Monday, May 31, 2010


Yeah its 6 am and I'm wide awake... Why? well because Tanner has been coughing all night and I finally couldn't take laying next to him and listening to his labored breathing any longer. Its just so sad.
So Tanner was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis last week. Bronchiolitis is a lung infection caused by a virus. Symptoms start out like a cold, with a runny/stuffy nose and slight fever and then progresses to wheezing, rapid/difficult breathing and rapid heartbeat. Supposedly it runs its course in 7-10 days and then goes away.
We went to the doctor on Wednesday, so its been 5 days and I can't believe how much this infection has progressed. The doctor said Tanner was too young to be diagnosed with asthma but he has asthma like symptoms.
Our pediatrician prescribed a nebulizer (updraft machine) for him with two different medications-albuterol being one of them. Albuterol is supposed to treat bronchiospasms and is given every 2-4 hours as needed for coughing. The other medicine was pulmicort. The pulmicort is given twice a day through the updraft machine (inhalation) and when given regularly is supposed to decrease the number and severity of the "asthma" attacks. These medications don't actually treat the infection, they just lessen the symptoms.
So we're pretty much doing the updraft machine at least 5 times a day right now, usually more. He has to have it in the middle of the night when he wakes up coughing and about every three hours during the day right now.
I'm not really sure why I'm blogging about this, maybe just to get everything I know about this infection written out somewhere so I can better process it and not feel so entirely helpless.
I feel like this medication hasn't made a difference at all and I'm hoping in another 5 days this just all goes away. The doctor said he wants to keep Tanner on the updraft machine of a year. He wants him to be wheeze free for a year and that way we can hopefully prevent any future complications like asthma and hospitalizations. I feel like a year is kind of severe for a 9 month old... but if I KNEW- really knew- it would really help in later in life I would have no problem with it.
For now I'm just a helpless, frustrated mom who can only put a medicated mist to her baby's face throughout the day and hope it helps. Tanner isn't himself right now and even though he's also having Tylenol and Motrin throughout the day he still doesn't feel good. Its so hard to see your baby sick and not be able to do anything but
"wait it out".
Has anyone had any experience with bronchiolitis? Any words of advice or comfort?
Yours sincerely,
Frustrated and helpless

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oregon Trip- Week 2

So are the details on the rest of our vacation.
On Wednesday Steph and I ran a few errands with the boys and then put them down for naps. Later that night we took the boys to the indoor pool. I can't even describe how funny it was for me to watch Tanner in the pool. He loves being in the water, I've always known that because bath time is the best part of the day. Tanner in a pool is a whole different story. While my nephew Chase soon tired of the pool and having to he held because it was too deep for him to touch, Tanner was totally content to be held on his belly in the water or floating on his back with his head resting on my shoulder. He LOVED it. If it was up to Tanner we would have stayed for hours. Just to give you an idea of how much we enjoyed the pool- I'm posting a ton of pictures.
Here is how we spent most of our time at the pool. He loved being held on his belly.

Tanner and I before we got in the pool

Steph, Chase, Tanner and I before we all got wet.

Then Thursday morning we left for my in-law's coast house. When we left it was a nasty rainy day, but when we got to Waldport- it was beautiful. We unpacked our things from the truck and headed to the beach to let the boys play in the sand. Tanner was thrilled with just sitting in the sand and playing.
Tanner and I at the coast

He loved the sand so much

Then we went back to the house and took some pictures outside by the brick wall, because I love black and white pictures with brick as the backdrop. So here are a few of our latest and greatest family pictures.
Blowing kisses at my boy

I think this picture is my favorite. I love my boys so much!

Kissing on our sweet boy

Tanner loves to get his Dad.

What a stud

My little family

On Friday we had a late breakfast and headed into Newport. We drove around, ate lunch, and then went down to the bay front. They had a ton of little shops and things to look at. We HAD to buy some candies and then take more pictures.
Tanner and I looking at the sea lions. He was quite enthralled with them.

