Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 18-Months to our Little Man

Tanner is 18-months old today. I can't believe it. I can't believe that in 6 more months he'll be 2! My little baby is growing up way too fast.
He's really started to become a little boy lately too. His little face even looks older now and he had a small growth spurt. He's even wearing a lot of 18-month size clothing now. (That's actually a big deal!) He's such a fun little boy. He loves to laugh, smile, blow kisses and give snuggles.
But he also likes to play in the dirt, collect rocks and twigs and play with his cars.

Here are a few things Tanner really loves right now.

He loves Lego's- well technically they are MEGA BLOCKS- but either way he loves them!!! He probably brings the bag of Lego's out twice a day to play with them. He loves stacking them really high and then having me knock them over. It cracks him up.

He also loves his sorter box. The toy that has different shaped holes and you have to put the right shape in the right hole in order to get the block to fit inside. He recently discovered he rocks at this toy and we play with that at least twice a day too.

He loves to find sticks and twigs outside in our yard. He will find one he really loves and carry it around the whole time he's playing.

He loves to flirt! His cheesey smile and big blue eyes are a dangerous combination. He definitely knows how to work a crowd. He recently added blowing kisses to his repertoire. Oh the ladies love that!

He loves his snow boots. Unfortunately for him, we haven't had much snow lately. But he brings them to us every morning to put on over his sleeper and then after his naps he wants them back on again. He would go to bed in them if we let him. He's crazy about his snow boots. Here is a picture of Tanner bring me his snow boots after his nap.

And I know he's going to love being a big brother. Well he at least loves wearing his big brother shirt.

Tanner is such a funny, expressive little boy. He loves to make his Dad and I laugh. He thrives on praise and he hates to disappoint us. He can have quite the attitude sometimes, but usually only after a day without naps. He loves to give me kisses and snuggles and he loves being Dad's little buddy. I'm not saying Tanner is a perfect child, but for the most part he is a really good kid and we feel so lucky to be his parents. Happy 18-months little man!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lovin' the Sunshine

I know I've been blogging a lot lately, but I feel like life is so good that I have to take time to appreciate each wonderful day.
Tanner has been such a blast lately. Literally I think I've been having more fun than he has. I just love my little man and I love that he's getting to an age where he really loves to play with me.
Last week the weather was wonderful ALL WEEK LONG. I'm talking about sunshine and 70 degree weather. SO BEAUTIFUL. Tanner and I spent a lot of time outdoors last week and I know the sunshine has helped improve my mood. I'm really a sunshine person- rainy days bring me down.
We went to the park last Wednesday and Chris even came with us. Its so fun to watch Tanner try and play with other kids. He's really observant and not aggressive at all. He's happy to just sit back and watch what the other kids are doing. I'm sure that will change as he gets older but its so funny to watch him as he watches other kids. He gets so tickled at the things other kids do.
Tanner particularly likes to go down the slides. Lucky for him, this playground had four different slides to play on. He had a blast climbing up the steps and then going down the slide-over and over and over again.

We tried other things as well. We did the swings for a little bit. He likes those too, but nothing beats the slides. (Don't you love the belly hanging out?)

Chris even tried the dinosaur bouncer- Tanner thought Dad was pretty funny but didn't care for the dinosaur that much.

I don't know if its just me or what, but this picture melts my heart.

Chris is such a good Dad. He loves Tanner and he loves to be with him. It doesn't hurt that Tanner absolutely idolizes his Dad. The two are a great pair.

Then on Friday we had play group at the church and on Saturday Tanner and I went to the library book sale. We totally scored- 5 books for $1.50. Then we went to some of our favorite baby shops and got 4 shirts for $2. Another deal. Then came home and he took a nap. Then we finished off the day by getting girl scout cookies, making rice crispie treats (which Tanner loves) and making play dough. Tanner discovered play dough doesn't taste very good, but its really fun to mash between every crevice in his body.

