Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tanner is his own stylist these days

Who needs a mom to make you look cute and do your hair everyday when you can do it yourself????

Apparently Tanner is old enough to cut his own hair these days.

Before he broke my heart:


Not sorry- not one little bit

The final product:

Don't worry though. His ego didn't take a hit. He's still convinced he's "SO HANDSOME" Despite my tears and - I'm not gonna lie- anger- this kid loves the way he looks.
He keeps reaching up and stroking his head and saying "hair all gone. I cut hair. I handsome"

Pretty sure he didn't learn his lesson and now the scissors are hiding on the top shelf of my closet. I can't even reach them without getting a chair. Dang kid!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our First Family Camping Trip

We recently went on our first family camping trip. Chris and I both love camping. My family didn't do alot of camping growing up, but Chris' family did. We both really enjoy it and so we decided we want to squeeze in as many camping trips as we can while our kids still want to hang out with us.
We left home around 2:30 pm and drove over to Cranfield lake/campsites. We set up our tent and got unpacked.
Tanner helping Chris hammer in the stakes for our tent.

Tanner really loved having his own camp chair. He'd set it up, then push it back together, move it across the campsite and open it back up and sit for a while. Then repeat it all again. It was cracking me up.

Then we walked down to the swimming beach and set up "camp". Luckily, it wasn't too hot, just right for the water but not completely unbearable.
The kids played and played in the sand and water. Tanner is really getting to be quite the fish. He even holds his breath and sticks his head under water and trys to swim on his own. Of course I have to hold him while he kicks because he sinks like a rock- but hey- he's trying!
Me trying to help Tanner swim. He's kinda independent!

Bailey loves her dolphin floatie. Also she loves to wear sunglasses- especially my sunglasses. This girl is so funny!

Bailey eventually fell asleep and I laid her under our beach umbrella to nap.

Our beach camp

After our lake adventure we went back up to our campsite, which was overlooking the lake, and got changed out of our suits. We started to prepare dinner and tried to keep Bailey from eating every rock in site. Seriously- what is the obsession?
Here is Tanner exploring the great outdoors. Isn't the lake beautiful in the background?

Bailey enjoying the "nature" all around her

Gotta stay hydrated

The only jeans I had for Bailey were way too small- they wouldn't button. Such a chunker..

We just roasted hot dogs for dinner, added a little chilie and cheese and called it good.
Tanner and Chris starting our fire so we could cook dinner

Tanner really liked roasting his own hot dog. Too bad he was too excited to eat, unlike his sister, who ate everything in sight.

After a little exploring and enjoying the outdoors, we busted out the s'mores.

Even Bailey got to try a little of her Daddy's s'more

This was a big hit with everyone involved. Although, eventually both kids decided they preferred their marshmellows un-roasted. They were so cute sitting together around the fire eating their marshmellows.

As it got darker we brought out the big finale. Glowsticks. OMG- I can't even tell you how much Tanner loved this. They came in a bag of 12 bracelets and at one point Tanner had every single one of them on him. They were hanging for belt loops, around his neck, on his wrists- it was so funny!
Here is Tanner showing me his glowsticks. He'd come and say what each color was. He loved it so much!

Bailey had one she played with, but she was mostly interested in stealing the ones Tanner dropped on the floor. Then Tanner would kindly say "No, No Baby. Give to me" or he'd trade her a glowstick bracelet for a rock- which always works on Bailey. That girl loves rocks!
The kids and I before getting ready for bed.

When it was time for bed I heated Bailey's bottle over the fire in our dutch oven and fed her. She was so tired because nightfall and bedtime are two totally different things. By the time it actually got dark outsite it was about two hours past her bedtime. Needless to say, when I put her in her carseat to go to sleep, she was out like a light!
Bailey taking her "baba"

Tanner stayed up for another hour or so playing with his glowsticks. My parents came out and had "banana boats" with us. By the time they left Tanner was a zombie. He was so tired but did not want to go to bed. He was having such a good time and he was cracking us up!

We said good-bye to my parents and laid him in his sleeping bag (which he LOVED) and he said "I so seepy, night night!" Approximately two seconds later, he was asleep with his glowsticks laying all around him.

