Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pool Time

Its literally been about 105 degrees here lately and so we decided to head to city pool. Tanner LOVES the pool so he was super excited! We met Uncle Joseph, Clark, Jon, Julie and Maddie there and had such a good time.
Bailey loved the pool. She loved walking all around the edge of the pool and splashing. But she mostly just loved seeing Julie (yes she's completely obsessed with Julie)

Tanner had a blast playing with all the pool toys we brought, chilling in Clark's floaty and practicing his swimming skills. He's really quiet the fish.

Tanner swimming. He'd stick his head under and everything! I'm totally impressed!

It was a great way to cool off and we'll be going back soon if this insane weather holds up.
Oh and coming up soon, 30 minutes of play for 30 days. Well in this case its more like 45 days. I started halfway into July and we'll finish at the end of August. But I'll be linking our activities with the tutorials and lots of pics. So look forward to that!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Since Chris doesn't always get to have weekends off work these days, we've been doing our best to enjoy every minute we have together when he is home.
One of our favorite things to do is play in our backyard together. We swim in the toddler pool, do the hopscotch sprinkler and play with bubbles. But our newest favorite is water balloons. Tanner LOVES them so much. Granted- he hardly ever hits anything besides the grass right in front of you, but he has such a good time doing it. We'll go through 40 or so balloons in a matter of minutes. It cracks me up to watch him. Bailey laughs so hard watching her brother running around. We probably played outside together for about 3 hours before it was time for naps.
Here's Chris and Tanner filling up the water balloons

As soon as Chris ties the balloon off, Tanner picks it up and throws it

Bailey watching her brother play

Caterpillar sprinkler

We followed this tutorial to make awesome Giant Bubbles

Tanner with his little bubble wand

Bailey with her sponge bombs

playing in the pool

After getting the kids dried off we ate ice cream cones on the back porch.

Then Chris and I were able to relax and watch a movie while the kids napped. Then it was Sonic for Dinner and milkshakes for dessert. I love days like that, when you spend all day together having fun and everyone is happy and well behaved. We had such a blast with each other. Love it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

4th of July Fun

We enjoyed a nice low key 4th of July celebration this year. We got together with Nanny, Papa, Uncle David, Aunt Laura and Uncle Joseph and his family. We grilled some steaks and had an awesome lunch together. Both Chris and Uncle Joseph had to work later that day so we did our celebrating early.

After lunch we made our way outside for some slip-n-slide fun. We did this last year too, but this year was alot more fun. Tanner was older and able to run and slide on his own and Bailey was even able to enjoy herself.
Tanner doing the slip-n-slide all by himself

My family is simply awesome

What a superstar

Ignore my super white legs- this picture was too funny not to post. My brother and sister pushing Bailey and I on the slip-n-slide. Oh and my Dad chillin in the toddler pool. Haha

Bailey loved it

My sweet kiddos and I

After the slip-n-slide we took our kiddos home for their naps. Chris had to go to work that afternoon, so we didn't get to do much with him that evening. Around 8 pm the kids and I went back to my parent's house to do some small fireworks. Because of the lack of rain and the "burn ban" we could only do fireworks on the driveway. No worries though because Tanner still had a blast.
Here are a few of the kids in the patriotic outfits

Bailey is my little firecracker

We did lots of sparklers and poppers. It was so fun. I can't believe how old my little boy is getting. He looks less and less like a toddler every day and more like a little boy.
Tanner loving life with the "poppers"

Tanner and I doing sparklers together

And I got Bailey a glowstick flag instead of a sparkler

Even though Chris couldn't party with us, we had a great time doing fireworks and a great Fourth of July.
I'm so grateful we live in this blessed country and get to enjoy so many freedoms. I hope everyone had a safe and fun fourth!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drake Family Reunion

Over the last weekend in June, ALL my dad's family came in (minus a couple nephews who are currently serving in the military). It was so fun to see everyone and get to spend the week together. It was insane because there was somewhere around 55 of us, but so fun. Tanner loved all the little kids. I think there were around 15 great-grandkids, so you can imagine how hectic it was at times.
However, despite everything we had going on, it was a complete success!
Most everyone came in on Monday and Tuesday,so on Wednesday we headed over to Blanchard springs for our traditional cave tour and lunch at the river.
As usual, it was a blast. I'm so so so so grateful that my sisters were home, because I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it without them.
Love these girls

Between the three of us, we were able to keep my crazy kids happy and quiet for the entire cave tour.
Angela and I trying to keep the crazy boys under control

Then we went down to the spring and had lunch at the river.
kiddos after the cave tour

Tanner and I by the spring...yes he loves me

Tanner was a big fan of his buddy Noah.

