Monday, February 20, 2017

Lego Batman Party & Movie Outing

Tonight we had so much fun with our friends the Quales. 
We had a small Lego Batman party at our house for our boys. Lacey has three boys and they are close in age to my boys and she lives down the street, so the friendship was inevitable.
We ate pizza and then enjoyed cupcakes, popcorn and rice Krispie treats. 
Lacey and I had fun putting this little party together. 

Oh and all the kids got little batman masks to wear. Tucker looked so cute in his, I was cracking up. 
How cute are these little batman??

They are super cool kids!
Even though Bailey isn't all that into Batman, she got to tag along for the fun!
After our little party, we loaded up in my "bat-mobile" and we drove to the theater together.
We saw the new "Lego Batman" movie and it was so cute. The boys loved sitting together and they were laughing the entire time. 
After the movie we snagged a picture in front of the movie poster. Tucker didn't feel like cooperating but Bailey joined the boys for a pic. 

Here's the whole crew outside the theater. They loved being out so late and getting to play outside after dark. 
I just love these silly kids!
It was such a fun night with some good friends. I love finding friends that need as little of a reason as I do to host a party. And since we are having a third boy in a couple months, we love finding friends with lots of boys too. And since I will only ever have one girl- I don't have to feel bad when I spoil her. So stay tuned for a Beauty and the Beast Party for Bailey and her friends. The new movie comes out next month and I've been planning a sweet little party and movie outing for her and her friends too. So much fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day from my sweethearts!!
Today was a crazy busy day but it was full of fun. Before I get into all the school parties and activities, check out these valentine's day pictures. I took these for our annual v-day card.
Silly Tucker boy!

Tanner is a total champ most of the time. He's so good at pictures. 

Bailey is probably my favorite to photograph lately though. She loves to pose and smile for the camera. It makes my job way more enjoyable. 
Now onto our Valentine's day fun!
I woke up nice and early to make Daddy a nice, festive breakfast. He was very excited. He typically eats cold cereal for breakfast during the week, so this was a treat. 
Then I took Tucker to a friend's house and I drove to Bailey's Valentine's class party. She was so happy I was there. She kept giving me hugs and showing me all the stuff at her table.
They ate snacks and made a craft. It was the typical kindergarten cuteness. 

As usual, the sorting of the valentines was the best part of the party. 
Then I ran back and picked up Tucker and went to a visiting teaching get-together. 
We visited there for about an hour and Tucker did not want to leave. 
I finally got him back into the car and we raced over to the kids' school again. We met Daddy there and he hung out with Tucker while I went to Tanner's class party. 
I helped with one of the games for Tanner's class so I didn't take a ton of pictures. 
I love watching my kids interact with their friends. It's pretty adorable. 
After their games and craft, the kids ate their snacks. Tanner was so happy I was there and kept giving me hugs the entire time. Sweet boy! 

I'm so glad I was able to go to their class parties. I don't know how long I will be able to keep that up, so I'm grateful for all the time I get with them at school. 
Then I got Tucker from Chris and took him home for nap time. Later we got the kids from school and Daddy made us a delicious dinner. It was our year to stay home for Valentine's day so it was a very chilled and relaxed evening. So nice.
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Playgroup Valentine's Day Party

We had a fun Valentine's Day party today for our playgroup. I decided not to host this year, but I brought all the decorations and set it all up at my friend Tracie's house. She has a much bigger house and when I realized there would be something like 30 kids at this party, I took her up on her offer to host. 30 kids is way too many for my house!! 
So here is the setup
Everyone who came signed up and brought a snack food. I just supplied the dishes and the decorations and all the other moms supplied the food. It's so much easier that way and it's a super cheap way to do a playgroup party.

Tucker was pretty happy to see the party set up- he was so excited when all the kids started arriving. 
After everyone arrived, we had all the kids decorate their own little bags for their valentines. Tucker wanted my help drawing a train on his. I love this train-obsessed boy. 
He worked so hard putting stickers on his bag and coloring his train. 
Then we had the kids line up their bags on the floor and they all walked around  and put their valentines in the bags. It was quick and efficient. Then came the fun part. Tuck loved sorting through his bag and looking at all his treats. 
After passing out valentines, we ate. It was a lot of sugar and the kids loved picking out the treats they wanted. Tucker lost his mind over the twizzlers and donuts. 
It was a fun little party and I'm grateful for such a fun group of mom friends to play with all the time. Look at all these kids! Isn't that crazy. But we had a blast. 
Now onto class parties for Tanner and Bailey and Valentine's day fun as a family. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kindy Amazeum Field Trip

Today Tucker and I got to go on Bailey's kindergarten field trip with her. The kindergarten classes all went to the Amazeum and it was a little bit crazy. But Tucker had a great time following Bailey and her friends around and Bailey had a blast.
Bailey was pretty excited when we found her and she happily took Tucker under her wing and let him play with all her friends. They are pretty cute sometimes. 

Tucker has always loved this painting room. I think he would play here the entire time if I let him. Unfortunately, we were trying to keep up with Bailey's class so we couldn't just do our own thing. 

I think Bailey's favorite stop was the homestead area. She loved carrying around the piglets and harvesting fruits and vegetables. 

She loved the piglets and so did her friends.  This place really is so cute!

Can you spot Bailey? She's completely fearless. It freaks me out sometimes but today it was fun to watch her explore on her own. 

It was a fun morning with our favorite girl. Bailey loves Kindergarten so much and it's easy to see why! So many fun things!