The kids slept pretty well. Bailey woke up once in her carseat and I moved her next to me- then she slept the rest the night. I was so relieved that the kids did so well. The next morning we eventually packed up and headed home.
Chris and Bailey first thing in the morning- she woke us up kinda early.

Here are my happy kids first in the morning. It was kinda cold so that's why they are wearing hats. I didn't want their little ears to get cold.

Tanner was so excited when he discovered "Gerald" in his sleeping bag. He forgot he came camping with us...

And Bailey loved crawling in and out of our tent.

We can't wait to go back. Tanner loved it so much. He really enjoyed having his own camp chair and sleeping bag, but we'll have to make sure and bring glowsticks again, those things made his day!
My little family before we packed up to go home.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A HOT Date With my Little Man

And by "hot" I mean temperature. Summer is in full-swing here so we spent the day at White Water Splash Park. Our neighbors had buddy passes and offered them to us. So Saturday morning Tanner and I followed them up to Branson and spent the day at the water park. Bailey stayed with Nanny for the day. (Thanks Nanny!) And Chris had to work.

Tanner couldn't possible have had any more fun! I loved watching him be so HAPPY!
I really miss spending quality time with my boy. Don't get me wrong.
I LOVE MY LITTLE BAILEY! But I miss spending time with Tanner. I think its so important to spend alone time with each child separately.
Tanner sure enjoyed himself and I had a great time too!
Tanner and I before we left for our big date!

First we hit the toddler park. Tanner went down the water slide by himself. I was so proud of him!

He really enjoyed shooting the water guns.

Love this boy!

One cool kid

Splashing around

Then we hit the lazy river and the wave pool!
Here's Tanner right before we hit the lazy river!

The wave pool was probably Tanner's favorite part of the whole park.
Every time a wave would hit us he'd laugh and laugh. He almost fell off his tube because he was laughing so hard.
Here's Tanner hitting the wave pool!

We stayed for about 4 hours and by that time Tanner was completely beat! He was pretty much like a zombie walking. I had to guide him to the car because he was so tired. One minute after I got him buckled him into his car seat he was asleep.
That little boy had a blast!
This is how I got Tanner to leave the park without throwing a huge fit. He didn't want to leave all the water- so this little treat did the trick!

Thank you to our awesome neighbors for the tickets. We had a great time!

Seriously, could this kid be any happier? I'm so glad we went!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day

I was so happy when I looked at Chris' work schedule and saw that he was off for Memorial day. I planned a big family Bar-B-Q at the lake, but then one thing lead to another and we ended up having our celebration at my parent's house. Which worked out well and was a lot less work.
We grilled burgers and brats for lunch and stuffed our faces. SO good! Then we set up the toddler pool and slip-n-slide for the little ones.
All three kids with Papa

Tanner was all over that slip-n-slide and he loves the pool so I know he had a good time. Bailey didn't cry at all this time when I put her in the pool (that's a huge improvement!)

Even Clark eventually warmed up to the idea of being wet.
The kids played for about an hour and couldn't have had more fun!

Even Bailey tried the slip-n-slide

drying off in the sun- I love that they are constantly playing together! They are seriously best friends

Me and my girl

Then we went home for nap time and both my babes slept for 2 1/2 hours- so wonderful!
Then we packed our beach bags and headed over to the lake. We grabbed a little dinner on the way- because it was getting late and by the time we got back it would be bedtime.
The kids LOVED the lake. The water was perfect and the beach was awesome.

Tanner dug in the sand with this great stick he found in the water.

Bailey hardly ate any sand- so that's an improvement. Both kids played in the water and it was so nice to get to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I have so many memories of going to the lake as a child with my family on a weeknight. We'd pack some sandwiches and spend the evening there. Its so nice because by 6 pm or so, everyone is heading home so it wasn't crowded at all.
Me and my kiddos

After our lake adventure we got the kids dressed in their pj's and headed home. They both slept so hard that night.

It was a great way to spend our memorial day and I look forward to many more days or evenings with my family at the lake!