Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Lunch with my Kindergartner

I am blessed with awesome friends who are willing to watch my kids so I can go to school events. Today I got to have Thanksgiving lunch with my cute little kindergartner. 
He took me through the lunch line, showed me how to get my milk. He helped me pay for my lunch and then found us a table to sit at together. All-in-all, he was quite the gentleman and the perfect lunch date. 

Seriously, this kid. He's awesome. 
He even wore his pilgrim hat during our lunch. 
The food itself wasn't anything great, but getting to eat with Tanner and watch him interact with his little friends was great. It was so fun. He wasn't a fan of the potatoes, but he loved the pumpkin cake and the turkey. Of course, the chocolate milk is always a favorite.  I'm grateful to get to spend time with Tanner at his school. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mimi & Grandpa Come to Visit

Mimi and Grandpa left today after being here for a little less than a week. They flew in because Grandpa had a grass seed meeting in Kansas City. So Mimi tagged along so she could come visit us. They arrived a week ago, Wednesday, right before the kids went to bed. The kids would not go to sleep without seeing them, so it was fortunate they arrived before bedtime. 

The next day we just hung out at home. Mimi and Grandpa ran some errands and that night we ate some delicious Thai food. 
The kids enjoyed lots of snuggles with Mimi and Grandpa. 

Friday morning Chris left for drill and Grandpa left for his seed conference. That just left Mimi, Me and kids at home for the weekend.
Because we know how to really party, it was about this time that Tucker came down with "Hands, Foot,  Mouth Disease". It was terrible. 
So we didn't leave the house all weekend. Tucker was miserable, Bailey was recovering from being sick and we just tried all weekend to keep everyone else healthy. 
Mimi and I also spent our nights watching netflix and eating "Ben & Jerry's" ice cream.
I have the best Mother-in-law ever.  
After two nights of basically no sleep, Chris returned from drill and helped out. 
Monday evening, Grandpa got home from his conference and we had dinner together. 
Tucker started feeling better around day 5 of the infection. So life got a lot better and we got to sleep again!
On Tuesday we took Mimi and Grandpa out to "The Wooden Spoon" to eat lunch.
Tucker and Bailey were a huge fan of the big porch swing. (Tanner was at school)
We all enjoyed our delicious food and the time together. 
That night we just hung out and chatted. 
Mimi and Grandpa had to leave first thing in the morning, but the goodbye's weren't too terrible because we are headed to Oregon next week to see them and everyone else. 

We are so grateful they made the effort to come see us. I know I appreciated the help and the kids loved all the snuggles and play time. We will see you in a little over a week Mimi and Grandpa and we can't wait!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Rise and Shine

This morning Chris, Tucker and I went to Tanner's kindergarten to watch his class perform in the morning assembly. Twice a month the school has an assembly called "Rise and Shine" and each time a different class is in charge of it. This time, Dr. Ross' class was in charge and it was completely adorable.
Their theme was scarecrows- since its the fall and they sang some super cute songs about scarecrows.  Here are some class pics on the stage.

 But before they sang they had to do the morning announcements. Some of the kids, including Tanner, volunteered for speaking parts and they talked in front of the entire elementary school. They did the "word of the week" and the pledge of allegiance. Then Tanner and another child from his class did the lunch menu for the day.
His part was ...."Salad with cheese and a ham wrap. And of course,  your choice of milk". pretty adorable. At the end of his part he said "Yum yum". I just love that boy.
Here is a very far-away shot of Tanner doing his speaking part.
Then his class sang their songs. "I'm a Little Scarecrow" to the tune of "I'm a little teapot" and they also sang "Five Little Scarecrows". It was so very cute!
The kids were told they could dress as scarecrows if they wanted so Tanner asked me to make him a costume to wear. I think he made a very cute scarecrow.
I'm so glad we were able to be there for him. He was very excited when he saw us in the audience. We sure love our little kindergartner!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tucker-Duck enters Nursery

I can hardly believe this little man is 18 months old. He went to his first official day of nursery today and did so great. He didn't cry at all. I walked him in, distracted him with some toys and walked back out without him. He didn't seem to notice or care. The nursery leaders said he did great and I'm so relieved. 
It's weird to think that my hands will be completely empty during the last two hours of church from now on. We are grateful for this happy little boy and the joy he brings into our lives. 
He constantly has a smile on his face and he loves to snuggle. However, he's also very busy and doesn't enjoy sitting still for more than two minutes. So you can imagine, how difficult church was until now. Yay for nursery and freedom.
Happy 18 months little Tuck. We sure love you!