Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Tanner!

Three years ago today our sweet Tanner entered the world and changed our lives forever. Looking back over the past year it has been a lot of fun but I think it's probably been the most challenging too. Tanner was an incredibly laid back and happy baby and infant. The toddler year has been a little harder.
But I can't blame it all on Tanner. So many things changed this last year. Bailey was born, resulting in a big shift of attention from one child to two. Tanner handled it well, but I know it was definitely a big change in his life. We moved into a new house and that can rock a little guy's world. Tanner started talking (well kind of talking) more and more. It was a little frustrating because he thought he was saying real words but no one knew what he was saying. So for about 6 months we had a frustrated Tanner and a frustrated mother. And then there's all the other stuff that changes as children learn and grow. Tanner went through about 4-5 months of truly terrible two's. I'm talkin' total terror. I didn't know what to do. Eventually we discovered a discpline method that worked for Tanner and that made all the difference. After that I got my sweet little boy back. Don't get me wrong- he's still the typical crazy, high-energy, wild little boy, but he's listening and obeying sooo much better.
I've enjoyed this boy more than words can say. To me, one day of my happy/snuggly boy is worth a week of tantrums and fits. Seeing that boy happy and giggling makes my heart sing. I love him so much and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

Anyways, here are some pictures from his birthday. Because I was still recovering, we pushed his party back another week, but I felt like we had to do something fun for his actually birthday.
The night before I blew up 30 balloons to fill Tanner's room with. This is the picture I got when he first woke up and saw his room.

He loved it so much. He kept saying "Thanks Mom! I love it!"

And we had his "big" present in his room for him to open.

His big present this year was a train set and man did he love it
Here he is counting the trains

Even Bailey loved the train set

After playing and eating breakfast (in that order) Bailey took her morning nap and Tanner literally played with his train set ALL morning.
Then we met Nanny, Papa, Uncle Joe, Tia and the cousins- Clark and Danny at Larry's Pizza.
Here are my cool kids on the way to Larry's.

Larry's is a pizza place where they bring tons of different kinds of pizzas around to your table and they also have a buffet. The best part is the arcade in the back room. Its one of Tanner's favorite places and having everyone there made it even more fun.
I mean-look at this face

After we all finished eating we went to play games at the arcade. Tanner loved this.I brought my change bag with about 8 dollars in quarters and we just let Tanner go crazy. He won about 120 tickets. We had so much fun!

After that we came home and the kids took naps. Chris had to go to work but before he did, Tanner and him got some good snuggles in
For dinner I took the kids to McDonalds because Tanner LOVES their cheeseburgers. After dinner Tanner got to eat his birthday cupcake and blow out his candle.

Then I put the kids down for bed. Tanner got to watch a movie in bed.

I'd say he was one happy kid who had a dang good day with his family.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bailey's Sunshine Party

We just had Bailey's 1st birthday party and I love how it all came together. Even though I was sick with bronchitis, bordering on pneumonia and Bailey had an ear infection- we sucked it up and had a great time. The theme was "You are my Sunshine". Everything was pink and yellow. It really reflected the girl Bailey has become. She smiles all the time and is really a happy sunshine girl. I had so much fun picking everything out for this party. It was fun to find all the hot pink and yellow decorations and it was even more fun to see it all come together.
I spent most the day getting ready for the party, while Chris took care of the kids. He's awesome like that.
Here are some pictures from the party.
Here is the food table

Favor and Water bottle Table

Water bottle labels


I also put together a "12 Months of Bailey" table. It had a picture of Bailey from each month of her life. Then in the middle it had a manzanita tree with tiny clips and notes to the birthday girl. I loved seeing how Bailey has changed over the past months. I gotta say- I just love that girl and her adorable smiles.

Here are some close-ups of the food table.
Raspberry Lemonade. Don't you love those hot pink straws? I fell in love with them and just had to have them for her party.

This was the guest cake.

Candy buffet

The first thing we did was open presents. Bailey did great. She loved opening the presents. Once she got them open she didn't care to play but she loved pulling the tissue paper out and making a mess of the wrapping paper. I think her favorite part was looking at the birthday cards. She was so funny. It was like she was actually reading them.

Bailey and I opening her presents

Bailey also loved her new boots from Nanny and Papa

We didn't get Bailey many presents because we got her a "Big Girl Carseat" for her big present. I did get her some new clothes and a couple of small toys, but I'm mostly excited about her new carseat. She looks so cute facing forward, sitting right next to her brother.

