Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Drakes

 We arrived in Mtn. Home on Tuesday evening. All of my siblings had already arrived and I was anxious to get there and hang out together. It was our first Thanksgiving in 13 years that we were all together. Crazy! 
Uncle David immediately took the kids upstairs to show them his new game. (This is why my kids adore their Uncle David). He had been collecting figurines so they could play together on his Disney infinity game. 
Tanner loved getting to play with his Uncle and he just flat out loves his Uncle. 
Tanner never wanted to stop playing. When it was time to go to bed, he went to sleep after we promised we would let him play again in the morning. Goofball. 

The next day we just hung out at Nanny and Papa's. We worked on some Thanksgiving prep and the kids played together. In the afternoon, Uncle David and Nanny took my older two to see "Big Hero 6" with Clark and Danny. 
Can you tell how excited they are?
It was so weird to only have one child. This little guy just enjoyed some one-on-one time and chilled in the living room while we visited. 
Cousin Max practiced being "soft" with Tucker. 

Wednesday night we put the kids to bed and Aunt Laura babysat while we went to see "Mocking Jay part 1". It was awesome and it was nice to go out without kids. 
We had to go to the late show because we couldn't get kids down in time for the 7:15 show. So we got home late, just in time to celebrate Papa's birthday at 12 am. We celebrated with some "birthday pie". I think he enjoyed having his kids home together for his birthday. 

On Thanksgiving morning we woke up to a beautiful crisp day. 

Tanner helped me make the dough for the rolls and we let it rise while we ate breakfast and then got dressed for our first ever "Turkey Bowl". Uncle Johnny organized the whole thing and it was so fun. Playing any sports with toddlers is entertaining, but this was super fun. 
Here is a picture of the whole crew before our game. 
We had two teams, one had yellow flags and one had blue. Tanner designated himself "team captain" and went to work calling the plays. I was seriously cracking up. 

Bailey mainly just ran around when we gave her the football, she didn't know which end of the "field" to run to. But she felt very important holding the football. 
Right up until Tanner took her first flag. That broke her heart. 
It was so funny. Tanner was just trying to win so he didn't care if we wanted Bailey to have one successful run down the field. If she had the ball, he went after her.
I adore this picture. Tanner may have more athletic ability in his at age 5 then I've ever had, ever.
He also a big trash-talker. At one point he told Uncle Joseph he was going to take him to the dumpster. Lol. 
"good game" high-five with the other team. 
I also love this short sequence. Uncle David and Tanner were on the same team and to say Uncle David had Tanner's back would be an understatement. Check out this tackle. 
I think it even took Tanner by surprise, but he followed Uncle David's directions and ran it in for a touchdown. 
A team huddle. Bailey is listening carefully to Uncle Johnny. 
The "snap"
and Bailey proceeded to run between my legs to get the ball...
And she's off, running for the end zone. 
Tanner was determined to win. Here he is telling his team what play they will run next. I love this kid!
Here is a action shot of Tucker and Dad going after Tanner...
Tucker played briefly with Dad and then cheered for the sidelines. 

We had so much fun with our first ever "turkey bowl" and hopefully it will become a Thanksgiving tradition. 
After the football game it was time to get cleaned up and ready for the feast. 

Here are my sweethearts in their Thanksgiving outfits. 
Funny story. About a month before Thanksgiving, I participated in a very large consignment sale. I sold all of Bailey's old clothes. While I was sorting her clothes from last fall, she found her old Thanksgiving dress and wanted to wear it. I explained that it didn't fit her anymore. She was sad and really wanted to a "turkey dress" so I hopped on eBay and ordered her a cheap but cute little dress. 
Fast forward to a couple days before thanksgiving. Bailey's dress finally arrived. She tried it on and loved it. I then pulled out the little outfit I'd found at the consignment sale for Tucker. It was his first thanksgiving so I found cute little outfit for him.
I'm showing them to Chris, when Tanner walks in and says "Where is my Turkey shirt?". I was a little surprised because he doesn't usually care what he wears. But then he said "Bailey has a dress and Tucker has a turkey outfit. Where is my shirt?" 
I felt so guilty that I ran to walmart that night and picked up some supplies to make him a shirt. 
The next day I threw together his felt turkey shirt and then we left for Mtn. Home. 
It wasn't the cutest creation, but Tanner adored it. I was cracking up. 

