Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer fun in the month of June

We kicked off the month of June with National Donut Day at "Krispy Kreme". The kids loved getting to pick out their own donuts and I loved that they were free. We are big donut fans over here!

Benson was a huge fan of his donut. He sat happily chewing on his donut the entire time. 

We had an unusually cool morning early this month and decided we had to take advantage of the weather and play at the park. 

We got to meet our Fuhriman friends at the blueberry farm so we could pick our fill of blueberries. The kids loved it and did really well. Tucker was particularly picky about his berries and only picked the best ones.  

I think one of my favorite activities we have done was to decorate library bags. It was so cute to see the kids little personalities come out in their pictures and decorations. 
After one of our library visits, we stopped by the Wal-Mart cafe for ice cream cones. It was so fun to surprise the kids with a little surprise. They loved their ice cram. That little shop is so yummy. 

After our ice cream cones, we walked over to the fountain on the square and tossed in our pennies and made our wishes. I just love my summer days with these babes. 
We also have spent many days playing at the pool. The kids love the pool so much and Benson is getting better at playing longer, so we are able to stay for a while and really enjoy our time. 
this boy loves his sunglasses. Every time I put them on his face, he just starts grinning. 

We love inviting friends to come too. 

Benson thoroughly enjoyed his Popsicle and was totally covered in cherry flavoring after wards. 
I bought an underwater case for my phone so now we can take fun underwater pictures. Isn't this one of Bailey so fun? I love her goggles. They crack me up. 

I sure love my water babies. 
We also attempted to go to one of the $2 movies at the Malco theater. We saw they were playing "Chronicles of Narnia" and so before seeing it, we read the book. However, we got there and it was actually the 3rd movie. Benson started acting up and since we didn't know what was happening in the third movie, we decided to go home and watch the first movie from the comfort of Mom's bed. The kids always love snuggling in my bed. It was fun. 
Another day, after the library, we got snow cones. The kids were excited to eat their snow cones and read their new books. We have really been enjoying the library this summer. 
How cute is this girl?
One day we got to meet Dad at Sam's club for lunch and a little shopping. It was fun. Benson loves his Dad and always wants to be with him. 
And then right before we left for Colorado, for Uncle David's wedding, Tanner got to attend "Twilight Cub Scout Camp". He had so much fun. It was so cute to hear all his stories each night after camp. He loved it. He went each night from 5-9pm. I just love my little cub scout.
On the last day of camp, we left for Colorado. Now we get to go to Uncle David's wedding. We are all very excited. Stay tuned for that fun!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Centerton Fishing Derby

Yesterday was the Centerton Fishing Derby. The big kids had so much fun with Daddy.
Benson was up with a fever all night, so I had to keep him home. But Dad saved the day and took the three older kids and they had the best time.
I don't know why my kids aren't more grossed out by fish. They love them so much. 
Seriously, this picture. I'm dying. 
The kids caught 7 fish and they were so huge. Look at the size of these fish!
I love this family of mine. I'm sad I couldn't be there, but Aunt Sarah and her family went to the derby too and she took pictures for me. It was almost as good as being there. 

Tonight Chris fried up 3 of the fish and we ate them for dinner. However, they were so huge that we only were able to eat half of that. The fillets were huge. 
The kids had so much fun. It's always fun for them to go to the derby because they always catch fish at the derby. Otherwise, we would never catch fish in our local ponds.
I'm so grateful Dad took the big kids. He's just the best!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lake Day in MH

Daddy had drill in Mountain Home this weekend, so we all went over to hang out with Nanny and Papa and the rest of the cousins came too. While Daddy was gone to drill, the rest of us spent the day at the lake. It was great weather and although the lakes are flooded and the water was a bit murky, we had a great time playing. The kids swam and swam and loved it.
It's so nostalgic for me to go swim at the lake, I spent many summer nights as a child swimming at these lakes and it so fun to see my kids enjoying the same activity. 

Benson really loved the warmer lake water. Our pool is still pretty chilly, so I haven't been able to get him in his floatie at the pool, but he happily played in the lake for a long time. 

I can't get enough of this kid. He's so squishy!
Beach bumming while getting some nourishment. The best part of the lake is the food. We use to always bring all the best snacks for our lake days as kids. The same holds true today. 
How cute are Nanny and Bens?
Tucker is my little buddy. He almost never leaves my side. He loves to snuggle and he loves to play. I love it. I'm glad Aunt Julieta caught this moment between Tuck and I. 
Bailey loved jumping off everyone's shoulders and hanging on everyone's backs. She's such a snuggler. 

As for Tanner, he loved just swimming around and playing with his cousins. It so fun to see the cousins playing together. 

We had a great day at the lake. That night we watched a movie on the projector in the basement while a thunderstorm raged outside. It was so fun.
Then Sunday we went to church with Nanny and Papa and we drove back during nap time. It was a great weekend and we had so much fun with all the cousins and Nanny & Papa.