Here is all of us in Newport with this cool ocean mural background.

My family at the boat dock

Then we headed back to the beach again.
Here is us taking Tanner for a walk in the sand. He loves to walk right now. He never wants to sit down and constantly keeps his body rigid so you can't make him sit. I'm worried he's going to skip crawling all together and just walk one day.

Dad and Tanner at the beach

Mom and Tanner at the beach

Us at the Beach

After getting sand all over ourselves we went back to the house. We then had to pack up and go home. It was a fun short trip to the coast. I think we would have stayed longer, but we had to share our bed with Tanner and thats no fun. They don't have a crib at the coast house yet.
On Saturday Stephanie and I did our garage sales again and we totally scored. I bought so many clothes and shoes for Tanner while we were there. His suitcase just barely made weight coming home. It was stuffed.
Saturday night was my nephew Paul's first birthday party. It was fun to be all together and watch Paul eat his cake. He didn't dig into, he very gently and carefully picked off the toppings and then he was done. It very un-Paul like. That night Steph and I had the Dads take the babies home and we went and saw a chick flick. We saw "Letters to Juliet" It was cute- just WAY cheesy! But it was fun to get out. Then we did some shopping and decided we better get home.
Sunday was church again and then a family dinner at Phillip and Stephanie's house. She made us lasagna and it was delicious.
Monday was pretty relaxed. Stephanie and I ran a few more errands, but I was so tired because Tanner didn't sleep well the entire time we were there. I was busy cutting two teeth. So anyways, we didn't do much Monday. We had a family dinner that night, went for a four-wheeler ride and we went to bed early. Tanner thought he was pretty big stuff though- driving the four wheeler.

Here is one of Tanner with his Grandma and Grandpa. They love him so much!

Then Tuesday morning we had to get ready to leave. Stephanie and Chase came over to say bye and we took off for the airport.
Tanner slept through both of our flights coming home so that was awesome, but it was so hard to leave. I love our family out there. Especially my sister-in-law Stephanie. We had such a blast together. Can't wait till December! But for now we're back home and I've finally finished all our laundry. But its still nice to be back home and have a routine again.

Oregon Trip- Week 1

Looking back I can hardly keep the days straight in my head. We were so busy while we were in Oregon, but it was such a blast!
We flew in on Tuesday but got in late and just went to bed that night. Tanner was so excited because when we got in at 10:00 pm Oregon time it was 12:00 am Arkansas time. Poor little guy!
The first flight was a little rough because Tanner was tired but he was too excited to go to sleep. He finally pulled his giraffe over his face and passed out on my lap about an hour into the first flight and slept the rest of the way. However, we had three connections on the way to Oregon, so it was a very long day. But he did much better on the next two flights!
Tanner being a big boy on the airplane.

Anyways, on Wednesday Stephanie (my sister-in-law) and I hung out and ran a few errands- really low key-recovering day.
Thursday Chris, Tanner, Phillip, Stephanie, Chase and I went to the Portland Zoo. It was 1 1/2 hour drive. The boys did pretty good on the way up, and once we got there we put them in the strollers and took off on our zoo adventure.

Honestly, the zoo was a bit of a let-down because a lot of the animals were not in their exhibits.
We did get to see the elephant, giraffes, bears, zebras, penguins and a few other cool animals.
Tanner and I watching the elephant.

Uncle Phillip, cousin Chase, Tanner and I checking out the elephant.

My family in the penguin cave.

Here is us in front of the mouth of the bear cave. We had to see the bears because we're constantly calling Tanner "Tanner-bear" and so it only seemed fitting we check out the bears.

But then the boys were beyond tired and needed their naps. So we headed home.
On Friday, Stephanie and I did our ritual garage sales and after a morning nap, took the boys to the duck park. We actually didn't see many ducks thought, mainly geese. We got some cute pictures though.
Tanner and I checking out the geese on the pond.

