Monday, March 19, 2012

Up Up and Away in a Plane

Tanner is completely obsessed with planes since our trip to Oregon. Every time we see or hear one we have to watch it until its no longer in our line of sight. The whole time Tanner is saying "Up Mom, Up!" and if I don't respond right away he just keeps saying it. "Yes Tanner, we went up in a plane and then we came back down" "Yeah- up and down. Down see Mimi" or "see Nanny" depending on his mood. But he for sure remembers our trip. He loved the planes!
Our kids did fantastic on the flights. Granted I totally drugged Bailey with Tylenol, but it worked and it was an easy trip.
Here are the kids hanging out in the Miliary lounge at the Denver airport during our 2-hour layover

We flew in Monday and got to Mimi and Grandpa's about 10 pm. Since it was midnight our time we were exhausted. Unfortunately the kids woke up at 5:45 Oregon time- 7:45 AR time. I was literally dragging my feet all day that day) We went into town to get a few things and then met Chris' entire family for lunch. Tanner had so much fun with his two other boy cousins who are the same age as him. It was hysterical to see them all together. After lunch we took the kids home for naps and just explored Mimi's house. My in-laws have about 26 chickens- you can bet Tanner loved chasing them all around.
Enjoying the nice weather and Mimi's house

Chasing Chickens

That night was pretty relaxed, another family dinner and complete chaos with the 6 grand kids all under the age of 3. We had fun chatting and watching the boys play and taking turns holding each other newest babies.
Here is the run-down for those of you who don't know our family dynamics. There are three Herb boys. They all got married within a year of each other. Then a couple years later, all three wives had baby boys within 3 months of each other. Two years later all three wives had babies again within 4 weeks of each other. So there are 3 2-year old Grandsons, 2 baby granddaughters and 1 baby grandson. My poor in laws just can't catch a break. Their grand babies never come one at a time...they just triple each time. But it makes family get-togethers really fun.
The next day we just hung out with Stephanie and her kids. Mimi watched the two older boys and Steph and I did a little shopping. Real low-key but fun day.
Here is Bailey's favorite place at Mimi's house

Little boys on a 4-wheeler ride at Mimi's

Thursday Chris packed up Tanner and left to go to the Cabin with his Parents and our nephew Chase (Phillip and Stephanie's 2-year old son). So while the five of them took off for the cabin, the daughter-in-laws and the babies headed off to the outlet mall. We had a great time and found some cute stuff. That night Bailey and I stayed with Stephanie and Phillip at their house.
The next morning we loaded up and drove down to the cabin too. It was a four-hour drive and the babies (Bailey and Conner) did fantastic. They slept almost the entire time, just waking up to eat. AWESOME.
We stayed at the cabin for the weekend and it was a very relaxing time.
My in-laws gorgeous cabin

The little boys had sooo much fun. Tanner shot his first gun, rode a tractor, played in the hot springs and the hot tub, played in the dirt and later the snow. It was crazy. The days were packed and those little boys slept hard at night.
Here is Bailey taking her beloved bath in the huge sink at the cabin. SHE WAS IN HEAVEN

Daddy-daughter time at the cabin.

Mommy and Tanner time

Steph and I picked up a couple of toy guns for the little boys. Tanner loved it soo much!

Look at his aim

First time shooting a gun- you know I saved the shell casing from that one

At the hot springs

My kiddos and I at the springs

Then after three days of sunshine at the cabin, the morning we packed up to leave it started snowing. So we bundled the boys up and let them play for a bit.

Little twit- through a snowball at me right after I snapped this picture

Sunday we drove back and had a family dinner that night.
Monday we went into town for the much needed JoAnn's and Taco Time run.
Tuesday we mostly did laundry and then we had family pictures taken. BTW- my kids were total terrors- Tanner flat out cried almost the entire time. So ridiculous. After pictures my inlaws threw a surprise party for my birthday. Everyone pitched in and helped make dinner- it was SO delicious! I opened presents and then we all indulged in a very decadent 4-layer chocolate cake. WOW!
This is the only decent picture I got to the 3 newest babies.

From left to right: Bailey (7 months) Conner (6 1/2 months) Maureen (6 months)
Here is one of all three toddler boys- smooshed onto the rocking horse.

Tanner was relieved to have it all to himself later

Then we had to say our goodbyes. We woke up at 5 am the next morning and packed up our bags. By 5:00 pm we had landed in Branson after another uneventful day of traveling.
I can't believe how quickly the trip flew by. We had so much fun but next time we will have to stay longer. We are already missing our Oregon family!