Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Donut You Know How Much I Love You?"- Valentine's Party

 Each year I have thrown a Valentine's Day party for all our friends. This is my 5th Valentine's day in NWA and for the first time I didn't do a V-day party for all our friends. This year I just couldn't navigate everyone else schedules and I couldn't make it work for everyone. So I decided to just host a cousin's valentine's day party. This was so much easier for me to handle and so much less drama and work.
We invited Aunt Sarah and her family, Uncle Joseph and his family, Aaron and Stephanie and their family and Nanny and Papa. As an added bonus, my Aunt Jan and Uncle Don were visiting and were also able to come. Unfortunately, Max and Hazel got sick this morning and they couldn't come.
We were so sad to miss them!

But we had a great Donut party.
The theme was "DONUT you know how much I love you?"
Dad helped me make a donut board and we covered it in donuts.
I'm kind of obsessed with it. 
How great is this board covered in delicious baked goods?

 Cupid's arrows with donut holes and chocolate milk. 

 I love the chipboard letters. 

The kids had a great time eating all the donuts they could manage. They all played so well together and the party lasted for a few hours before we split up and everyone headed home.
It was such a blast. We are so lucky to have so much family around.
And Nanny and Papa drove all the way over for the party, which was so fun. 

Happy early valentine's day. We were sure feeling the love today with all our cousins and family around. I think I will just host a family valentine's party every year. It was so nice and relaxed.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

Fun in Mountain Home

We just got home from a great visit in Mtn. Home with Nanny, Papa and Aunt Laura.
Aunt Laura is visiting for a little bit longer before she leaves for Japan and we had the best time visiting with everyone. Daddy had to be at drill so we just hung out at Nanny and Papa's house.
We got in around 8:30 Friday night and the kids were so happy. It was kind of adorable.
Papa read the kids a bedtime story and even Benson enjoyed it. 

On Saturday we just hung out and played in the basement. Aunt Laura let Bailey go through all her old jewelry and pick out anything she wanted to keep. This was basically the best thing that's ever happened to Bailey and she was in heaven!!!
She brought home an entire birdie earring holder full of earrings. So fun!
My sweet Tanner boy has turned into quite the little reader. He loves to read and him and Aunt Laura spent some quality time reading together. Aren't they cute? 
Papa spent a lot of time with the kids in the basement playing with the laser guns.
He told the kids about the laser guns over the phone and they couldn't wait to play with him. It was basically the highlight of the trip, especially for Tanner. 
Look at these cute kids with their Papa, they loved it.
Even I played a few rounds. It was so fun! We played for a while and I was laughing so hard by the end of it. LOTS OF FUN!
Tucker was on my team most the time and he was the cutest little teammate. 
Isn't this Papa the best??
Aunt Laura got in some good face time with Benny boy and he fell in love with her all over again.
Laura and I went and picked up Thai food for lunch on Saturday during "quiet time" and then for dinner, we all went out for Mexican food. The kids ate really well and we had a great time together. 
We went to Nanny and Papa's ward on Sunday for church and the kids did pretty great.
There was a linger longer lunch after wards and so we stayed for that. Then we headed back to Nanny and Papa's for quiet time. Eventually Daddy got home from drill and we loaded up to drive home. 
The kids had so much fun with their Nanny and Papa. 
It was so fun to have Nanny and Papa all to ourselves. Oh and it was fun to have the extra time with Aunt Laura too. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

The First Snow of the Year

We finally got a little snow. It's a really pathetic snow and it didn't stick to the roads, but the kids were so excited. Also, we were already out of school today for MLK day, so we didn't even get an official snow day. 
We have this super steep driveway that is terrible all year long except when it snows. When it snows, our driveway is amazing for sledding. But this snow didn't stick to the driveway so I just pulled the kids around in the backyard on the sled. They loved it and it reaffirmed how out of shape I am. 
They had the best time. 
Except Benson, he was not a fan.
I made him take pictures with me, but he just wanted to go inside. 
Tucker loved throwing snowballs. 
Bailey was laughing so much as I pulled her around outside. I love this girl and her happy smile. 
And this stinker. He wasn't the biggest fan of sledding.
Tanner loved it, but I got worn out pretty quick so he helped me pull his younger siblings around. 
It was fun and even though the snow was short lived, the kids loved it. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tucker is a Sunbeam

Today was our first Sunday at church in 2018. We had sick kids last week. With the new year, all the primary kids change classes. 
How is it possible that my little Tucker is a "sunbeam"? I can hardly believe it. I'm honestly so excited thinking about the primary program this year because it's going to be hysterical. I just know it. Also, how cute is this little boy in his bow tie? I love it and I love him. 
Besides Tucker starting Sunbeams, Tanner and Bailey changed classes in primary too. Tanner is now in the Valiant 8 class and Bailey is in CTR 6. They are both in senior primary and I feel like my kids are getting way too old, way too fast. 
So here's to new classes and teachers for these kids and another great year in primary.
p.s. Don't you love Benson in his matching bow tie and old man suspenders.

Monday, January 1, 2018

And a Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!
2018 has come and I can hardly believe it's here.
The past year has been amazing. Benson joined our family. Tanner was baptized, Chris and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I turned 30 years old and we had awesome family vacations.
I feel so incredibly blessed.

Now, as great as 2017 was, I have a feeling that 2018 has the potential to be even better.
I have taken a job as a partner on a blog. My friend Lacey asked me to join her on her blog and I'm so excited about it. We are basically twins in our interests and hobbies so pairing up on a DIY blog makes sense for us.
I'm hoping to make decent money at this blog this year and have a little financial freedom.
I'm very excited. We have the chance to travel to different conferences and possibly even Hawaii.
It could be so great. I'm determined to work hard and we'll see how this goes. 
Besides that, I'm also resolving to spend more time with my kids, just being present. Talking, playing and laughing more. Chris and I are going to go on more dates and it's going to be a great year. 

Now onto how we partied. We partied so hard on NYE.
We had a "sparkle and shine" themed party and it was so fun. 

Really though- look at this party animal! He's so cute!
We used this fun gold foil curtain as a backdrop for our photo prop fun. 

So we let each kid pick out what they wanted for dinner. They each chose their favorite food and we made it for them. Tanner had pot stickers. Bailey picked chili cheese fries and Tuck wanted Mac-n-cheese. They loved  getting to pick the menu and it made the night so fun. 
After dinner we played games. For Christmas we got tons of kid-friendly board games and we spent our NYE playing all of them.
We played Kerplunk, Hot Potato, Uno, Candy Land and Operation. 

Then we watched a Netflix NYE count down and drank our sparkling cider. The kids did poppers and horns and we had a great time. 

May 2018 be as amazing as we hope. Here's to a brand new year!