Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tucker's 3rd Birthday

Today my sweet little Tuck turned three years old. I can hardly believe it. Tucker has seriously been the  happiest kid and he brings such joy into our lives! We love our Tucker-Duck!
We celebrated today with a birthday party with some of his little friends and cousins. It was so much fun. Tucker is really into trains, cars and planes right now so we themed his party around that. 
I called it "Planes, Trains, Trucks and Toys, There's nothing like Little Boys"

We had "Sunny D", water and Kool-aid for drinks. 

For food we had jello cups and fruit. 
We had two different kinds of sandwiches- PB&J and ham & cheese
Oh and "traffic cones"  or bugles
Here is the cake I made for Tucker. He loved it so much. He did not want to share it. It was so funny. I kept telling him yesterday that I was making his cake and then today he told everyone it was his cake and he wanted to eat it all. 
I used car track tape to decorate the tables and had construction cones as centerpieces. 

We had a baggage claim area for all our little guest to claim their favors. Inside each little suitcase was a mini train, candy, train whistle and small car. 

We had two different games. The first one was "Pin the Propeller on the Plane". Tucker decided he didn't want to play this game, but all his little friends had a great time playing. I had to tell myself over and over that it was OK. Just because I worked hard putting this game together for him, doesn't mean he has to play it. It's his birthday after all. lol. 
Tucker did enjoy the other activity though. It was an "auto paint and detail shop" The kids each got a tiny wooden car to paint and they loved it. 

Tanner told Tucker that he painted his train for him. He gave it to Tucker as part of his present. So sweet!

Tuck worked so hard on his little car. It was pretty adorable!
Then we opened presents. Tucker got some great gifts and he was so thrilled with them. He loved the trains from his brother and sister. 

After presents it was time for cake. Tucker loved his cake so much so we had to get a picture of us with his cake. Sweet boy!

We attempted a family picture, but not everyone was cooperative. 
I do love this picture of Tucker and all his birthday guests. So cute! 
Then we had cake and cake pops. 
We handed out the favors as everyone left. It was such a fun morning celebrating our sweet Tucker.
I'm so happy this is the last party I will be having while pregnant. I am totally worn out and so glad it's done. But it was all worth it to see the smiles on Tucker's face!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bailey's Kindy Pizza Field Trip

Today Bailey got to go on a field trip to Eureka Pizza with her kindergarten class. 
I thought it was a pretty weird field trip but it turned out to be pretty adorable. 
Each kid got a little apron to wear and then we took a tour around the pizza kitchen. The manager showed the kids how to place an order on the computer. 

Then we watched the pizza chefs making pizzas. The kids loved it when the chefs would toss the pizzas in the air and spin them around. 
Then they each got their own pizza dough to play with. We learned about the process of making pizza dough and how long it typically takes to make the dough and them bake a pizza. 
At the end, each kid got to make their own pizza. Bailey wanted sausage and pepperoni on her pizza. 
Then we put the pizzas in the oven and waited for them on the other side. 
Oh and Tucker got to come too. He loved hanging out with his big sister. He even got to make his own pizza. 
The kids got to take their pizzas back to school and eat them in their classroom for lunch that day. 
Bailey said her pizza was delicious. Tucker and I took his home and he ate it there. He ate almost all of it, so I guess it was really good. 

I really love kindergarten and all their cute outings and fun things they do.  We have a little over a month left of school and I can hardly believe it. Lots of kindergarten cuteness coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We spent easter weekend in Mountain Home this year and it was so fun. We got in late Friday night and the kids went to bed after giving Nanny and Papa lots of snuggles. 
Saturday morning we dyed easter eggs. This is always a favorite activity for the kids and this year was no different. There is something so magical about putting white eggs into mugs of water and having them come out different colors. Tucker really loved it this year. 

Bailey was more into decorating hers. She really loved putting stickers on her eggs. 

Tanner loved the stickers too, but he also loved coloring designs with crayons and then dying them. 
Then after naps, we went outside to play. It wasn't hot but the kids insisted on playing with the water guns. Tucker loves the ones that are backpacks. He gets so into it. It's so funny. 

Then out of nowhere, Papa came out on his lawn mower. The kids were all on the trailer playing and Papa came out and started circling them while taunting them. The kids squealed in delight and immediately started trying to spray him with their water guns. 
They had so much fun trying to shoot Papa while he drove around like a crazy person. 

Then we hunted for Easter eggs in the backyard. It was so fun to have all the cousin together and watch their excitement as they found easter eggs everywhere. We hid the real eggs that the kids had dyed and plastic eggs with candy inside. The older kids got smart and only hunted for the plastic eggs because they wanted the candy. 
Papa helped the younger kids find eggs before the older cousins stole them all. It was so cute to watch them together. 
Then Nanny brought home pizza for everyone. We ate outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening. 
Then it was inside for baths and bed. 
The next morning was Easter Sunday. 
We got ready in our Easter best and went to church with Nanny and Papa. 
I took these pics of the kids before going to Mtn. Home and I love how they turned out. 

We took a few pictures with these adorable baby chicks.
I love the blossoms, the chicks, the beautiful sun shining through- it all reminds us of a new beginning and the atonement. We are so blessed to be able to repent and start anew each time we make a mistake. 
I love the Easter holiday and I'm so grateful for my Savior, the resurrection and the chance to live with these beautiful babies forever!

Also, how adorable are these pictures?? They loved the baby chicks so much!

Happy Easter!