Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Fun 2015

We had a such a nice Memorial day. We spent the afternoon playing in our backyard. We set up the water table, the slip-n-slide and the blowup pool. It was awesome. 
It was hot and the water was just right.The kids had so much fun.
Tanner was rocking it on the slip-n-slide
I just love these little cuties. 
Tucker loved his new pool. He had so much fun splashing around. Tanner loved jumping into the pool and splashing everyone.
This is little diva had so much fun!
Even little Tucker tried out the slip-n-slide. 
They played so well together. 
We took a short watermelon break. 
Then we were back at it. This time I climbed into the pool- it was a little crowded but the kids didn't seem to mind. 
I love this chubby boy
Then Tanner asked me to do the slip-n-slide, I wasn't the most graceful but Tanner thought it was pretty funny. 
These kiddos are the best. We had so much fun!
Then Daddy grilled us the most delicious burgers. 
They were thoroughly enjoyed by all
Doesn't that look yummy?
We are so grateful that we were all able to be together to celebrate this day. 
Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tanner's Last Week of Pre-K

This week was Tanner's last week of Pre-K. I can hardly believe the school year is over. 
We are so excited for Kindergarten but it makes me sad that Tanner is getting so big. 
Monday was "water day" and the kids had so much fun. 
Tanner loved this sprinkler hose, he had so much fun playing. 

They were taking turns dumping buckets of water on their heads. It was pretty comical to watch. 
Here is the whole class after the water fun. 
Wednesday was a normal day, but on Friday we got to walk over to the ice cream shop at the "Wal-mart cafe" with Tanner's class. 
Here is a comparison of Tanner's last day of school pic and his first day from earlier. 
I don't feel like he looks too different, which I'm grateful for,
but I know he's learned sooo much this year!
I just love this kid. 

Here is my boy waiting patiently for his ice cream.
I was so grateful that I got to go spend some one on one time with Tanner on his last day. 
He ordered "mint chocolate chip" and he ate every bite.
Ice cream cheers with some of his classmates.
After ice cream, the kids took turns riding Sam Walton's toy truck. 
Tanner and his two buddies, Gavin and Ryan. Such little cuties. 
He got his completion certificate from his wonderful teacher. 
Last day of school class picture with the teachers. 
"Hooray its Summer!!!!"

Now our Summer vacation can officially begin. I am so grateful for the amazing teachers Tanner had this year and for all they taught him. I'm excited for Bailey to enjoy the same attention and fun next year. 
Now onto Kindergarten for Tanner. But first--- SUMMER VACATION!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kansas City/Temple Trip

This weekend we went to Kansas City with Nanny, Papa, Uncle Joseph and his family.
And it was a total blast.
Friday night we went to dinner at "Texas Roadhouse". It's a favorite of ours and it did not disappoint. 
Chris ordered the prime rib and it was literally melt-in-your-mouth amazing. OMG!
Then we checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Sleep Inn and it had an indoor water park. 
The water slide went outside the building. It was so cool. 

Friday night we played for about 1 1/2 hours. Bailey loved this little toddler slide. She really wanted to try the big slide but she wasn't tall enough.
Tucker loved walking around the edge of the toddler pool. He kept thinking he could sit down and crawl but it was too deep for that so he kept face planting in the water. 
But in true Tucker-form, he never cried. We just picked him up and kept playing. 

Tanner had fun playing in the sprinkler and the slide. He had to wear his life jacket in the big pool, but otherwise he loved it. We tried doing the slide, but I couldn't get Tanner on there. 
He went to the top of the stairs and climbed into the slide, but then he refused to go down. I didn't force it but I did go down once to show him how fun it was. 
Here is me, arms crossed and everything. Safety first ya know. 
But Tanner still wouldn't do it. But he still had fun playing everywhere else. 
After we finished in the pool, we went back up to our room and the kids took a shower.
Tucker loved the shower. He kept kicking his legs and splashing in the water. 
Then it was time for pj's and snuggling before bed.
I just love these three babes. 

The next morning we ate a delicious hot breakfast at the hotel and then Chris and I went to the temple. Nanny and Papa watched our kids while we got to do a session at the temple. It was so nice. 
We had a wonderful session together.
However, while we were gone, Tanner decided he wanted to do the slide at the water park. 
Little stinker. He did it without us and he LOVED it. 
He did it over and over and over again. 
Bailey loved playing with everyone. 
Then it was time to check-out of the hotel. So we got dressed and left and then drove over the "Fritz's Railroad Restaurant."  It was so fun. 
We all got these cute conductor hats to wear. We ordered our food on a little black phone and then it was delivered to us by tiny little trains. 
The trains ran on tracks around the ceiling. They carried the food on little trays and dropped them off at tables. It was so fun. The kids LOVED it. 
Tucker was enthralled. He kept watching the trains driving all over the restaurant. 
This place was a big hit with everyone!

We ended the meal with a train ride. 

Next we headed over to "Kaleidoscope"  to play. It's an indoor creative play place and the kids had so much fun. They both loved painting with the water colors. 
We made Bailey a little crown. 
Tanner loved painting things and then sticking them into the dryer. He loved watching them come out of the dryer. 
Then Tanner and I colored a piece of chipboard and had it cut into a puzzle. 
The kids had a great time. They came away with a bag full of fun things they made. 
Our last stop was the "T-Rex Cafe". This was such a fun place. We only ordered dessert because we weren't that hungry but the environment was awesome. 

When our dessert came the kids flipped. It was called the "Chocolate Explosion" and it came out smoking. So fun. 

We had so much fun. The kids each picked out a toy from the gift shop and the dessert was so yummy. 

That was our last stop on our fun Kansas City weekend. The kids hardly got to nap because we were so busy, but they did pretty good. We got home late Saturday night and got all the kids in bed. We are all happily exhausted. Such a fun weekend.