Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thornock Visit Part 4- Boating and Goodbyes

Today we had to say goodbye to the Thornocks but before they left, we spent the morning at the lake. 
We were able to reschedule our boat reservation from Friday and go out this morning instead. 
It was a very overcast and cloudy morning. We were a little worried that it was going to be too cold, but the sun came out and burned the clouds off. We had a great time. 
Look at these happy little boaters!
First up, Tanner and Bree. Tanner and Bree couldn't go fast enough. These two were two peas in a pod all week. It was so cute. They have so much in common- they were cracking us up. 

Then Bailey and Aspen tubed together. They loved it and were grinning so big the entire time.

All the kids alternated taking turns and they had so much fun. 
During Ollie and Tanner's turn we discovered that the boat couldn't get fast enough and the tube would submerge sometimes. The kids learned to let go and we would swing back around and get them. We called the Marina and they sent out the mechanic. He basically said they couldn't fix it and he offered to give us half off our boat rental or we could bring the boat back for a full refund. We decided we would just take it easy and keep the boat for half off. The kids were light enough on their own that it wasn't an issue. We just couldn't have adults and kids on there together. 

I love these little tubers. They were so brave on the water and had the best time together!
We stopped for lunch and to let the kids swim around in the lake. Tuck loved playing on the tube with me. He didn't want to ride the tube, but he liked to sit on it with me. 
Christie and I realized when we took off our cover-ups that we were wearing matching swimsuits.
We really are besties! Also, this is the only picture we managed to get together. So ridiculous. I took over 3000 pictures during their visit and only this one of the two of us.
Benson loved the boat. Well he loved it as long as the boat was moving. He slept the entire time as long as the boat was moving. It was so funny. I was so worried he would scream the whole time, but he didn't. He did great. 
And these kids had the best time!
Christie held Benson the entire time for me. It was so nice. I was able to take pictures and take care of kids since my hands were empty. And she loved all the snuggles. I did get to steal Benson briefly for a few snuggles though.
This is how Benson was for the majority of our boat time. His little life jacket squeezed his fat cheeks but he was out cold and didn't seem to mind. It was kind of hysterical though. 
And this cute boat captain. He's just the best! I love that he took off work during the Thornock's entire visit, so we could all hang out. It was so fun to have him home and get to hang out with him. 

After getting back to the boat dock and returning the boat, we had to say goodbye to our dear friends. They had a 6 hour drive ahead of them and needed to hit the road. We had the best time and it was sad to see them leave. But it was a great visit and we made lots of amazing memories. 
Come back soon Thornocks!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thornock Visit Part 3: Happy Fourth of July!

Part 3: Happy 4th of July! When celebrating the fourth with your best friend expect day long fireworks, patriotic meals and lots of fun. 
To start of the day we had flag waffles. The kids loved these and all ate so well. 
After breakfast we did daytime fireworks. 

Tucker loved the mini flags and he carried it around everywhere with him.
He kills me. Love him so much. 
How cute are these girls in their matching dresses? 
And the boys had coordinating shirts. I just love all these kids. 
We also snagged our annual fourth of July family picture. 
And here are my patriotic babes. 
We did fourth of July tattoos too. The kids loved these. 
Then we ate lunch and took naps. I knew it would be a late night so we wanted the kids to be rested and ready for the rest of the fun.
After naps it was off to the pool. 

How cute are these little swimmers. I left Benson home with Chris and it was so much easier to watch the rest of the kids this way. 
After the pool we went home and prepared dinner. 
This was our food setup. 
We had bacon wrapped shredded pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, baked beans 
and cherry pie- for dessert. 

While the kids were napping, Tanner and I made these cute mini pies for the kids. 

We ate dinner outside and watched the neighborhood fireworks. 

How cute is this little firecracker? I love him so!

And this cute Daddy. He's my favorite person. 
Snuggles with Benson in our matching red, white and blue. 
Group shot of our patriotic people
The kids had so much fun doing fireworks. We did pop-it's, bee's, tanks, snakes- all the classics. 
Then as it got dark we busted out the good stuff. we did sparklers, roman candles, and lots of mortars. 
The dads probably had more fun than the kids though. 

It started sprinkling during our fireworks so we moved everyone inside the garage as best we could. (Ignore my crazy/full/disorganized garage!)
We ran inside when the rain came down a little harder and took a break with some glow in the dark marbled balloons. The kids loved these. We had a dance party too!
Then it was back outside for more fireworks.
It was so fun because we could watch our fireworks and in between ours, we could see tons of fireworks going off all around the neighborhood. It was awesome. 
We had such a great fourth of July.
It was a blast and the kids loved all the fireworks. Most fireworks are illegal in Texas so the Thornocks had a blast shooting off fireworks and watching all the neighbor's.
I hope everyone  had a great 4th of July and stayed safe!