Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tanner's first lost tooth

The day that every kindergartner waits for finally arrived. Tanner FINALLY lost his first tooth.
He was so excited. He actually pulled it out himself. He said that his teacher told him to just twist and pull and so he did and if came right out.
He ran into my room first thing to show me. Then he went to rinse off the blood in the sink and lost it down the drain. He came back into my room completely heart broken. Luckily I was able to pull off some major mom magic, remove the catch from the drain and retrieve his tooth. He was so happy.
Seriously, this face? Complete joy
The boy and his tooth
I kinda love his toothless smile. So cute!
So we dug out his tooth box that I bought months ago in anticipation for this day.
He was so excited to use it. It's just a little wooden box, engraved with his name. But Tanner was so excited to put it under his pillow.
There's that darn tooth. Took forever to finally come out. 
Then last night, right before bed, there was a knock at the door. Tanner answered it only to find a package addressed to him. It was from the tooth fairy and was marked with an urgent delivery stamp.
Tanner opened it right away. 
Inside was a fairy door with a letter from the tooth fairy.
It was pretty cute. Tanner was so excited to finally have a fairy door. Bailey has one in her room that is mounted to the door. This door, however, is only delivered when a child loses a tooth. It opens a portal so the tooth fairy can come straight to his room.
He carefully place the door on his headboard above his pillow and put his tooth box under his pillow. And then he happily went to sleep. 
The tooth fairy brought him $5- because the first tooth is special. (The remaining teeth are only worth $1 each. lol) and the tooth fairy also brought him a lucky penny. 
Tanner was so excited in the morning. 
Here he is this morning, his tooth is gone and he is so happy.
He was also quite thrilled with his money and lucky penny. 
What a fun night for this boy. 
We love this crazy little guy. We love his imagination and all his crazy stories.
I love the magic that is so real in their world.
Tooth fairy magic is all part of the fun. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Fun in Arkansas

We only had a couple weeks after getting home from Disney World and moving to Virginia, but we managed a few fun things. We did go to the pool a few times, a puppet show at the library and a couple of the cheap movies for kids at the theater.  I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures. But we had a great time. 
We also went to the blueberry barn to pick blueberries with friends. It was a nice morning- not too hot. Tucker basically ate every berry he picked. Bailey lost interest after the first 15 minutes but Tanner stayed with it and helped me pick a bucketful.

I love these little friends. 

We also made it over to the splash pad a couple of times. Bailey's lips are bright red from her snow cone and it makes her look a little bit crazy. But we had a great time playing in the sprinklers. 
Here's one of the boys enjoying their snow cones. 
It was a hot summer day and this was a well earned play date with friends. 

That was the extent of our Summer fun in Arkansas before we moved.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drake Family Florida Vacation- Part 5- Pool and Recovery day

Our last full day at the condo was Friday. Nanny and Papa actually checked out of their condo and then came to hang out with us until their flight. And because we had to clean their fridge/freezer out- we discovered we had way too much ice cream to store. So that led to milkshakes for breakfast.
That's ok right? We were on vacation, anything goes. 
This picture of all the grand kids (minus Hazel) drinking milkshakes in the PJ's. So funny! Oh and Max wearing his puddle jumper...cracks me up. 
After milkshakes with Nanny and Papa we had to say goodbye  to them and it was sad. We had so much fun with them in Orlando. 
After saying goodbye, we all headed out to the pirate ship pool. 
This pool was so fun. A complete water-playground pirate ship with slides and cannons. It was so fun. We all played together for a couple hours. 

The kids had so much fun on the slides and sprinklers. I think we could have stayed all day. 

The kids loved spending time with their cousins, aunts & uncles. 

Tucker loved the alligators shooting water cannons and the treasure boxes with sprinklers. 
And Tanner finally had time to really break in his new snorkel and fins. 

After playing in the pool for a few hours, we shuffled 6 very tired cousins back inside and fed them lunch and put them down for naps. They were all so tired after a very full week of fun. 
The adults ordered some Cuban food and then we all took naps too. We are a lazy bunch. 

Then it was time for more pool time. This time we went back to the big pool with the big kid water slide. 
These two crack me up. Bailey is really happy she just looks  a little crazy. 
Love her- she grew up a lot on this trip. 
Bailey even went down the big slide all by herself. We were so proud of her!
It's a pretty big slide so we were so surprised when she decided to try it out. 
Daddy caught her at the bottom and she was pretty proud of herself too!
Then it was back inside for dinner and baths.
The kids wore the Disney pajamas Nanny & Papa got them for Christmas on our last night in Orlando. 

It was such a fantastic trip. I seriously can't get over all the fun we had and well the kids did with all the craziness. 
Saturday morning we got packed up, hugged everyone goodbye and drove back to Pensacola to stay with the Harbers again. They were so sweet to host us. We woke up SUPER early Sunday morning and drove the remaining 11 hours. We made it back to our house by 4 pm and we were all so happy to be home! 

I can't wait to take the kids back to Disney when they are a little older. We can ride more rides and then I also want to take them to Universal Studios and Harry Potter world.
But until them, we will remember the amazing times we had in Orlando.