Sunday, October 30, 2016

Colonial Willimasburg

Yesterday we spent the day at Colonial Williamsburg. We had a great time exploring the 18th century city. The kids even dressed the part. They looked totally adorable!
Wouldn't you agree?
Tanner loved following the map around the city.
We walked around the city and passed different pubs, the bricklayer and carpenter. Then we explored the armory. This was a favorite for the boys. They enjoyed all the guns and the stories about the start of the revolutionary war in Williamsburg. 

We even listened to the armory guard play his flute for a little while. 
The kids were briefly thrown into the stocks. Tucker desperately wanted to be imprisoned with the big kids. Lol. 
He even tried the ankle cage. He really wanted to be a prisoner. 
Then we ate a delicious lunch at a local pub. The food was totally amazing. Chris and I split a "beef trencher" and it was literally the best beef sandwich I've ever had. The food was amazing!

Then halfway through our meal, we were serenaded by this sweet girl and her violin. 
The kids loved it!
Aren't these old taverns and pubs cool? This was the restaurant where we ate lunch. 
After lunch we played a quick game of quoits. The kids were watching these two men play when they were invited to join them. So we learned the basic rules and it was very similar to horseshoes. It was pretty fun!

Then we went over to the jewelry and gold store and toured the house. It was cool to learn about how they weighed the gold and we learned about the family who lived in the house attached to the shop. 
It was neat to tour the house because they had the old fashioned toys for the kids to play with. They had so much fun. There were tops, jacks, wooden push toys and other things. I think the kids could have stayed here all day. So cool. 

Our last stop on the tour was the Governor's mansion. We learned all about Governor Dunmore and his family. The Mansion was made to reflect the wealth of England and it was a gorgeous house. 

Bailey dancing in the ballroom

After touring the mansion we explored the gardens and the maze. The kids loved running around and getting lost. 

It was the perfect ending to our day in Williamsburg. The kids had a great time. They got some many comments on their clothes. People we bowing to them and saying "Good day fine gentleman" Or "How do you do gentle lady?" and the kids were eating it up. By the end of the day even Tanner was talking like the people of Williamsburg. It was so funny. So many memories. It was a great way to spend our last weekend in Virginia. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Fun in the Fall

For FHE on Monday we went to a pumpkin patch near richmond. Well we actually went directly after school. We picked up the kids and surprised them in an impromptu visit to Richmond to play. So we played on the playground, got a little lost in the corn maze and then took a hayride over to the pumpkin patch. 
These kids sure love their Dad. And I can't blame them, he's kind of awesome. 

Searching for the perfect pumpkin. 
My three crazy kids.
Tanner found the perfect pumpkin, he just couldn't pick it up. 

Then tonight, we carved our pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. 
The kids picked the design and did a lot of the work.
Of course, Dad was there to help when they needed it. 

Tanner was really good at scooping out the "pumpkin guts". 
Bailey helped a little bit, but she didn't like the feel of it and soon left the gross work to her two willing brothers. 
Tucker thought pumpkin carving was pretty cool. 
Then Dad and Tanner did the finishing touches and it turned out pretty great. Of course, we will only be displaying this on our tiny kitchen table, but the kids are excited. Halloween is less than a week away and that is crazy because we leave the Friday after Halloween. I can't believe it!