I don't really know how to explain it, but I'm enjoying Tanner so much right now. He just a hysterical little boy and I laugh all the time with him. He's sweet and tender at times and other times he's all boy- trying to splash in puddles, play in the dirt and rocks and help Dad in the garage.
I've decided I really don't care if this next baby is a boy or a girl. Mainly because if he/she is anything like Tanner I'll be totally content. I love being a mom of a car-zooming, dirt packing, truck loving little boy. But I'm sure little girls have their perks too. Either way I'll be happy. I'm just focusing on enjoying Tanner time while I can. Being a Mom is so AWESOME!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Delayed Valentines Day

We had to celebrate our Valentines day a little late this year. I have really great timing and got sick with a stomach bug early Sunday morning. I spent most of Sunday in bed, trying to sleep but not really succeeding because I was in too much pain. Luckily the next day I was feeling better- not 100% but definitely better. I wasn't up for all of the valentine's day festivities I had planned, so Chris generously offered to postpone until the next day. He took care of Tanner all day Sunday and Monday and brought home dinner on Monday so I didn't have to cook. I know- I have an AMAZING husband. He really is the best.
On Tuesday I decided to get my bum in gear and spoil my man. I got up and made heart-shaped french toast, sausage and eggs for him and Tanner.

Its not a great picture, but you get the idea.
Chris devoured it and headed off to work. He came home for lunch and we just had some leftovers- nothing special.
Tanner had a cute little valentines lunch

Then Chris headed off to work and Tanner and I went to run some errands. I mostly just needed to get the food for Dinner that night.
When we got home we attempted to enjoy the beautiful weather and we decorated our sidewalk with sidewalk chalk with a little valentines day message for Chris.
Tanner doing his part

I don't know why this wont rotate the right direction

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman I had a delicious menu planned. I made this Pasta al quattro formaggi, ribeye steaks, and garlic toast. YUUUUUMMMMMMMMMY! Click on that link if you get a chance- CHRIS LOVED IT.
We followed that up with our traditional chocolate covered strawberries. Let me tell you- Tanner loved these. I made a small one just for him and at first he was unsure...

Then he decided it was a hit

"This is sooo Good"

"More please" Yes- he is literally licking the plate. I don't know where he learned that- must be from his Dad.

After a very thorough bath we put Tanner down for the night.
Then I surprised Chris with one of his favorite cakes.

Now this cake is special because its the same cake I made him the Valentines day before he proposed. I'm pretty sure this cake it what sealed the deal. This cake is totally from scratch. He tasted it and the next day went out and bought a ring and popped the question. Okay- maybe not, but Chris loves this cake. If I wasn't so secure in our relationship, I might be a little worried about how much he loves this cake. Anyways, he was surprised and thrilled.

We had exchanged gifts earlier- He got me tulips (so beautiful), I gave him a motorized head scratcher- which I know sounds weird, but you have to know Chris to really appreciate this gift. HE LOVES HAVING HIS BACK TICKLED OR HIS HEAD SCRATCHED. Then we gave Tanner a new "Little Miss Spider" book. He liked it but eventually went back to his favorite "Little Miss Spider book and starter reading it again. Oh well...
It may not have been our most extravagant valentines day but it was wonderful just the same. Maybe next year I wont be recovering from the stomach bug and we can really party. Hope everyone had a wonderful love-filled valentines day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunshine and Popsicles

What? Sunshine and Popsicles in February? Crazy- I KNOW! Its been in the high 60's low 70's the last two days and its BEA-utiful!!!
Could this be the beginning of spring? Well probably not, but maybe the end of the crazy snow! I'd settle for that.

Luckily it doesn't take much to make Tanner happy either. An hour in the sunshine and he was as happy as a clam. He loves being outside and since we haven't actually seen dry ground in a couple weeks he was having a blast.
Who knew sticks and twigs could be this much fun.

I love this picture- you can just see his excitement at getting to play outdoors.

Then I busted out the big guns. Popsicles!
Speaking of guns- little boys can't eat Popsicles with their shirts on.

Tanner did not want to let go of his twig while he ate his Popsicle.