After presents we did cake and the candy buffet. Tanner was so funny. He loved picking out his candy. After Tanner got his cake and candy I asked him to go find a place to sit down and eat, this is where I found him.

He's practically under the table. Such a silly boy!
Here is Bailey walking around with her Uncle David while everyone was eating cake. Doesn't she look cute all dressed up in pink and yellow? I made those little ruffle bloomers for her party and I was relieved they actually still fit her when the party day came.

Bailey and I visiting with all her guests.

After everyone had eaten we put Bailey in her "sunshine chair" and let her have her birthday cake.
Bailey's highchair all decked out for her big party

I love this picture. It looks like she's waving and telling me she's one!
Bailey and her Nanny

Family Picture before Bailey digs in. Can you tell Tanner was trying to get attention anyway possible? Cheeseball!

Here is the cake I made for Bailey

True to form, Bailey dug right in and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
Man I love this girl!
Look at that face. I'm surprised she wasn't drooling.

Digging in

Yum! Oh so good!

She seemed to enjoy her party and I'm glad we had it when we did, instead of postponing. Bailey is my little sunshine girl. She loves to be involved in whatever is going on and she loves to play. As long as she is well rested and well fed she's a happy camper.
I love this girl so much!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Bailey Boo

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl!
I can't believe it's been a year since Bailey entered our lives. Time seems to speed up as you have more kids. That being said, I feel like I've been able to really enjoy my kids over the past year. Having two is understandably harder, but I LOVE IT. I can't imagine our lives without miss Bailey.
She brings sunshine everywhere she goes and has a little smile that is so contagious you can't help but fall in love.
Here are 12 facts about Bailey
1. She LOVES her brother. Even when he's beating up on her or has her pinned to the floor and is tickling her- she is laughing her happiest laugh.
2. She LOVES to eat. You know how most kids have a little appetite button that switches off when they are full. Bailey didn't come with one of those. She will eat as long as there is food in front of her. She is such a chunk. I love it though, because Tanner was such a picky eater at this age, its nice to have an easy eater.
3. Bailey is not one to be rocked to sleep. When its nap time or bedtime, we just place her in her crib and she lays down and puts herself to sleep. I hardly ever get to just rock her. She is VERY independent.
4. Bailey looks ALOT like me as a baby. Especially now as she gets more and more expressive. I have a feeling she will have more of my personality too. Tanner definitely got Chris' relaxed, easy-going personality. Not a whole lot bothers Tanner. I have a feeling Bailey will be a lot more like me. Sorry Bailey!
5. Bailey can say lots of words already. She says: "Mama" "Dada" "Nana"- (Tanner) "Baba"-(bottle) "Nanny" "Papa" "Bye" "Mo"- (more) and she's learning more all the time. I swear she said "car" the other day.
6. Bailey is walking along furniture like a pro. She will take a couple steps alone to get from the coffee table to the couch, but isn't real interested in walking alone too much. She's an expert crawler and climber. She can get on both couches, in our dishwasher and into the tub all my herself.
7.Bailey is a generally happy kid. The first few months of her life were kinda rough for the both of us. But after that it only got better and now-a-days she's simply a joy to be around. She smiles all the time and loves to be involved in whatever is going on.
8. Bailey loves when Daddy comes home. No matter what she's doing or what room of the house she's in, when she hears that door close and her daddy's voice- she's crawls as fast as she can to find him. It's so cute!
9. Bailey loves my friend Julie. Although Bailey only sees Julie once/week at church and occasionally during the week, she freaks out whenever she sees her. I mean she loves her Nanny and Papa, Aunts and Uncles but this is different. She will literally climb out of my arms or anyone else's arms to get to Julie. I'm pretty sure they must have been best friends in Heaven. Its crazy!
10. Bailey loves climbing stairs. This, of course, drives me crazy and makes me a nervous wreck. Before we knew she could climb stairs we found her on the 7th step. So yeah- she's pretty quick. When you take her off the stairs, she cries. She loves them!
11. Bailey has her Daddy wrapped around her finger. I understand, she's pretty cute, but this is ridiculous. Chris would do anything for this girl, anytime of the day or night. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and find them asleep on the couch together. Later I'll ask Chris when Bailey cried in the night because I didn't hear her. He'll reply "she didn't really cry, I just knew she wanted to be held."
He's so whipped. Bailey loves it and so do I!
12. When all is said and done- Bailey is still a "Momma's girl". And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy birthday Bailey! We are so lucky to have you in our family! You really are our sunshine girl!