Friday, May 27, 2016

End of School Party

After "Field Day" at Tanner's school, we got home and set up for our 3rd annual "end of school" party. We only had about 40 minutes to set up but i think it came together well. 
Even though Tanner has two weeks of school still, all the traditional calendar schools are out for the summer and so is Bailey, so we decided to go ahead and have the party early.
This year's party was an ice cream social and it was so fun. 

Don't you love the galvanized bucket and all the red and mint? So fun. 

We ate ice cream, played with bubbles, painted faces and the kids ran around like wild animals. There were around 25 kids at the party and it was a wild house. But it was so fun.
Bailey was happy to have her friend Chloe at the party. 
Here's Tanner and Zoe Manning enjoying their ice cream sandwich pops. These were a hit with all the kids. 
Tucker decided he needed an ice cream sandwich and as many blueberries as he could hold. Then we had to get him a bowl for all his blueberries. He loves them!
I think all the kids had fun. I'm so lucky to have so many good mom friends and my kids are lucky to have so many little buddies. We sure love this area and all the fun it brings.
So welcome summer. Even though Tanner isn't done with school yet, we are excited for summer! Goodbye school!

Kindergarten Fun & Field Day

We left Bailey's end of school ice cream party, dropped her off with Daddy and Tucker at home and then I went over to Tanner's school for "Fun & Field day". 
I got there just as Tanner's class came outside to start the field games. He was so excited to see me.
He's so cute!
The kids played all sorts of games. They ran, jumped, did relay races and all sorts of fun. 

Tanner's cute class getting ready to run the pizza box challenge relay. 

And this partner run was pretty hysterical to watch. 

After all the field games the kids got snow cones. 
Oh and we found this cute friend out on the field. Tanner and Ryan aren't in the same class, but they always enjoy playing together at school events. 
Tanner and some of his classmates enjoying their snow cones. 
I think it's safe to say that Tanner enjoyed his snow cone and time with his class. 
Aren't these little buds so cute? Seriously I think kindergarten is the cutest age. They are so enthusiastic and happy. I just love it. And I love watching Tanner interact with his friends.
It was definitely a successful field day. 

Bailey's Last Day of Preschool

Today was Bailey's last day of preschool. She was pretty much giddy this morning because the last day of school means ICE CREAM PARTY!!!!
Oh and I love this cute and sassy girl!

I joined her at school at 11 am and we walked with her class over to "Spark Cafe" in downtown Bentonville. She order "spark" ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

And of course, we sat with her buddy, Chloe. 
It was fun to see her play one last time with her classmates and get to hang out with her. 

Miss Leslie handed out preschool completion certificates to all the kids and we hugged her and Miss Wilma goodbye. Then we walked back to school and that was it. Preschool is officially over and now she is off to Kindergarten in a few months. So proud of my big girl!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bailey's Preschool Graduation

Well I blinked and my baby girl graduated from preschool. I can hardly believe it. 
This girl is full of sass and spirit and she makes our life very interesting and we wouldn't trade her for anything. Love love love her!


She was a champ posing for these pics. We had fun celebrating her graduation. 

And of course, while we did pics, Daddy and the boys explored the park. Have I mentioned that I love my husband. He tags along with all my crazy ideas and doesn't complain. 
Seriously, when she graduates high school I need to do a side by side of this picture and her graduation picture. She looks so old here!

Attempting to toss her cap in the air. Her facial expressions are hysterical. 

And of course, we had to take a pic with her bestie Chloe. They see each other every M/W/F and Sundays but they just can't get enough of each other. Can't believe these girls will go to kindergarten in the fall. 

and we snagged a family picture 
We sure love our little Preschool graduate!
Chris took a long lunch so he could go to Bailey's singing program and I'm so glad he didn't miss it. Bailey was so animated and had everyone laughing. She was awesome to watch and very entertaining. 

They sang "Macarena", "Slippery Fish"

"Five Little Monkeys"
"Skidamarink"- this was one of my favorites. She was so cute playing her "air ukulele"

and last of all "Pharaoh Pharaoh" - which was the crowd pleaser. Bailey had everyone laughing because she was so animated and sang her little heart out. 

After the singing program we had cookies and punch in the class room and I snagged a picture of Bailey with her sweet teachers. Miss Leslie and Miss Wilma are sweet patient women and we are so glad that Bailey was in their class. 

Now we have Bailey's last of preschool/ice cream party on Friday and she is done of the year. On to Kindergarten for this girl!!!