Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And We are Home Owners

Crazy! We bought a house! We just closed last Friday and we couldn't be more excited. We've spent every night, excluding sunday, cleaning, painting, and pulling up carpet. We hope to move in on Thursday. Can't believe its ours. Its a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Gassville. And I feel like such a grown up picking out paint colors and carpet. More pics to come after we get it all set up and decorated.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baxter County Fair

Last week the county fair was in town.
On Wednesday I took the kids to the fair parade. It was too windy for Bailey, so she stayed in the car with Nanny. It actually got cool last week so Tanner and I wore sweatshirts to the parade. Tanner was enthralled with the parade this year. He clapped for the different floats and danced when the bands marched past. He loved picking up the candy that was thrown. It was so fun to watch him enjoying himself.
Tanner's drumstick suckers

Tanner's candy loot

The kids and I after the parade- Bailey looks so happy huh?

The next day Chris and I took Tanner to the fair. Nanny watched Bailey again since she is a little young. Although, not much more than the fair food appeals to me, I knew Tanner would LOVE it. He didn't disappoint either. He was all smiles while we were there and he was exhausted by the time we left. We rode the toddler roller coaster, the fun slide and the carousel. We actually did the fun slide about 3 times because Tanner loved it so much. Last year he was only big enough for the carousel and dizzy dragons- this year he could do a few more rides.
Before we rode rides though, we went to the animal exhibits and got dinner. I love me some Kiwanis burger! SOO DELICIOUS! Before we left we grabbed some more yummy fair food. Tanner was a big fan of the cotton candy and caramel apples.
So excited to leave for the fair

takin' it all in- we pulled up and the first thing Tanner said was "Whoa"

Checkin' out the livestock


Fair Food

All tuckered out

I'd say the fair was a huge hit this year and we look forward to taking both kids next year!
Aren't these two kids the sweetest?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Better late than never right- I'm finally getting around to blogging about our labor day weekend...
Even though it was pretty low key around here- it was oh so nice.
Saturday was spend relaxing and getting caught up on a few things around the house-- like buying groceries...(eating is overrated right?) Saturday night we went to Nanny and Papa's house to hang out with the family. Tanner had a blast driving the remote control car around outside for almost an hour. Sunday was the typical church, naps, Sunday dinner with the family. Then Monday Chris woke up and went shooting with some friends, then we packed up the car and drove to Blanchard Springs with my family. We ate our picnic lunch and played for a bit.
Tanner and Papa climbing the tree

Then we drove to the beach and let the kids play in the sand and swim.
The sand toys were a big hit.

We also enjoyed burying Clark in the sand- he hardly noticed.

until he wanted to move- then he just busted out...love this money shot

Tanner swimming with his wings

Papa and Tanner practicing his swimming

Nanny and Tanner snuggling after his swim

One cool dude

Mom and Tanner

Bailey spent most of the time in her car seat asleep. Someday she might actually get to swim...if she can stay awake for it. I don't know if its the sound of the water or the heat, but she just can't stay awake at the lake.
Bailey getting a diaper change in the car.

Bailey and I after we got home from the lake

That night we bar-b-qued and hung out for a bit. We tried to take a family pic- Tanner didn't want to cooperate- this is what we ended up with...

It was a relaxing weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed having my hubby home. I miss him during the day and its nice to have the kid-to-parent-ratio even.
Here are a few other pics from the past few weeks- life is flying by and Bailey is growing up so fast. She has gotten really big all of the sudden. She was 6 weeks old yesterday- CRAZY!
Tanner loves his sister

Smiling in her sleep- dont mind her one creepy half-way open eye

silly face

Seriously- he can't get enough of "baby"

Whatever bailey does, Tanner has to do too--

chunkin' out

Bailey -yesterday at 6 weeks..

Tonight we are headed to the Fair with Tanner, while Nanny watches Bailey. We're pretty excited. Tanner has asked to "go go" about a billion times today. I'll post about the fair soon!