Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family Bike Ride

Yesterday we decided to get out and enjoy the amazing weather. So we packed a lunch and loaded up the kids bikes and drove over to "Crystal Bridges" to explore. 
The kids were pretty excited to ride their bikes. Tanner loves his big boy bike. Bailey gets tired pretty quick so we have to push her sometimes and Tucker happily just rides in his push bike all over the place. 

We stopped for lunch and enjoyed a picnic. 
I just love these boys. 
watching the airplanes...
Me and my girl. 
Tucker loves watching airplanes. He calls them "panes" and points excitedly and searches the sky whenever we hear one. Love him!
Quick family pic. 
Tanner was a champ. He rode his bike the entire time, even on the hills. He's getting so big. 

Tucker seriously loves being pushed in his bike. It makes him so happy, but the second the bike stops, he gets super mad. lol.  And Bailey decided that she was too tired to ride and ended walking back to the car while dad carried/pushed her bike. We have to work on her endurance. 

But it was a nice way to enjoy the weather. I just love days spent as a family. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

100th Day of Kindergarten

Our favorite little kindergartner celebrated his 100th day of school today. I can hardly believe he's been to 100 days of kindergarten already. It's flying by so fast. 
Each kid was asked to bring in a project with 100th items. Tanner picked Lego's so we made the number "100" with 100 Lego's. He loved it.
Tanner absolutely loved his "old man" costume. It was hysterical. We sprayed his hair with silver hair color, and then pulled together the rest of his costume from old Halloween costumes and Sunday clothes. He looked pretty dang cute!
Love this boy!
Have you even seen a cuter 100-year old man??
Tanner said he had a great 100th day of school. The kids got to show off their 100th day projects. "Zero the Hero" visited their class and they got special snacks. Pretty good day. 

After school we met some friends and grab a picture with another of favorite kindergartners- Annalise Fuhriman. Tanner and Annalise are basically the cutest old couple ever!!!

Kindergarten is so fun!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bailey's Pre-K Field Trip

Today I got to go with Bailey on her preschool field trip. It was just a tour of the nearby grocery store- a "Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market" but the kids were so excited. It was one block from the preschool and the class got to walk. 
The field trip did start until 8:30 am, so I got to hang out in Bailey's classroom for a little while. Bailey loves sitting on Ms. Wilma's lap. 
Here's Bailey playing during center time. 

Then we lined up and walked over to the grocery store. 
Here is the class listening to Ms. Leslie and Ms. Carol give them directions before the tour. 
Then it was on to the tour. First the produce section. 

Then over to the bakery. The kids got to watch a pizza being made. Then the manager sent the pizza back to school with the kids for a snack. 
The kids discussing their favorite kinds of pizza. 
The finished product. 
Then it was on to the deli
and the dairy section. 
Then it was back to the storage room where they showed the kids where their deliveries come in. That was pretty special because only employees are allowed back there. 
Then we walked to the front of the store to say thank you and the manager gave the kids goodie bags.
I'm glad I got to go with this girl and her class. She was super clingy to me the entire time we were there, but it was fun to go and spend time with her anyway. 
Preschool is so fun!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Winter's Most Pathetic Snow

So last night Mother Nature dropped the most pathetic dusting of snow ever. We were already out of school today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and so it didn't even cancel school. The kids excitedly got dressed in their snowsuits and ran outside. We went sledding down the driveway a few times but the snow didn't last long and it was soon too melted to play anymore. 
Tucker did love playing in the snow dust though.

These two played for a while together, but it was pretty cold. 
Here's hoping we will get more snow this winter, because this is just sad!
Oh well, at least the kids had fun. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family Fun Day

Today we spent the day together as a family. First thing we did was head over to the "Amazeum" to play. This play is so cool. It really is a gem. Tucker loves painting so much. He could happily play in the painting room the entire time. 
Tanner enjoyed cleaning the glass for Tucker over and over again. Tanner would spray the glass and use the squeegee to clean it off and then Tucker would cover it in paint again. Such a good team. 

Eventually Bailey joined the boys and painted too. 
Bailey really loved this sand box. The lights would change to show different topographical indentions where the sand was pushed and pulled. 
The Daddy and the older kids played with the tops. 
While Tuck played with the magnetic shapes on the light-up table. 
There are so many cool science experiments at the amazeum. 
Then we went to explore the dinosaur exhibit. Bailey loved the big T-rex. 

Tucker also enjoys the ball section of the engineering room. He loves building different paths for the ball to follow. 
We had a lot of fun. It was Dad's first time at the "Amazeum" and I think he was thoroughly impressed. I'm so grateful we have season passes for this awesome place. 

Then we went home and played outside, ate lunch and took naps. 

That night we rented "Hotel Transylvania 2" and I made us a movie themed snack. 
The kids loved their bat cupcakes, but Bailey kept asking if they would transform into vampires like the bat on the movie do. Lol . 

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes and the movie was cute. 

It was a great day spent as a family and I'm grateful for days like today.