Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

This is the picture of a happy mom with her three gorgeous children right?
That's real life. Right??? No. I'm not sure how we got this cute picture because we were definitely not happy with each other. This mother's day was one of the hardest I've had since becoming a mom.
I am 38 weeks pregnant, crazy hormonal, constantly hungry but suffering from terrible heartburn and grumpy most of the time. My children are just that- children. It's not the greatest combination sometimes.
My mother's day was full of grumpy, fighting kids who weren't being sweet to me. We were almost late for church (which always puts me in a bad mood) and then Chris had a meeting after church so I had to wait in the car with the hungry, cranky kids while we waited for him to finish his meeting. Then when I tried to lay down for a nap, I couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't fall asleep. I tried all afternoon and it didn't happen. So then I wasn't any happier after nap time. Chris did make us a delicious dinner but again my kids were picky eaters and it made me grumpy. 
So when we went to finally take my mother's day picture, I was not happy. 

We smiled and suffered through a picture. But even that was asking a lot. I attempted to tickle my kids to get genuine smiles that worked for about a millisecond. 

We ended up with this picture and I feel like this is a more accurate depiction of my current state of life- as a mom of three (almost 4) kids. 
Being a mom is so hard. It's an exhausting, frustrating, wearing, tedious and under-appreciated job, most of the time. And even though this mother's day was nothing to write home about, I know it gets better. I know it gets better because it's been better. I'm going to go to bed tonight with hope in my heart because tomorrow is a new day and it's going to be a good day. Well it will at least be a better day. I love these kids and I'm so grateful that I get to be their mom. I'm grateful I get to hold their little hands and kiss their little cheeks. I'm so grateful that I am the one that they turn to when their feelings are hurt or they need kisses on their boo-boos. I love that they always want to snuggle and I love watching them learn and grow. I love being a mom.  So here's to hoping my next Mother's day is  a much better one. 

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