Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Family in front of our tree.
Christmas eve we went over to my parent's house, we ate sandwiches and watched some football. Then we watched "Its a Wonderful Life" just like we do every year. But I actually cried this year- dang nursing hormones! My mom loved it because she got to feed Tanner is bottle and put him to bed. We slept over there, so we could all be there Christmas morning. Tanner loved watching "Its a Wonderful Life" with Papa and Nanny. He finally went to bed about 9:45- which is late for him, but he was just too excited to go to sleep. I think he could sense the excitement.
Following tradition, my sisters and I woke up at 3:00 am to go downstairs to look at our stockings. I must have been a good girl this year because Santa stuffed my stocking full. Then we headed back to bed. Tanner woke us up at 7:00 am and was ready to play. We actually woke up to a white Christmas. There was only about 1/2 an inch, but I think it counts. We took him downstairs to check out his stocking. Not that he really cared, but we had to get a picture of his first Christmas morning.

Tanner and his stocking with all his goodies
Then we took Tanner into my parents room so he could wake up his Nanny and Papa. Eventually we got everyone up. Then Tanner fell asleep. My brother David called from France to wish us a merry Christmas. We talked to him for a bit, then started opening presents.
Tanner didn't seem real interested in the actual opening of the presents. He just wanted to play in his play gym and watch everyone else open his presents.

Tanner playing while everyone opens presents

Tanner staring at the wrapping paper. He was really mesmerized by it.
But after all that excitement, Tanner was pretty worn out, so he decided to take a nap on Papa's lap.

Tanner napping after his big morning.

Tanner got a "Johnny Jump-Up" from Nanny and Papa for Christmas, and he wasn't too sure what to think at first.

But after a while he got use to it and even started to have a little fun. We mostly just had fun watching his facial expressions. It was hysterical!

After we finished playing, we all got ready and ate dinner together. Then more football and family pictures.

All in all- an awesome Christmas. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and remembered the true reason for the season.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Time Comes Once a Year

I love this time of year- I love the holiday treats, decorations, and family time. Its been fun to learn some new things this year. My Grams taught me how to make caramels this year. Lets just say I went a little caramel crazy. But they are so delicious and I couldn't help myself.
I finally finished our stockings and baked about 20 dozen cookies to hand out to our neighbors and the families Chris home-teaches.

Our Stockings

I think I made 8 plates of cookies like this. I was so tired after all that baking.

And I'm working on these little snowmen gourds for a center piece. (Pictures coming soon) The Christmas shopping is all done. I can't tell you how much I love the convenience of online shopping. Its so awesome. I didn't buy a single gift at the store this year. And I was done with my shopping way early! Well, way earlier than last year.
Tanner is growing up so fast. His newest thing is to stand. He loves to be sitting on my lap, then he'll straighten his legs and stand right up. Its so funny.

He thinks he's such a big boy.

We went to the ward Christmas party tonight and Tanner sat on Santa's lap. He actually liked it. He was smiling and everything. But it helped that Santa was using his beard (which was real) to tickle Tanner's face.

Which on one hand is kind of gross, but on the other hand it was making Tanner crack up.

He's becoming more and more social. He laughs a lot more and smiles all the time. It makes playing with him so much more fun! I just love being a mom. I feel so blessed to have a husband who can provide for us, so I don't have to work.

So happy!

He loves his fingers!

I can hardly wait til Christmas. My sister Sarah gets in tonight, and although my brothers and sister in law can't come this year, it will be so fun to have part of the family together.
Oh and our post office here is doing this thing where you can send a letter to Santa at the North pole. You don't have to put any stamps on the letter, you just address it to Santa Claus- North Pole. Then they send it for you, and Santa writes a letter back to you. I wrote one for Tanner because I thought a letter from Santa with the North Pole postage stamp would be a really cute keepsake for his first Christmas. Here is Tanner's first letter to Santa.