We actually put our kids down for naps and ate during their nap time. That way Chris and I got to enjoy our food while it was hot and when they kids woke up, they were hungry enough to eat. It worked out great. 
I made these cute little Turkey Oreo balls for place settings. I'm pretty much in love with those delicious little turkeys. 
Bailey really enjoyed the Oreo turkeys

After dinner we read the Thanksgiving books I brought and the kids wore their festive hats. Tanner told us all about the first Thanksgiving, including the dead fish the pilgrims used to crow corn and Squanto. I was impressed. 
Naked pilgrims are the best!
Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and we enjoyed visiting with each other and just being together.
We did snag a picture of all the grand kids in the matching sleepers that Nanny and Papa got them. 

How funny is this? All the cousins in order of age. I just love it. 

Then we gave Papa his presents and sang "Happy birthday" to him. Then we ate more pie. 
What a fun filled day. 

Friday morning we went to the ASU campus and took some family pictures. 
It wasn't easy, but we got a good one of the whole family.
Of course, Sarah and Johnny are having a baby girl in May so this picture will be outdated soon. 
These kids were a good sport. It was cold and they were still smiling. 

Friday afternoon we watched the Razorback game and hung out some more. 
Check out these thugs. How cute are they. Don't worry, Tucker is almost as big as his cousin...
Tucker enjoyed some one on one time with his Aunts and Uncles. He was very happy to be getting so much attention. 

Then we put the kids to bed and we played "American Citizenship Quiz bowl".
My sister-in-law, Julieta, is studying to take her citizenship test. So we thought we would play a game and see how much more she knew about our country than we did. It was so funny. 
It made me realize how little information I retained from 6th-grade civics.  
But it was fun and Julieta got a good laugh. 

Yesterday, the Utah siblings loaded up to drive home. We also packed up and headed home Saturday too. We had a great visit and it flew by way too fast. 
Our family just keeps on growing and I'm so grateful it does. The cousins have so much fun together and its fun to watch my siblings become parents again and again. Family is the best. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sarah and Max come to Visit

Last Wednesday my sister Sarah and my nephew Max flew in from Utah. She's pregnant and feeling horrible so she flew in for some help and we are happy to have her.
Tanner and Bailey are thrilled to see little Max. We mostly just hang out at home and play together. Sarah is getting to nap and rest a lot and we are getting quality time with little Maxers.
On Friday night we all went to "Jump Zone". It's an inflatable bounce house and it was a big hit. 
Little Max had a great time bouncing and climbing. 
Bailey and Tanner always enjoy "Jump Zone" and this time was no exception. 
Tucker spent most of his time in his stroller and he was totally okay with that. In typical Tucker fashion, he was content just watching the fun around him. 
Tanner was fearless this time. He did all the inflatables and he wanted me to do them with him too. Luckily, they allow parents to play so we had a great time together. 
Check out the newest inflatable! Tanner loved it!
Bailey really loved the toddler inflatable. She's not a huge fan of the really tall bounce houses where you have to climb a lot. 
Max spent some time pushing Tucker around too. 

Tanner loved when I would slide with him. It was super fun. We also did the hurricane simulator together and Tanner loved that. He's always wanted to do it and so he was so thrilled. 
The weekend was spent just relaxing and hanging out. 
Max and Tucker were little bottle buddies. They are 9 months apart. They will be best friends when they grow up. 
Oh and Tanner was Max's guardian. He was always watching out for him and giving him hugs. They were so cute together. 
We just really enjoyed having Aunt Sarah and Max at our house. They left for Mtn. Home on Monday and we miss them already.  Although we will see them again in about a week for Thanksgiving. We loved getting to spend time with them and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving in Mtn. Home with all my siblings and family. It's going to be great.