Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nanny and Papa visit and more

Last Friday, Nanny and Papa came over for a quick visit. They came for Tanner's first primary program. We had a great visit.
Here is a picture of my kiddos with their Nanny and Papa. They were so happy to see them! 
We spent Saturday showing them around the area and then we went to the pumpkin patch.
Here is a small college of pumpkin patch fun.
They were also here to help with family pictures, so that was nice.
At the end of our pictures, we drove down to the lake and found some awesome scenery.
However, the ducks were a little too distracting for pictures.
We decided to come back the next night and let the kids feed the ducks for FHE.
Isn't it gorgeous?

The kids loved feeding the ducks. Bailey was giggling so hard.

unfortunately, our fun quickly turned into tears when Bailey fell off the rocks she was playing on. Poor girl, she got all banged up.
Tanner still had a great time though.
Then on Tuesday we had a family movie night. We finally got to watch "Monsters University" and we made a big deal out of it.
While the kids were sleeping I made Monsters cupcakes. They were beyond excited when they saw them. So we had an awesome Monsters night.
Here are the kids with their "Mike Wazowski" and "Sulli" cupcakes.
Love these kids and love surprising them with fun things like this.
Even Dad liked our monster cupcakes

Doesn't this little face, covered in green, make all the hard work worth it? Love her!
It was a fun night. Next up- Halloween. I can't believe October is almost over. Crazy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Fun in Mountain Home

We drove over to Mtn. Home on Saturday. Chris had to do his drill early because he couldn't miss work on drill weekend. Anyways, we got to Mtn. Home on Saturday evening and stayed until Wednesday afternoon.
We got in just in time for the "Trunk or Treat " at Cooper Park Saturday night.
We got our little pirates dressed and headed out to the Halloween festival.
We rode the train. Tanner thought he was so big, riding in his own car.
Then we got in line for the hayride. How cute are these boys?

Family pic on the hayride. We are so glad Nanny and Papa came with us to the festival.
After the hayride, we warmed up by the fire while we roasted marshmallows.
When we got home, the kids warmed up in Nanny and Papa's big tub.
On Sunday we went to church and visited with friends. That night we had a big family dinner and then we carved pumpkins. It was pretty funny- 4 kids ages 4 and under- its always interesting.
My kids loved it. Bailey especially loved digging in. Here she is, up to her elbows, getting pumpkin goop.
Tanner scooping goop
Bailey decided she need to try some the pumpkin meat.

Family picture with our finished product.
Our goofy face pumpkin and Uncle Joseph's scary face pumpkin
 On Monday we stayed in and played at Nanny and Papa's. They had yoga Monday night so our big fun things was a bubble bath in Nanny's big tub.
The kids LOVED this!
Their little faces were covered in bubbles and they were so happy

Tuesday we met some friends for lunch at pizza hut. The kids had so much fun seeing their little friend Orion. Here they are playing in the arcade after lunch.
Then Tuesday night we had a popcorn ball/movie night.
We used my Grandpa Bill's popcorn ball recipe.
The kids loved making their own balls and they ate a lot of them.

Here they are snuggling Papa and sharing their popcorn balls.
Picture with Nanny and Papa before we started our Halloween movie.
Family popcorn ball picture.
Snuggling together while we watch "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad". Our very age appropriate Halloween movie.
On Wednesday, the kids and I went to story time at the library. Chris finished his drill early. We grabbed some lunch, said our goodbyes and headed home while we drove during nap time.
It was a great, busy visit. I think we wore my parents out but it was very fun.