Dear Santa:
This is my first letter, and I’m not sure what to write.
I’ve been a very good boy this year, and I never fuss or fight.
I don’t need much for Christmas, but if you’ll lend your ear,
I’ll tell you what I want, and I’ll make it very clear.
I want my little fist to suck on all the time.
And maybe endless bottles, is that really such a crime?
I also want a new binky for when I take my naps,
And I want to be with Mom and Dad and sit upon their laps.
That’s all I really need this year, so Santa please take heed
I’ll be waiting up for you to see you Christmas Eve.
Age: 4 months

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and is able to spend time with their loved ones. I know we will. Love to you all and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season.... to be stressed out

Christmas is just around the corner and so the calendar has been filling up with community events. church activities and family things to go to. Don't get me wrong- I love it, but we've had a busy week. And things are only getting busier. Yesterday Chris, Tanner, and I drove to Marshall (about an hour away) for the annual National Guard Christmas dinner (which was actually a lunch). While we were there Santa came to visit, so Tanner got to meet Santa for the first time. He wasn't too sure about that big white thing hanging off his chin. It was really funny to watch Tanner's expressions.

Tanner and Santa getting acquainted
On Friday, our town had the annual "Tree lighting and Christmas parade." We went to that, after grabbing a few hot chocolates to keep our hands from freezing. Tanner spent most of the parade bundled up in his car seat. He woke up once to eat, but his bottle wasn't "just the right temperature" so he didn't want it.

Here is our family freezing at the parade. Its a great tradition that I really look forward to each year.

Chris and I with our hot chocolates- it was so cold!
Then we headed off to the EQ bonfire. We ate a few hot dogs and then decided despite being next to the fire, it was too cold- so we took off.

Tanner all bundled up in his car seat, on our way to the bonfire.

Also this week we've been working extra hard on "tummy time" with Tanner. He really hates being on his tummy. But I discovered he really loves the TV. So I put him on his tummy on the boppy and turn on a movie and he's content to lay there holding his head up for about 15 mins, sometimes more. Its awesome.

Tanner is all smiles when the TV is on.

My tv junkie!

I've been working on our stockings this week too. Correction- I worked on Tanner's stocking this week. I spent one day this past week working on our stockings, but between Tanner, and the laundry, grocery shopping and everything else- I only got Tanner's done. Here it is.

Tanner's first stocking

Oh and we finally got our tree up. YAY. I decorated our house on Monday, but we didn't get our tree up until yesterday. Now all we have left to do are our lights for the house. Someday we might be all done. It just gets dark way to early these days. Its hard to get things done outside.
Here is our tree.

We couldn't have gotten one any taller, our ceilings aren't that tall. We were lucky the one we got wasn't too tall.

Here are some other funny pictures of Tanner from this week. This kid just cracks me up.

Tanner banged his head into my cheekbone, but it took a little while to register that it hurt. His little face is so sad- and this is the reason I can't stand to hear him cry. It just breaks me heart. Luckily, usually kisses make it all better.

Aunt Laura was rocking Tanner to sleep, but she ended rocking herself to sleep too. Tired kids!

Tanner laughing. Oh yeah- he started laughing and its so funny because sometimes he'll start laughing and then he'll stop and try to start again and he acts like he forgot how. Its so funny.

My chunky baby- Tanner laying on his tummy with his big belly hanging out.

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas this past week, mostly because I was doing all my shopping for family and friends- which I finished by the way- big relief. But while I was stressing over what to get everyone, I couldn't help but wish for a simpler solution to all this Christmas stress. When did Christmas get so commercialized? Why do we feel the need to give tons of expensive gifts? I feel like the best way to celebrate the birth of our Savior is not by making department stores richer, but by finding small and simple ways to serve and love each other.
So I've made a goal for this Christmas season to try and do some small act of service for someone each day until Christmas. I feel like this will help me remember the true meaning of Christmas. Because really- if we are going to celebrate the birth and life of the son of God, what better way then by trying to be more like him. I've also decided to make up some kind of "12 days to learn the True meaning of Christmas" packet for years to come. I'm not really sure what it will be yet, but I want something to remind my family in future years about the Savior and his birth instead of presents and stuff. Let me know if you have any ideas. I'd really appreciate it.
I hope everyone will be able to slow down this holiday season and treasure those around you and your Savior. Since that's what this whole season is really about.

My nativity helping me focus this Christmas season!