Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Fun

Since spring here has been consisting of almost 80 degree days, we've already busted out the toddler pool. With no complaint from Tanner, he was super excited about it. Although at first he only wanted to blow bubbles in the water.

Then he asked me to get with him- that lasted about 5 seconds- then he wanted the whole pool to himself again. (Don't mind my scary white legs)

Bailey LOVED the pool. She splashed and played until she was so tired she practically fell asleep in my arms when I got her out and dried off.

We've been spending alot of time outside. The boys even washed my car for me one day. You can bet Tanner was loving the hose. It probably took them twice as long as needed, but Chris is so patient with Tanner so they had a blast together!

But after so much hardwork, it was time for a nap. (Tanner is going to have such a hard time when Chris goes back to work.) He's daddy's little pal.

love this little girl in her summer clothes!

We've done a couple of trips to the park. Its about a mile roundtrip and we usually just walk down there. Its a great park with a toddler playground that Tanner wont touch. He thinks he is sooo big. He plays at the big kid side of the park. Makes me SO nervous.

We even took a trip to Branson to see some family that was visiting. We swam at the condo and went to dinner.

The kids did fantastic on the trip! I can't help but think back to when Bailey was about 2 months old and we took her to Springfield and it was HORRIBLE! We swore we'd NEVER EVER travel with her again. Now she's a great little traveler. THANK GOODNESS!!!

We are loving the sunshine (despite the occassional hot weather) and we are glad to say goodbye to winter!

I have to end with this sweet picture. My husband is such a great dad. Here he is reading a bedtime story to the kids. The absolutely adore their daddy!

My 25th Birthday

I turned 25 last month. Not gonna lie- I feel a little old. And although it may not have been the best birthday ever, we celebrated later and it turned out great.
On Sunday we had a big Barbeque at our house on the back porch. The weather was perfect, Chris made a delicious dinner and the cake was just what I had asked for. (Funfetti)
Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for making it a special event!
Tanner and I blowing out my birthday cake candles

Julieta and I and her sweet baby belly

birthday party fun

Bailey enjoying some diet coke

Yummy cake

Me and my sexy husband

Me and sweet boy

Then the next weekend my awesome Mom took me and Bailey up to Springfield for the weekend. We shopped all day Friday. I'm pretty sure she was exhausted by the end of the day. She was the best Grandma ever and watched Bailey so I could shop without kids. HEAVEN!
Then that night, as if we weren't already totally exhausted, we went and saw the 10:00 pm showing of "Hunger Games." It was so awesome! Yeah, I took Bailey because we were out of town and it was late enough that I knew she would sleep. It took me about 2 minutes to get her to sleep and after that she was out for the entire movie. GOOD GIRL! We fully enjoyed the movie and made it back to our hotel by 1:00 am.
The next morning we went to a stake relief society activity in Branson, which was pretty good. Then more shopping, lunch and we headed home.
Bailey was an awesome shopper!

It was such a great weekend. I'm hoping it becomes a tradition.
Luckily I have an awesome husband who was willing to keep Tanner all weekend. Not that Tanner minded- He's totally Daddy's little pal.
Anyways, that was my birthday. It was fun and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such loving people. Thank you everyone!