Friday, October 31, 2014

It's a "Jolly Holiday" with the Herbs on Halloween

This year for Halloween we decided on a "Mary Poppins" theme. I bought the movie in September and the kids and I watched it together. Tanner and Bailey absolutely loved the movie and that pretty much decided the theme for us. They just loved the magic scenes, especially the scene where the kids snap their fingers to put their toys away. But their favorite part of the movie is when they all jump into Bert's paintings and enjoy a "Jolly Holiday" together. So that's why we picked these costumes for the kiddos. 
Then Chris and I got our costume idea from another favorite scene near the end of the movie- the chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftops in London. I absolutely love this theme. My kids adored their costumes and that made all the hard work worth it. 
So without further ado, here is the Herb Family Halloween 2014

Now onto some cute pictures of my adorable babies. 
Tanner was a total HAM for the camera. He was dancing around with his cane and smiling the whole time. Wow. I love this kid. 

And this girl. Oh man, she was in heaven in that dress. Each time I would bring the dress out to work on it, she would just beg and beg to try it on and wear it. She loved it so much. Don't you love the parasol? She sure did. 

And last but not least...Tucker the penguin. So he couldn't dance like the penguins in the movie, but he was super squishy, fluffy and cute. 

Now one of all three of my cute Poppin characters together.

Yesterday we went to Daddy's work Halloween party. It was awesome. Each of the vendor rooms were decked out again in different themes. There was a "Lego Movie" room, a circus theme, a "Box Trolls" room, a monsters room and a superhero room. There were a bunch of others but those were our favorites. The kids' buckets were filled when we left. They are pretty spoiled. 

Walking into the SAMs corporate office. I love the one of the kids holding hands. 
In the line to go through the vendor rooms. Chris takes his role as a chimney sweep very seriously. lol

Here is the "circus" room. 
and these cuties leaving the party. I don't know what it is, but I love it when Tanner holds his hat. Its adorable to me. 

After the company party we went over to our Ward "Trunk-or-Treat". 
The kids were excited to get more candy. 

We actually won an award at our "Trunk-or-Treat" for "Best family/group costume. Thank you for the $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. The kids are pretty excited to get donuts next week. 

Today, Halloween day, I got all three of my little ghouls dressed in their Halloween outfits. 
Aren't they cute?

Then Bailey, Tucker and I went to IHOP and met some friends for scary face pancakes. 
Bailey devoured her pancake. Yum!
Then we ran some errands, went to the library and then picked up Tanner from preschool. From there is was time for "Sonic's .50 cent corn dogs" Tanner was so excited for this. 
Then it was nap time. After naps we got our costumes back on and went to our friend's house for dinner before trick-or-treating the neighborhood. Here is the group shot of all the kids before leaving to go trick-or-treating. 

After trick-or-treating for about 40 minutes, we called it good and went home to binge on candy and watch "Toy Story of Terror". The kids loved it. Unfortunately, Chris had to leave for drill in Little Rock right after we got home, but at least we had the night together. 

I'm so excited for November! Those costumes were a labor of love and I'm so happy that it came together so well. But I'm so done with Halloween. I'm ready for Thanksgiving now. So until next year, Happy Halloween everyone!. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Fun at Preschool

The Friday before Halloween Tanner's class went to the pumpkin patch and they had so much fun picking out their pumpkins. Isn't this picture great of his class? It's an adorable bunch of kids 
The next Monday, October 27th, was his preschool class Halloween party. The kids all got to come in costumes. I let Tanner wear his "Iron Man" costume because I didn't want him to stain or rip his "Jolly Holiday Bert" costume. I got to go to his class party and it was so cute. 
Here is a class picture with all the kids and teachers in their costumes. 
This is Tanner's preschool teacher. Isn't she awesome? The kids loved her costume!
Nothing like a little Iron Man BINGO. 

Then they played some games. There was the pumpkin bean bag toss. 
And the witch hat ring toss. 
This picture just cracks me up. Two superheroes planning their next big save. 
Then it was time for refreshments. I really don't know how preschool teachers manage to stay sane. 
There are 18 kids in Tanner's class. There is one Lead teacher and one assistant. Tanner adores both these special ladies. 

And since we are recording special Halloween events, yesterday at ballet class, Bailey got to wear a costume. Again, I didn't want her to wear her Mary Poppins costume, so I let her pick out one of her princess dresses. She picked "Cinderella". She loved getting to wear it to ballet.

Only two more days until Halloween. Yay!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Caramel Apples, pumpkin patches and jack-o-lanterns

We've been seriously enjoying this gorgeous 75 degree fall weather. It's been so beautiful outside and its really setting the mood for fall. 
Another way we like to kick off fall is by making caramel apples. So for FHE one monday we made this delicious treat. These are one of my favorite desserts of all time. My kids mostly enjoy eating the caramel off their apples...

Later that week we went to a small local pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins to carve. 
Tucker didn't know what to think of all the pumpkins.

Bailey loved picking out the perfect pumpkin for herself. She probably inspected every single one before she decided on the one she wanted. 
Here are Tanner and Bailey inspecting the pumpkins together
These little cuties had so much fun. 

Tanner loved this bumpy pumpkin.
This one cracks me up. Bailey carrying a heavier pumpkin. Her face is so funny. 

Little Man running wild.

The following Monday for F.H.E. we carved our pumpkins. Tucker was so funny with the pumpkin guts. It was such a sensory experience. I was cracking up at him. 
This little guy was a pro at scooping goop. He cleaned his entire pumpkin with only a little bit of help.
Bailey also did great scooping goop- although she was much slower at it and kept trying to eat bites of it. She actually said she liked it. She's a weirdo. 

The pumpkin goop scooping crew. 
my awesome kiddos and I getting ready to carve their designs.
The finished product. Can you guess which pumpkin belongs to which kid?

Anyways, we are having a wonderful fall and getting really excited for Halloween.