Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Feast at Elm Tree Elementary

This week was the last week before Thanksgiving break and so that means, everyone has thanksgiving feasts at school. Tucker's was on Monday, but parents weren't invited. We sent in food for their feast but they just did it during their normal snack time.
Tucker was sad that I didn't get to eat with him, but I got him a slushy and that made up for it. 
On Tuesday, I got to eat with Tanner. We went through the cafeteria line and got our trays and ate lunch. The food was definitely sub par but the company was fantastic. 
I just love this boy of mine. He's so cute and sweet and I love that he's not too cool for me yet.
I know that day is coming, but I love that he still wants me around right now. 
And we got to sit with his friend, Conner Miskin, from our old ward. 
Then today I got to have lunch with Bailey.
I didn't buy a tray again, but I brought her a slushy and she was thrilled. 
I love my girl. When she saw me waiting at the table, she gave me the biggest smile. 
She loved her food and it was fun to chat with her and her little friends while she ate. 

We are out of school next week for thanksgiving and I'm pretty excited for the break.
It's been so hectic that I cant wait to just chill with my family at home. 
Stay tuned for Thanksgiving fun. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween from Hogwarts

Happy Halloween from Hogwarts!
We had the best time dressing up as Harry Potter characters this year. 
We took picture with our platform 9 3/4 sign and had the best time posing with out wands. 

I love this magical crew of mine. 
Chris was professor Snape and I was Bellatrix Lestrange. 
We were quite the pair of Death Eaters. 

Bailey was our cute little Hermoine.

Which was perfect, since she's also our little book worm. 
Tanner agreed to be Ron Weasley, because Tucker wanted to be Harry Potter. 
So Tanner was Ron and he rocked it. 

He really loved having his own pet rat, Scabbers. 
Here's Tuck as Harry Potter. 
He was the funniest about about pictures. He took his wizardly role very serious and I was cracking up. 

Benson was the most uncooperative, but he sure made for a cute little Dobby the house elf. 

That little face. He kills me. 
My magical bunch of cuties. I love them so much. 

We had our ward trunk or treat on the Friday before Halloween. But before that, we got to trick or treat at Daddy's office. That's always a huge hit with the kids. Although it was much smaller this year than usual, we still had a great time. 
Here are the kids all ready to trick or treat Daddy's work. 
Bailey loved the Unicorn tea party room the best. 
All the kids loved the Harry Potter themed room. They got to meet the creepiest Dumbledore ever and they loved it. 
But Benson loved the under the sea room the best. He loved the bubbles everywhere!

The ward trunk or treat was fun. It was crazy but fun. There were tons of kids in Gryffindor robes and they loved that Chris was dressed as Snape. They kept talking to him about potions class and it was so funny. We had to get a picture of Chris and all his students. 
Tucker's preschool Halloween party was the Monday before Halloween.
He was so cute. He dressed as a Mummy for  his preschool Halloween and he loved how he looked. 

We had a great time playing BINGO and making a spider web craft. 

He also did a "pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern" and a bean bag toss game. 
Sure love this mummy boy. 

We ended the party with a spooky story time. The kids loved the stories. 
It was a cute little party and Tuck had a great time. 

Halloween day was pretty crazy. 
We had Bailey and Tanner's class parties and I was in charge of Tanners.
I ran back and forth between the two parties trying to be present for both kids. It wasn't easy but we made it . 
Bailey decided she wanted to be a spooky witch for her class party. Since we already had most the stuff for the costume, I was totally fine with that. She wore my hat and stuff from my "Witches Night Out" with my girlfriends. She loved the way she looked. 
We took a few pictures of her in her spooky witch costume for fun. 

Bailey's class ate first and enjoyed some delicious spooky treats. 

Then they played BINGO and did a punch a pumpkin game where they all got surprises and treats. 

For Tanner's class we split the kids into three groups and they took turns going to the different stations. One station was BINGO, one was a mummy wrap game and one was snacks.
Tanner said the party was really fun, so I was relieved. 
He was the cutest little wizard. Tanner decided to be Harry Potter for his class party and he loved being HP. 
I think Tanner loved the mummy wrap game the best. He had the best time playing with this friends. 
Then we let the kids wrap Mrs. Rachel and they all love it. It was adorable. They were gleeful about getting to wrap her up. 
One class pic with everyone in their costumes. 

I checked the kids out early after their parties and we went home to hang out before trick or treating. Sadly it rained all afternoon and even though we hoped it would stop, the rain continued all night. Because of the nasty weather,  we opted for a "scary face" pancake night at home instead of going to iHOP. The kids loved it. 

Then we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Benson did one house and he was done. 
The big kids walked around in the rain in their Hogwarts cloaks for quite a while before they were done. They loved this creepy house in our neighborhood.
The kids are big enough that we were able to just follow behind them in the van and it was great. 

After trick-or-treating, we went home, got our pjs on, grabbed some candy and watched a movie in mommy's bed. The kids loved it. It was so nice to be able to stay warm and the kids were thrilled with the amount of candy they got and they loved snuggling in my bed.
It was such a great Halloween. However, I am looking forward to tomorrow. November can't come soon enough. It's been a crazy, wild month.