Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from Wonderland!

Happy Halloween from Wonderland. I love the theme this year and I'm so happy the kids do too. They were very excited when we finally picked a theme. I showed the kids the movie "Alice in Wonderland" in September to test the water and see if they even liked it. They LOVED it. So I started working on costumes. I love how it came together!
I really love this man of mine. He's pretty much the most amazing sport. Can you believe he wore this for me???  He even wore it to work for the company party. I love him! So here we are as "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum"
Tucker was basically the cutest "White Rabbit" known to mankind.
Seriously his little pink nose kills me. SO CUTE.
The best part about his costume??? He loved wearing it! He kept the ears and glasses on all night. Everyone was drooling over him. It was pretty adorable.

Onto Miss Bailey,  she was our "Alice" and she loved the way she looked. She watched me make her dress and asked daily if it was finished so she could wear it. She loved her tutu skirt and her apron. She loved her "Alice shoes" and her black hair bow. She loved it all.

Can you tell she loved how she looked??
Last, but not least, was my handsome "Mad Hatter". Tanner loved his hat. Really, he loved it.
He loved his yellow blazer too. I had to dye it to get it to the mustard yellow color and when he saw it finished and dried he was so happy. It was hysterical. I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) love that my kids adore theme costumes as much as I do and they totally get into character each year.
Love this kid!
We went to our ward "Trunk-or-Treat" at 4 pm today. The kids got way too much candy.
Tucker loved running free around the parking lot and getting candy from everyone he saw.
Aren't these two guys adorable?
Here we are in the costume parade. We actually won the  "Best Family Theme" award and got a $10 gift card to "Coldstone".Which basically makes all my hard work on these costumes WELL WORTH IT.  We've won this award for the past three years but never has the award been so worth it. I'm very excited to use that gift card.
After our church party we grabbed some cheeseburgers and then headed out to go trick-or-treating. We just did our street and a couple streets near us. The kids got so much candy and they loved knocking on the doors. Tucker basically tried to manhandle his way into any house that had a dog inside. He's obsessed with dogs. It was so funny. He eventually got demoted to the stroller since he couldn't be trusted.
But the kids had a great time trick-or-treating and we got home in time to hand out candy at our door- which may have been the highlight of the kids' night. They loved it.
It was a great Halloween and the kids are already asking what we will dress up as next year.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Fun

The week of Halloween is always one of the craziest weeks of the year and this year was no exception. I think it will keep getting worse as my kids get older, but I'm doing my best to savor these days and all the crazy that goes along with them.  
So here is the run down of the crazy week. We made jack-o-lantern pizza and the kids love that. Tucker couldn't stop checking on it in the oven.
We made Halloween cookies and the kids decorated them.

They were pretty proud of their creations.
Wednesday was Tanner's class Halloween Party. It was also spirit week and so that's why everyone is wearing pajamas- it was pajama day.
Wednesday was also dress up day for ballet class so Bailey went as a black kitten. She was pretty adorable.

Bailey and her buddy Chloe. They were so cute together.
That night after dance we carved pumpkins. The kids each picked their own design and then we helped. Well actually we only helped Bailey and Tuck. Tanner did his all by himself.
Tucker loved scooping out the goop. He was fascinated it was so funny.
Then when he started throwing the goop across the room it became less funny. But seriously, how cute is that face??
My hardworking pumpkin carving boys.
Bailey worked really hard scooping out the goop but she needed help to cut her kitty cat design.
Tanner however did not need help, He cut the top off of his, cleaned it out and then cut out the entire design without help. How is he so big???
The next night was Chris' work Halloween party. We all dressed up for that and we had a great time.

Tanner was thrilled when he found R2D2.
And Bailey about lost her mind when she got a hug from Snow White.
Trick -or- treating the conference rooms and Tucker hesitantly exploring his surroundings.
Friday morning I took Bailey to preschool and then Tucker and I met some friends for "scary face pancakes" at Ihop. This is always a good time and has turned into a tradition. It felt so weird to only take Tucker but with Bailey in prek and Tanner in Kindergarten, it was just me and the Tucker-duck.

Then we went to Bailey's class Halloween party.
I helped manage the "Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern" game. Bailey wore her black kitten costume again.
We played bingo and a bean bag toss game.

And ate festive snacks.
Bailey was happy to see me at her party and Tucker got to have lunch with Daddy, so it was a win for everyone.
Then tonight, Friday night, we went the Halloween Carnival at Tanner's school. It was complete chaos and the kids loved every minute of it. They each wore a costume they had at home because I was worried they would ruin the costumes I made them before Halloween. But they were thrilled. Tanner went as Iron Man , Bailey went as the black kitty, yet again, and Tucker was Woody from "Toy Story".
The cafeteria was lined with game booths and food. It was crazy. The first booth Bailey wanted to visit was the hair coloring booth. She had her hair painted purple.
Tanner got a temporary tattoo on his hand as well.
Then we basically went down the line and played every single game, because Bailey would not let us skip any of them.
Tucker happily sat in the stroller for the most part, chomping away on popcorn.
We also got snow cones before we left and Tanner loved that it turned his tongue blue.
It was a fun carnival and we were happy to be able to support Tanner's kindergarten.
Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm so excited to get everyone in their costumes.