"Hahahaha- I crack myself up"

Tanner burning off the calories from his Popsicle. He could play outside all day long.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and nap time always comes too soon for my little man. The weather is supposed to be fairly good the next couple of days, maybe we will go for a bike ride tomorrow. COME ON SPRING!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day

On Saturday we had another load of snow dumped on us. I'm trying really hard to enjoy the winter weather, but I've got spring fever. I want to be outside enjoying the nice weather, going for bike rides, having picnics and planting flowers. However, mother nature isn't cooperating. Luckily this snow didn't last long- not even long enough to get church cancelled the next day. It was melting that afternoon when I finally got Tanner out to play in it. Chris was at drill this weekend, so Tanner and I went over to Nanny and Papa's house to play. We got bundled up and I stuck Tanner on the sled. He loved it. Nanny went outside with us to watch and we took turns pulling Tanner Here is a really short video of Tanner on the sled. (Don't mind that I don't know even know the date in the video.)

Oh and YES- Laura that is your hat he's wearing. Somewear between our house and the car we lost his hat, so we had to borrow one when we got there.
Tanner first setting foot into the snow. Sidenote- this kid loves his snowboots. He will wear them all day long. He brings them to me in the morning and he will wear them over his sleeper. Its so funny. Tanner on the sled He was really enjoying himself on the sled until he got dumped and face planted into the snow. He sat up and his whole face was covered in snow. If I had been thinking I'd have snapped a picture, but instincts took over and I ran to help him get his face cleaned off. Here is a picture after we got most the snow off him. He wasn't happy with us at this point. Anyways I'm making the most of the snow for Tanner's sake. He seems to enjoy it and I love watching him play in it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Redecorating and Reorganizing

I realized I never got around to posting pictures of my house after I got the decorating bug. Maybe I've been watching too many TLC home-decorating shows, but I really felt like my house needed a little sprucing up.
So I started with the area above our entertainment center. It use to have a small photo collage that, according to what I've learned recently, was placed way to high on the wall and I felt like it just wasn't a good use of space.
So I changed it to this....

It was fun to find a new way to use a lot the things I already had around my house. But I did get to buy a few new things too.

Then came the huge wall behind our long couch. After making some new throw pillows to try and brighten up the hand-me-down couch, I decided to make another picture collage. However this one would be large enough to fill the wall space I needed.
We had lots of pictures to choose from because we have an awesome photographer. Check her out here-
I bought a few new frames and used lots of ones we already had and went to work.
This was the final product. Sorry you can't see the pictures all that well.

Here is a close-up of the pictures- love Jamie soo much! Don't mind the Christmas tree lights reflecting in the photo.

Then I started on my entry way. I'd seen these panels on one of the craft blogs I follow and I loved them. So after a JoAnn's trip to get the fabric and a Home Depot trip to get the wood, my sweet husband and I started working on this project.
Here is the final product hanging on our walls above the entry way table.

Then yesterday my oh-so-sweet husband picked up some metal shelves for me at D.I for 10 bucks. Not bad!
He put them in the garage for me and I immediately knew what they would be used for. My craft desk has been overflowing lately and its been getting worse and worse. So I went to work organizing all my craft supplies.
My desk looked like this when I started this project

Now my craft shelves look like this- so much prettier and easier to find stuff.

I seriously couldn't be more excited about this. And I love my husband for seeing these shelves and thinking of me. It really is the little things that make me SOOO happy.

So anyways- there is a little peek into my home. I'm excited to start planning Tanner's "big boy room" and possibly, depending on the gender of this new baby, a new nursery! YAY!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tanner's Big News

I'm about 13 weeks and feeling really good. The nausea is over, my energy is back and I'm able to enjoy being pregnant.
My tentative due date is Aug. 12th. My ultrasounds say I'm a week further along then my date, so I'll be due around Aug. 12th. Which means Tanner and this new baby will be just under 2 years apart. Tanner's birthday is Aug 24th. August will be a busy month.
We couldn't be more thrilled and can't wait to find out what we're having.