Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Vacation in Mountain Home

So after Christmas Day we stayed in Mountain Home so we could hang out with everyone, since my entire family was home. So fun. 
My mom and I went to walmart to get groceries and we found these awesome leggings for everyone. 
I just love all these ladies.
And these parents of mine, they are just awesome. 
On Monday we snagged a picture of Nanny and Papa with all the grandkids. How cute are these babes?
Chris left Monday night because he had to work Tues- Thursday. So on Tuesday morning it was just Sarah and I with all the kids. 
We decided it was a jucuzi bath morning. The kids loved it. Especially Tucker. 
Tanner thought he was too cool for a bath with the kids. 
These two were happy to be splashing around 

I just love these little buddies. 
Eventually Tanner joined the crew. 

Then it was time for a movie and snuggling on the couch with blankets.
Max and Tanner had a special bond. 
Bailey spent most her time in the basement playing with Nanny and Papa's new doll house.
She is so in LOVE. 
Every now and then Max would come down to the basement and play with Bailey. 
Tanner happily played with his star wars micro machines. 
Tucker loved the race car track. He happily drove the cars back and forth, over and over. 
He also enjoyed playing with the Thomas the Train toy. 
On Wednesday, Nanny took of work so she could hang out with us. So of course, the first order of business is to make popcorn and watch a movie. Nanny's popcorn is the best!
We spent alot of time in the basement playing together. Here's Tanner entertaining Max with a cardboard head skit. lol.
The kids watching Tanner play on the Wii. 

The hippity hop got some use. 
And the bounce house got lots of use. 

And I got lots of snuggles from Hazel. 
Chris came back early on Wednesday night and surprised me. It was so nice. I struggle without him and I was so happy to see him a day earlier than planned. 

Thursday was spent in party prep. We had a big New Years Eve party planned so we spent Thursday cleaning and prepping until the party that night. That post is forth-coming- but it was lots of fun. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

We celebrated Christmas at our house in Centerton on Christmas morning and it was so fun. Besides the fact that I was sick with a terrible sinus infection, everything else went great. The kids were thrilled with their gifts from Santa. Bailey got a "Jasmine" barbie doll, Tucker got a little robotic dog that walks and barks and Tanner got a death star with micro machine star wars ships. 

Then the kids opened their gifts from us and each other. They also opened their gifts from the Oregon family. Bailey got an "American Girl" doll and lots of clothes for her. 
Tanner got walkie-talkies and a knight dress-up costume. 
He was so happy about this costume. It was pretty adorable!
Tucker got a "Daniel Tiger" trolley and some trains for his wooden train set. 
He loved his trolley so much!

Chris gave me a paint sprayer, photoshop software and an amazon firestick. Oh and 12-dates for the year. So awesome. I gave Chris a new computer. That was all he got since it used our entire budget. lol. But it was a great Christmas morning.
After we opened presents, Chris made breakfast and then we got dressed and drove to Mtn. Home. 
When we finally got there, we played on Nanny and Papa's new trampoline and then we ate a delicious Christmas dinner with my entire family. It was the year to have everyone home for Christmas so it was extra special. 
Then we opened the rest of the presents and enjoyed the our evening together. 
It was a fantastic Christmas and we feel very blessed!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

On Christmas Eve Daddy took us all out for Sushi and it was delicious. It was so nice to not have to cook, since I wasn't feeling great. But it was also amazing because Tanner and I LOVE sushi!
When we got home from dinner we started our Christmas Eve traditions. We sprinkled reindeer food all over the yard. 
Well Tucker mostly just poured it all in the same place. Lol. 
Then we all went inside and got ready for our gingerbread house smash. Tucker decided he needed to taste-test the gingerbread house before we destroyed it. 
This is definitely my favorite Christmas tradition. Look at those faces. They had so much fun smashing our gingerbread house. 
Tanner and Bailey also smashed the gingerbread houses they made at Ms. Jessica's house with their friends. 
After the gingerbread smash, we decorated cookies for Santa. 
Even Tucker worked on a Santa cookie. 
Then the doorbell rang and we had a special delivery from the "Pajama elves"
The kids opened the package and found their Christmas Pajamas. 
Then we read the "Pajama Elves" book that came in the package. 
And it was time for Christmas Eve pajama picture.
I sure love these babies. 
And then we said "goodbye" to our elves and our reindeer. 

Then we read a Christmas book and the kids went straight to bed. 
They fell asleep so fast, it was a Christmas miracle. 
After the kids went to bed, Chris and I watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and "A Christmas Story" while we wrapped gifts and finished packing for Mtn. Home. 

It was a great Christmas Eve and I can't wait for the kids to wake up in the morning and open their presents. So excited! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!