Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day with the Family

Benson's birth lined up perfectly with Memorial day. All my family came into town (except Aunt Laura) and we were able to hang out together and they were all able to meet baby boy. Uncle David even brought his new girlfriend, Michelle. We were all excited to finally meet her and we all love her. David and Michelle drove in Saturday night and Papa came in Saturday evening. Then on Sunday, after church, we had all the little cousins over for a water fight with Uncle David and Michelle. It was such a hit. We sure love Uncle David. 
Tucker didn't want to throw his water balloons, he guarded them very carefully. It was kind of hysterical. 
Tanner loved shooting Michelle with his water gun. Don't worry, Michelle gave it as good as she got it. She was so great with all the kids. 

We grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner that night and hung out while the kids played more. 
It was so fun to have everyone here. Benson got so many snuggles. He was never put down- he was always being held. So fun. 

Then today, Memorial Day, everyone got up and out the door around 9:00 am to go hike around Compton Gardens. I didn't go, being 5 days post-partum, but Chris took the older three kids while Benson and I hung out at home.
Then Benson and I met everyone for lunch at "Smokin' Joe's". It's a delicious BBQ place in Bentonville. Michelle really wanted to try some authentic southern BBQ and she wasn't disappointed. 
Bailey loved Michelle so much! 
And this little guy apparently missed me during the hike, because when Benson and I showed up for lunch, he wouldn't leave my side. Love my little buddy. 

After lunch, we went over to the splash pad. Well actually, David and Michelle went to Crystal Bridges, to tour some of the new exhibits. The rest of us played and played in the water. 
I adore Bailey in these sunglasses. Seriously- so cute. 

Of course Benson slept through the entire ordeal. 
Here's the whole crew. Chris volunteered to take the picture so he wouldn't have to be in the picture. He's funny like that. 
Nanny held Benson most the time, mostly to protect him for his overly affectionate siblings and cousins. 

I did get a few snuggles in though. 

We had a great time hanging out and spending time together.
After the splash pad, Papa headed back home and Aunt Sarah and her family headed back to Farmington. We went home and took naps. It was a nice low-key memorial day and I'm so grateful for my wonderful family. I'm also incredibly grateful for the service men and women who fought and died protecting our country and our freedoms. Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mimi's Visit

I am so grateful for my amazing mother-in-law. She's so great. She came out on the Sunday before Benson was born and stayed for a week. Unfortunately, I didn't get a ton of pictures of her. I was a little busy recovering from my labor.
I did get a couple pictures of her snuggling Benson on Friday night. She and I love finding a good tv series to watch and eating ice cream together. We did this on Friday and it was so fun. She snuggled Benson the whole time. 

Deveney made lots of yummy food  and treats for us during her visit. She also cleaned, recovered by bar stools and did laundry. It was nice to have two grandmas around after Benson's birth. No one got to worn out this way and they got to enjoy the grandkids together. 
Before she left today for her flight home, we managed to snag one picture of her and all the kids. I love this picture. 
We sure love this Mimi of ours and I'm so grateful for all her help!
It was such a relief knowing her and my mom were taking care of our kids and our house chores.
We can't wait to see her again! 

Friday, May 26, 2017


Today was the last day of school. We are so excited for summer. Now that Benson is here, we can't wait to hang out together without a routine or schedule. Just snuggles, movies and play time all summer long. Well, probably not, but for at least a solid two weeks I plan on just hanging out and snuggling my kiddos. 
We took our "end of school" pics and I can't get over how much Tanner has changed. I feel like this face shape has changed and those missing teeth make him look so different. 
Here is a side by side of his first and last day of school. 

First grade has been great. Tanner has gained confidence as a reader. He discovered he really loves math and science. We developed a love of history. He's a very inquisitive little boy who is positive and energetic. We sure love this big boy!
As for Bailey, she has LOVED kindergarten. She learned to read and devours every book she picks up. She loves the social aspect of school and loves making new friends. She isn't a huge fan of math but loves science. We are so proud of how much she's grown up this year!
Here is her side by side. She mostly looks the same to me but she is taller. 

When the kids got home today from their last day of school, we had a little party.
It was a fruity-welcome to summer party and the kids loved it. 

We had watermelon and  pina coladas
We also ate fruit skewers
And these cute pineapple cupcakes 
I also had a little bucket of fun summer stuff for each kid. They each got sunglasses, a water gun, water balloons, flip flops and sunscreen. Then I also put a new book in each of their buckets. I'm really going to try to encourage reading this summer. 
The kids loved the party and they loved that Mimi, Aunt Sarah and Nanny were here to celebrate with us. 
Even baby Benson joined the party briefly. 
Look at these happy faces- doesn't get much better than that!

Thanks to Mimi, Nanny and Aunt Sarah- I was able to put together this little party to celebrate the end of school. I needed the help to make it happen and I'm so grateful to have so much family here to help us. The kids are loving all the grandma snuggles and it's so amazing to have Sarah living just 40 minutes away. We love it. 
So WELCOME SUMMER!!! These kids and Mom are happy to see you!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Welcoming Sweet Baby Benson!

Yesterday morning, Nanny and Mimi brought Tanner, Bailey and Tucker to the hospital to visit and to meet baby Benson. I missed these kids and Chris and I were both so excited for them to meet their new little brother. 
So here's introducing the "Baby Benson Fan Club". 
We are all basically obsessed with this new little person.
I love this picture of the boys checking out Benson. I have so many boys in my life now!
 I'm a lucky girl!
Oh and here is Bailey discovering Benson's hair.
Tanner is the cutest big brother. He's so good with Benson and he loves him so much
And Bailey is so sweet with him. She couldn't wait to hold and snuggle him. 
Mimi with her newest grandson.
How cute are all my handsome boys?
Tucker didn't want to hold Benson, but he loved touching his head and kissing him. He calls him "Bensy baby" and I think it's the cutest thing ever!
After getting in lots of snuggles, Nanny and Mimi left with the kids and took Tanner and Bailey to school. They didn't want to leave Benson, but we promised we would bring him home that night. That helped soften the blow of having to leave him. 

I spent about an hour photographing this sweet boy. I just couldn't get enough of his squishy face. Isn't he perfect? How could anyone be so perfect?
I love that his binky is as big as his face. 
Those lips. Seriously.

These little feet- so cute. 
We are so happy sweet Benson is here and our family is now complete!
We eventually got discharged and we finally got to go home. It's a relief to have our family under one roof. It's amazing to me how complete I feel now. I finally feel "done". I have no desire to have any more kids and I feel like our family is complete. It's such a great feeling and I'm so happy.
Welcome to our sweet baby boy!