Tanner and I going to feed the geese

Me and my boy

Saturday we went to a relief society activity and a wedding reception. Nothing too exciting there. But we did get to have all three grandsons together at the reception. They were so funny!

Tanner is pretty much terrified of his cousins because they literally walked all over him. He hasn't started crawling yet, so he was a sitting duck. I think it was good for him to interact with other kids though. But he has become quite the "Momma's boy" since he was so scared of his cousins, he was constantly saying "mamamamamam"
On Sunday we went to church and then we had a family dinner to meet Chris' Uncle's new wife. Once again we got to have all three boys together. I just love to watch them interact. Hopefully when we see them again in December Tanner will be able to hold his own better.
Here is a picture of all three boys attacking uncle Brad

This is Tanner and his cousin Paul chilling outside with their hats on.

Monday I watch both Tanner and my nephew Chase while Stephanie went to volunteer at this "Pregnancy Alternative Center" Of course, about 20 minutes into their naps, both Tanner and Chase woke up- both crying because they were still tired and grumpy because I was holding both of them and they were jealous of each other. It was probably the longest hour and a half of my life. I don't know how mothers of twins do it.
Tuesday we took the boys to a "play group" at church and then to Wal-Mart. It was fun to see all the ladies from the ward we went to when we lived there. Then we went home and put the boys down for their naps and later went into JoAnn's so I could get my craft fix. When I got back to my Mother-in-law's house she had a surprise for Tanner. She bought him these adorable Robeez cowboy boots and onsie. Isn't he just about the cutest cowboy ever?

I think that concludes week 1 of our vacation. Stay tuned for Week 2 of our Oregon vacation.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nephew's Birthdays

We're back! We just spent 2 weeks in Oregon visiting Chris' side of the family. We had a blast! I love my husband's family so much. And it doesn't hurt that both of his brothers also have little boys just a few months older than Tanner. My little nephews are too cute! The oldest nephew, Paul, turned 1 while we were there and we got to celebrate with them. Chase is only two weeks younger and will turn 1 next week.
I can safely post pictures of their birthday presents now, because they opened them together while we were there. So here is what I did- I asked each sister-in-law for 26 pictures. Each picture corresponded with a letter in the alphabet. Oh and let me tell you, it wasn't easy to think of a cute picture for every letter...if you need help let me know and I'll email you my ABC list.
My sister-in-law Stephanie sent me all the pictures I asked for and that worked out great. But my sister-in-law Natalie works full-time and just couldn't make it happen. So I got about 16 pictures from her and decided that instead of doing an alphabet book I would make hers into a story book about Paul.
So Chase got an "All about Chase ABC coloring book" with a picture of him on each page. I did things like M is for Mommy, J is for John Deere Tractor, X is for xylophone- and used a picture of him on the tractor,with his mommy, or playing a xylophone.

While Paul got an "All about Paul Coloring Storybook" that told about him and his family.

Then I made "Chunky" crayons for both of them. I made them each a set of six. The link for the instructions of this are on the side bar of my blog under "Future projects" I used a star shaped mold because I thought it would be easy for them to hold. The crayon boxes are old priority mail boxes- the smallest size. I just covered them with cute scrapbooking paper.

And while its safe to say the chunky crayons will eventually get to be used, I'm not sure the boys will get to actually color in their coloring books. My sisters-in-law loved the coloring books and wanted to keep them as keepsakes.

If you would also like to make a coloring book you can go to this website and use the code PRMZCV3X to print. However, if you close the webpage before you finish your book, the code expires. You have to keep the website open until your done with all your printing. Anyways, I did all my pictures on that website then I printed them off and pasted them to the "ABC" pages I had printed and copied them. Then I made the covers, laminated them and had them bound at a local print shop.
All of the pictures I used were from the first year of their lives so it was kind of a scrapbook of them they could color. It was a fun way to preserve the pictures and memories. Good luck if you decide to try one!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams. You are everything and more I could have asked for in a husband and a father. We're a team and I know I can always count on you. I love starting and ending each day with you and am looking forward to spending eternity together. I love you! Happy birthday!