Bailey loves the sand

Aunt "Rah" and Tanner having a squirt gun fight

Tanner splashing around

The men went fishing bright and early Thursday morning. Chris, who was working overnight shifts that week, was able to go fishing with the guys, and he had a great time. He brought home lots of fish, and we are still trying to eat them all. While the guys were fishing, the women packed up the kiddos and headed to the lake.
The mommas and kiddos at the lake

Me and my girl. Tanner was way to crazy and busy to stand still for a picture...

It was so fun to just chill in the water and watch the kids play. Tanner had so much fun! Bailey did too actually. She loved sitting on the beach and playing in the sand.
After the kids were thoroughly exhuasted, I packed them back up, fed them their lunches I'd packed and drove home for nap time.
While the kids were asleep I packed our bags so we could go out to "Gastons"
Our family had rented to big "River Villas" for the weekend and each family had their own room, with a large shared kitchen and common area.
That night the kids and I slept at Gastons (Chris was working) and the next morning we woke up BRIGHT and EARLY for our lake day. We threw on our suits, packed the coolers and drove to the boat docks. We rented 5 boats (2 pontoons and 3 ski boats) and took off on the water for the day.
the kids waiting to get on a boat

Just cruisin' on the lake

Again, the kids were in heaven. Even Bailey loved the boat ride. Of course, two seconds after we left the dock she passed out on my lap.

We transferred onto a pontoon boat and threw out the anchor. The ski boats were busy taking kids skiing and tubing.
Bailey and I swimming

I took Tanner tubing. He wasn't a huge fan this year. He mostly wanted to play on the boat and push buttons with Noah. He played for a bit in the water but he loved being on the boat.
Tanner and I on the tube

Bailey spent alot of time on her Nanny's lap. (She's so spoiled!)
When it was time for my kids to take naps again, we hopped on a ski boat and let the rocking boat do the work. They were out in no time.
When Bailey woke up I took her tubing too. She didn't cry, but she didn't seem real impressed either. At one point she almost fell asleep. Goofy girl.

After riding around in the boat a bit longer we headed back to the dock. We'd been on the lake for about 5 hours at that point and my kids were beat.
They dropped us off at the boat dock and we drove back to the lodge/villa. After the kids finished their naps, we ate dinner and got ready for family pictures.
I loved how our family pictures turned out.

Can't get enought of these awesome aunts! My kids are so lucky!

The next day was Saturday and we were scheduled for a canoe trip. So I got Tanner ready, packed our bags and got Bailey settled with Nanny. Chris was still working and there was NO way I was going to take both kids alone. Nanny graciuosly offered to keep Bailey and so Tanner and I took off with the rest of the crew for his first canoe trip.
Tanner and I before we got in our canoe

I was SO nervous. I thought for sure Tanner would try to jump out of our canoe at the first given chance. To my surprise, Tanner did great. He sat either on my seat with me or crouched in the front of the canoe the whole time. HE LOVED IT!
I'm so glad I decided to take him. He was such a good boy and loved seeing all the fish and turtles.

Love this boy

We did a really short float and we were home by 2:30 or so. Which was perfect because all the little kids were exhausted by the end of it.
That night was the firework show at ASU campus, but my kids were so tired, they were in bed before they even started.
Sunday we packed up and said our "good-byes". We had to be at church at 10 am so it was a busy morning.
The reunion was a blast, it flew by way to fast! My kids were actually really good and it was so fun to see everyone. Couldn't have asked for things to have gone any better. LOVE MY FAMILY!