Friday, February 22, 2013

Herb Family Bowling League

After trying to go bowling twice at "Driftwood Lanes" in Mtn Home, we finally gave up on that stupid place and went over to Bull Shoals to go bowling.
The kids loved it and we all had a blast.
Bailey loved crawling on the wood floor and slipping every two seconds.
Bailey thinks she's so big holding her own bowling ball
Bailey was pretty much as good as her parents. Chris and I were painfully pathetic.

My little man ready to bowl.
I love this picture of Tanner waiting for his ball to come back.

Granny bowler!
Our pathetic scores. As you can see, Tanner wasn't that much worse than his parents.

We had alot of fun and we look forward to going back soon. The kids can't wait, but mostly because they really want to play the arcade games. haha. Either way, it was fun to have some family time together!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun and Pics

To start with, here are the kids' valentine's day pics. I had so much fun taking these. I know they look ridiculous, but I can't help myself. Seriously- I can't resist these kids.


Oh and this is Bailey's "Please no more pictures" face. Priceless!
 Valentine's day was pretty low key this year. It was our year to stay in and that made planning it alot easier. Chris was actually off work and so I was able to spoil him all day long. However, he spoiled me too. I woke up to a beautiful pot of tullips and chocolates.
Here are Tanner's valentines. He LOVED them because they were star wars. Pretty cute.
Here are Bailey's valentine's this year. I love how the turned out.

My little sweethearts

For breakfast we had strawberry cream cheese crepes. So yummy! Even the kids enjoyed it.
 Then later we had preschool and our little preschool valentine's day party.
After preschool was over, we loaded up with Daddy and delivered valentines to Tanner's little girlfriends and a couple of Bailey's friends.

Then we ate a delicious lunch at "TaDa's Cafe". The kids were holy terrors but the food was good.
After lunch we went to visit Nanny and Papa and delivered their valentines. Then it was home for naps.

After naps we played outside and gave the kids their little valentine's day gifts. Tanner got a frisbee and Bailey got a little dolly. (She's super into dolls right now.)

Then we made Daddy a nice big steak dinner. It was delicious and we had salad, 4 cheese pasta and garlic bread. Then it was time for cake. I made a red velvet cheesecake poke cake.
Baths were without a doubt necessary after that and then the kids went to bed. Chris and I finished the night with a movie and it was a great valentine's day. Laid back and easy. And tons cheaper than going out. Hope everyone had a great valentine's day!