Friday, March 29, 2013

"Exotic" Petting Zoo

Okay, so "exotic" is probably pushing it, but a normal petting zoo doesn't have camels and zebras either. This was such a random exhibit, set up outside a farm/garden store, but it was a beautiful day and we needed to get out of the house, so we decided to give it a shot.
I'm glad we went because the kids loved it. We fed and petted the goats then fed and petted more goats. Intermingled were a few other animals, pigs, kangaroos, porcupines and cows. (Random right???)
then we got to feed the camel and Tanner loved that. Bailey was hysterical about feeding the animals. She wanted to drop the food in their pens but if the animals got close to her at all, she throw up her hands in front of her face and say "I sorry. I sorry" I was dying, it was so funny. Those goats just wanted to eat her up and she didn't want to be anywhere near them. But if you tried to get her to actually put the feed in the feeding scoop she'd flip. It was really funny to watch.

Tanner loved feeding this camel.
Bailey wasn't so sure about the huge camel up-close
This goat just wanted to eat Bailey's hair.
Tanner checking out the zebra. (Who wouldn't come over to the gate)
Bailey eventually got comfortable enough that she started petting the baby goats.
After making it through at the petting zoo pens, we finally got in line to ride the camel. Originally Tanner said he didn't want to ride the camel, but when Bailey asked for a "camel ride" , Tanner decided he would go too. So we waited our turn and then Tanner, Bailey and I hopped on a camel's back and when for a ride.
The kids loved it!!!! Tanner especially because he got to sit by himself and he felt like such a big boy.

Tanner just handling that camel like a BOSS!
When we had to get off Bailey started crying and asking for "more camel ride, please". It was super sad, but when Daddy mentioned ice cream cones, she perked right up. So after the petting zoo we washed our hands and went across the street for ice cream cones.

 Man I love days like this! I love when I can enjoy my kids without big fits and just have fun together! Such a fun afternoon with Daddy!!!! Here's hoping we get many more days like this!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome Spring---Wait, WHAT?

March 21st is the first day of Spring right? Well apparently Mother Nature got confused because she dumped a load of snow on us last night (March 21st). We woke up this morning (the 22nd) to about 4 inches of snow covering the ground. Considering only a week earlier it had been almost 80- it was crazy to see the world covered in white.

So, as strange and annoying as it was to have the weather turn cold just as I thought we were getting into Spring, we tried our best to make the most out of our snow day.
We loaded up and headed to my parent's house. They were at work but they had a sled at their house and we really wanted to go sledding, so we drove over there and played at their house all day.
(Don't worry, the roads were fine. Any chance our snow plows get, they plow the roads repeatedly...)

We actually had a really fun day in the snow. We went sledding, made a snowman and snow angels and had countless snowball fights. Halfway through our playtime, we went inside to warm up, dry our clothes and have some lunch. Just as our mac-n-cheese was done, Papa got home. We ate lunch and then headed back outside to play with him. My little nephew Clark came over too with his momma. The kids loved having Papa home. The sledding and snowball fights would have never ended if it wasn't for me eventually bribing the kids to come inside with warm chocolate chip cookies. Their little hands were so cold, but they were too busy playing to notice.

We had so much fun playing. After coming in and getting in warm clothes, we packed up and headed back to our house. The kids napped and then we watched a movie. Later that night we made "snow ice cream" with Daddy. That was a huge hit with the kiddos.

It was such a fun snow day. Here are some pics of our fun in the snow.

So now that we've had our big snow storm, maybe we can move onto the nice weather that Spring usually promises us. So ready!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March and Such

I turned 26 last week and it seems so weird that I'm that old. For some reason 25 didn't seem that old, but 26 just sounds older. Luckily I feel the same, so I'm going to pretend I'm not getting older.

The weather was incredible last week. My kids were actually wearing shorts and everything. One day we just went outside and sat on a blanket and enjoyed the beautifully warm weather.

 This little face cracks me up!
 You can't tell in this picture, but Bailey loves me too.....really she does.
 Doesn't this just melt your heart. I just looked over and saw Tanner huggin on Bailey, just for fun! I LOVE my kids!

I had so much fun capturing my kids' sweet personalities. I'm so obsessed with pictures. I know its bad, but I can't help it.

Anyways, The weather was so nice that on Friday (my birthday) Chris took me to Silver Dollar City for the afternoon. It was just him and I and it was blissful. My mom watched our kids for a half day so Chris and I could spend some much need time together. We went to SDC and played until we were too tired and hungry to move. Then we went to "Red Lobster" and when they told us there was a 90 minute wait, we decided to head over to the outlet mall. We shopped during our wait time and made it back just in time for our table to be ready.  We literally stuffed ourselves on lobster, because it was "lobster fest" and then decided we should probably head home to relieve my mom.

But it was such an awesome day. My big present is a 3-day getaway with my best friend, Christie, in Springfield. We are going April 25-27th and I can hardly wait. Three whole days without kids or a husband. Just some girl time and we are going to run a 5K. It's going to be "legend-wait for it-dary!!!"

I'm also looking forward to many more fun days at Silver Dollar city and can't wait to have more beautiful weather!!! Comon Spring!