together!
Tanner and his new "Grimlock" transformer. He's so excited about his new toys. 
Then it was inside for bath and beds. Tanner loved his party and I think everyone had a great time. 

Today was Tanner's actual birthday. 
We again had birthday cake pancakes for breakfast. 
and we had to put candles on his pancakes and sing to him. 
I love this sleepy-eyed boy

Then Tanner was off to kindergarten. He's about 4 weeks into kindergarten and still loving it. 
Then I got to go have lunch with just Tanner in his cafeteria. I asked him what I could bring for him and he requested sushi. He was so thrilled to see me when he walked in with his class. 
We had a wonderful sushi lunch together. He was so excited I was there. He told me about his day and pointed out friends to me. 
Then it was time for recess. I love seeing him walk in his class line and act like such a big boy. It's pretty adorable. Here he is waving bye to me as he went off to play. 

After school we played, ate chinese food - another one of his favorites- and then watched a transformer movie. I think it was a pretty great day in his books. Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, tender little six year old. LOVE YOU TANNER!