Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kansas City Trip with our Drake Cousins

This morning we woke up super early, loaded up our kids and drove the 3.5 hours to Kansas City. We typically get a hotel on Friday night and then spend the following day playing in KC. However, we decided to try doing it all in one day. It really wasn't bad. We are definitely tired after our big day today but it was worth it.
Uncle Joseph and his family had driven up last night and gotten a hotel in downtown KC. They offered to watch our kids while we went to the temple. So first thing this morning, we dropped off our kids and headed to the temple. Chris and I were able to spend about an hour doing sealings in the temple and it was wonderful. The spirit was so strong and I was so happy to get to share that with my sweet husband. 
After the temple, we picked up the kids and met Joseph at Fritz Railroad Cafe.
We had been here once before when Tucker was a baby, but he was too young to remember and so this was a whole new experience to him and Benson. 

The cousins wanted to sit together at the kid table so we let them.
See that black phone at the back of the table. You use that to call in your order. 
Then a train delivers it along the tracks that run all over the restaurant. 
The kids loved it when food would arrive. The got to reach up and pick up the food. So fun!

Benson wasn't a huge fan of the conductor hat. But I loved it on him. 
Tucker was the best eater out of everyone. He happily ate almost all his burger. 
After a yummy lunch at Fritz's, we went to the Legoland Discovery Center. We have also been here once before, but it was back when we only had Tanner and Bailey. So it was really fun to take Tuck and have him enjoy it so much. 
Tanner really loved the star wars display. 
First up we rode 
"Kingdom Quest". You have to shoot the beastly trolls and sneaky skeletons to save the princess. The kids loved it.

Benson loved getting to snuggle with Uncle Joseph. 
Then we walked through mini land and played the lego ninjago laser trial.
After that we played at the playground for a while. 

Benson really enjoyed the duplo farm. 
After playing for a couple hours, we watched the Lego 4D movie. It was pretty cute and the kids loved it. Well not Benson, he was bored, but the other three loved it. 
Next we rode the "Merlin's Apprentice " ride. Tanner and Bailey were older enough to ride it alone. And then I took Tucker with me. 
Tucker loved this ride and loved flying high. The faster your pedal, the higher you fly. It's a  cute ride. 
Then we played some more in the duplos. 

Tanner and I also built race cars and raced each other down the ramps. 

Tucker loved building trains with Daddy and driving them around the tracks. 
And Bens just loved digging in the bins of legos. 
We played for about 3 hours at Legoland and had so much fun.
We were all pretty exhausted after wards. 

After we finished at Legoland, we went back to the parking garage and loaded up to go home. We loaded up two extra kids as well. The kids were so excited to have Clark and Danny in the car with us. 
Although 20 minutes into the drive, 4 of the 6 kids were asleep. Turns out they were all exhausted from our big day. So we had a quiet drive home until we were about 40 minutes from home. Then everyone woke up and they giggled and laughed the rest of the drive. It was pretty cute.
Since they were all such good travelers, we grabbed some milkshakes when we got home. 
Then we put all the kids to bed around 9:30 pm. Chris and I are both thoroughly exhausted but it was worth it. It was such a fun day! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tucker's Fishy Fourth Birthday

Today our sweet Tucker turned 4. I really can't believe it. 
We had the best time celebrating him with a cute fishy party. 
It was nice to break away from the train themed party and Tucker loved his fish party

Tucker's favorite part of the party was the fish swimming in his drink. He absolutely loved it. 
He also loved the fish cookies.
We also served cat tail treats and bobber pops. 
And this was Tucker's birthday cake. 
I love the topper. 
I made this fishy banner
I made two and hung the other over the table. 

And this cute saying is what we sent out on his invitation. 
We sure love our Tucker-duck
After the kids all got some treats from the party table, they sat down to eat together. They were all laughing so hard. It was adorable!

The birthday boy and his beloved drink. 
After eating all the treats, we opened presents.
Tucker loved all his presents. It was pretty cute to watch his face as he opened each gift.
Then we had cake. Tucker blew out the candles twice before we finished singing, because he's a stinker. But he was pretty pleased with himself. 

I think he had a pretty great party. After letting the kids play for a bit longer, we grilled some cheeseburgers and let all the cousins play together until it was time for everyone to go home.
Tucker loves playing with his cousins and it was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. 
Happy Birthday to our Tucker boy!