Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fort Smith Family Day Trip

Yesterday we drove over to Fort Smith, AR for some family fun. 
I'd read online that the did trolley tours around the city and I thought the kids would love that. So we drove the 1 hour and 10 mins to Fort Smith and had a great time.
Our first stop was the trolley museum. After a quick potty break, we loaded up on the trolley. 
The kids were so excited. The entire time Bailey and I were in the bathroom, she kept saying "I hope the trolley doesn't leave without us".
Bailey was so happy to be sitting on the trolley. 
During the trolley ride, we had a historical tour of the city.
Tanner listened so carefully. He loved hearing about the military cemetery and the different battles. He's such a good boy.  
Tucker struggled during the tour, but he loved walking around the trolley. Then the motorman let Tucker ring the trolley bell. He was one happy boy! The bell was actually on the floor, so he got to step on it. 
Again, Tanner listening and being such a good boy. 
Bailey was really good too. As long as I was sitting next to her. 
Tucker loved sticking his fingers out the window. 
I just love these people!
Tucker was in my arms during most of the trolley tour. Tucker is a little attached to his momma. 
Then the tour ended back at the museum and the kids thought they were being so cute by sticking their heads through these little posts. It was so funny. Even Tucker got into it. 

Family pictures at the Trolley Museum. 
Tanner wearing the motorman hat. Love this little man. 

We explored the little village.  
For some reason, Tucker was immediately drawn to the saloon. Lol 
Then we explored some of the old train cars. 

Love these kids. 
Dad thought this engine was pretty awesome. It was massive. 
Then we drove over to the "Nickle and Dime Diner". It was an old train car that was made into a diner. Outside the diner was this massive giraffe and a Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel was closed, but Tanner was thrilled with the giraffe. (It's his favorite animal)
The burgers were delicious and the fries were perfect. 
The kid meals were served in these cute little cars. The kids loved it. They brought them home afterwards. 

After lunch at the diner, we drove through "Braums" on the way home to grab some ice cream and then we headed home. The kids were so well behaved and we all had a great time. It was a fun, cheap family day and everyone enjoyed it. I just love my little family. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Preschool Fun with B

Bailey absolutely loves preschool. She would go every single day if she could. I love her enthusiasm for school. It makes life so much easier because I never have to fight her to get ready for school. 
On February 5th it was "dress like a cowgirl" day and Bailey loved it. She was totally in character and loved wearing her Daddy's hat. 
Then this entire last week, Bailey was "person of the week" at preschool.
Which basically means she got to make a poster about herself- things she loves, facts about herself and pictures. She loved making it and she loved getting to tell her class all about herself. She's a funny girl.
How cute is this sassy girl?
Here is a picture of her poster.
Then last week she also got to bring home the "book bag" from school.
Inside the bag was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and a brown bear to snuggle while we read it. It made Bailey's day. She was so excited. We read it 4 times that first day.
I just love this girl and her love of books and learning. She's my favorite little lady. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

dance observation day

Yesterday was dance observation day. I LOVE observation day. It's so hysterical. 
The girls have been learning the dance recital numbers so we got to see them rehearse what they had learned so far. 
Here are the pics.
The first half of the class was ballet.
Here is Bailey checking her feet, making sure they are in first position. She's very particular and careful about her form. Sometimes she focuses so hard and tries to get the form just perfect that she gets behind on the dance. But it's still so cute to see her concentrating. 

Working on different positions

My little twirler

Stretching- making her butterfly. 

tiptoeing off the "stage"
The second half of class was all tap. I didn't care for tap last year, but Bailey is getting better at it and its so cute to watch. She has so much sass and personality during tap. It's hysterical to watch. 

This girl...she kills me. 

This is my absolute favorite picture from practice. How adorable is that pointed toe. 
Then at the end of class, everyone  gets a sticker from Ms. Rachel. 
Bailey is loving dance and she really adores Ms. Rachel. I'm so excited for recital time this year. Its going to be so cute!
I love watching Bailey dance.