Best Mother's Day Ever!

Okay, so techinically it was my first offical Mother's day- but still the best one ever. I have such a sweet husband. He woke up early and made me breakfast and then watched Tanner for me for the entire morning before church so I could get ready. Church was great. I played piano for the primary kids during sacrament meeting. They sang "Mother, I Love you" of course. Tanner recognized me on the stand and started shouting "Mamamama" That was pretty sweet!
Then Chris made me lunch and we watched a movie while Tanner took a 2-hour nap. (Another really awesome present) Then we went to my parent's house and Chris, my sister Laura and my Dad made us Mommies dinner. We had delicious steak, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. SO GOOD! Then Texas sheet cake for dessert.
I got a new "Willow Tree" figurine from Chris and Tanner. Its called "Tenderness" and its a mommy holding a little toddler. So sweet. Then I got some cards from my sister and parents and friends.
All-in-all, really amazing day with the family. I just love being a mother.
I can't imagine anything more fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and awesome than motherhood. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little family. My boys are the best!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a Pain in the...

Holy cow- my back hurts so much. I have no idea what I've done, but I can hardly move. On Thursday I did something and I could barely walk into my parent's house to welcome them back to the US. I was so excited to see them, but all I could do was lay on the floor with a hot pack under my back. Since Thursday I haven't seen much improvement, but little by little I think it will get better. I went to the chiropractor today, and tonight its not feeling quite as bad. Poor Tanner was feeling neglected because Chris was at drill for the National Guard all weekend and I was out of commission. Thank goodness for my wonderful family. They babysat Tanner for me on and off all weekend, so I could get some bed rest.
Chris is gone again until tomorrow night for an ING conference. So Tanner and I are just trying to survive until then.
Today I took Tanner outside and let him play in the grass. He wasn't real sure what to think about it. He just kept pulling up handfuls and tossing them aside. It was really funny to watch.
He thought it was kind of itchy!

Sorry these are the best quality. I took them with my video camera.

Last week we started giving Tanner some finger foods and he's mastered his pincer grasp. He doesn't like anything really sweet, so he wont eat the gerber graduates we have. He mostly just likes hanburger buns. I tear off little pieces of mine whenever I have a burger and he'll eat that. Its so cute to watch him learn how to use his fingers. Babies are so amazing.
Look how hard he is concentrating here. Its like you can just see his little mind working.

We've also been letting him gnaw on some corn cobs and bread when we have it. He doesn't really eat much of the bread, but he likes the texture in his mouth.

Look at that face. You just know he's planning something.

Attacking his corn on the cob.

He also really likes to try and feed himself. We like to watch him when he isn't wearing clothes that he can stain.

We also gave him some spaghetti noodles to play with the other night. That kept him entertained for quite a while.

Here are some other pics from our last park day.

This is one of my sister Laura and Tanner before we left to have her Senior pictures taken. Isn't she gorgeous? Ridiculous right? Not only is she a genius but she's just a doll! I can't believe she's a senior!!! I love this girl!

Oh and here are some pictures of what Aunt Laura does when she watches Tanner.
Where is Tanner you may ask?

Yep...In the bag!

Here are a few more of my handsome devil after church on Sunday.I couldn't go because of my back, but my Mom came by and picked up Tanner and between her, my Dad and my sister Laura- They took good care of my boy.

love those fat cheeks!

Couldn't resist a picture of this...

Anyways, besides my back being out, nothing much has happened. We leave for Oregon a week from tomorrow. Thats so exciting! I'll post about my nephew's birthday presents after we get back. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for their moms before the boys open them...but lets just say I'm pretty stoked about them. I'm going to make Tanner one too.