Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We've reached the halfway point of this pregnancy.

I'm 20 weeks and feeling great. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. Having Tanner around to keep me busy really has helped. Tanner makes everyday an adventure and most of the time I'm too busy to remember I'm pregnant.
I thought I show some pictures of me at different points of each pregnancy.
The first one is me at 14 weeks- at the end of my first trimester. The picture on the left is when I'm pregnant with Tanner, the right is me during this pregnancy.

The second picture is me at 20 weeks- after finding out the sex of each baby. Again- the left is Tanner, the right is this baby girl.

Unfortunately, I didn't take that many picture of me when I was pregnant with Tanner and I have only taken three so far with this one. But I'll get more when I'm bigger and its easier to compare.

Other differences between the two pregnancies:
I started feeling sick about 2 weeks earlier with this pregnancy. So instead of being nauseous at 7 weeks, it started at 5 weeks. So not fun...but luckily with both pregnancies I started feeling better around 13 weeks.

I was really tired at the beginning of this pregnancy. Most of that is probably due to Tanner. I have less energy but am still as busy as ever with him. But again, once I got past the first trimester I started feeling better and having lots more energy. I also started working out- so that helped. I was too sick to work out earlier. Pathetic huh?

I'm hungry ALL the time. I probably go through a box of cereal on my own each week. I crave cereal at like 10 pm every night. I feel like I never get enough to eat, even though after I eat I'm stuffed. I get hungry again really fast Its really out of control!

I'm more tender and sensitive with this pregnancy. Its hard to rock Tanner to sleep because having him lay against my stomach makes me a little nauseous. This is probably the most heartbreaking because I love my snuggle time with Tanner. But if it takes longer than 10 minutes for him to fall asleep rocking with me, then I have to put him in his crib and just lay down next to him and hold his hand.

So far that's about it- I'm not showing that much yet (unless I eat a TON of pizza or something) but I feel like I'm carrying the same as I did with Tanner. But it will be easier to tell in a few more months.

Anyways, I'm excited to be halfway done and can't wait to meet this little girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a......

Can you believe it? We're SOOO excited.
There are hardly any girls on either side of our family, so we were shocked at the lack of boy parts at our ultrasound.
She looks good- she's healthy and growing right on track. We couldn't be more happy.
Here is the profile shot- she wouldn't move her hands out of her face

Then here is the shot confirming its a girl- not only were there no boy parts, but you could see the "two little dark lines" that they look for on girls- so no surprises!

Then another profile with more of her body. I just love those little arms and you can even see her leg. I'm already so in love with her.

This last picture is one of my favorites. If you look on the left side of the picture- you'll see her little foot. She stuck it right where the camera was. I love her little toes

I've already started buying pink. So ridiculous right?
I'm 19 weeks and 4 days now- so almost halfway. Comon August- get here faster!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday and other fun...

I turned 24 last week. It was a pretty fun day. Tanner slept in, so I got to sleep in until almost 9. (Not a bad way to start off my birthday). Chris had left to go to work by the time Tanner and I finally got up, so we went to have breakfast at a little diner next to Chris' office and he met us there.
Then Tanner took his nap. Later my mom took me out for my birthday lunch and of course Tanner got to get spoiled too. He loves his Nanny. He wanted to sit by her at lunch and didn't want anything to do with me. After lunch Tanner took his afternoon nap and when he woke up my Mom came by and picked him up. So I had about an hour of alone time before Chris came home and whisked me away for my birthday festivities. My parents watched Tanner all evening for us.
He took my to eat at the new Italian place in town- it was DELISH. Then we grabbed some chocolate and headed to the movies. We watched "I am Number Four" and I really liked it. I went in with really low expectations and that always helps- but we were surprised how much we liked it.
Then we went to my parent's house for cake, ice cream and presents. My parents got me a beautiful brown leather jacket and some money for maternity clothes, my siblings got me new scriptures, and my husband got me a new camera.
But not just any camera- the camera I have been drooling over for MONTHS! It was way too much but he said he wanted to spoil me and who am I to argue? He's amazing!

He got me the Canon Rebel T1i. Its a beauty and takes amazing pictures.
I'm still learning how to use it, but if its possible- I take more pictures now them before.
Tanner has even started saying cheese whenever I pull the camera out. Its so funny.
Needless to say, I had a great birthday and I feel completely and totally spoiled.

On Saturday we decided to take advantage of the windy day and we headed to the park to fly Tanner's kite for the first time. Tanner thought it was fun for about the first 3 minutes. Then he wanted to run around and play in the rocks. He did enjoy chasing the tail of the kite though.
helping Dad fly the kite

Caught the kite tail

Keeping his eye on the kite

Then we headed over to catch a bit of the baseball game going on at the park. Tanner loved watching the players hit the ball and then getting to clap for them. He clapped for both teams and cheered when everyone else cheered. It was so fun to watch him watching the game.
He's so intent on the game in this picture

Clapping for the other team

Today it is beautiful outside. Its 80 degrees and sunny. Perfect!!!!
Tanner and I decided to go play in the sprinkler. So I changed into some shorts and put Tanner into his swim suit and we headed out to the backyard.
Tanner really loved the sprinkler. He loved running back and forth and getting wet. Then he got really daring and decided to face the sprinkler and run right at it. He of course got nailed in the face by the water and after that the fun was over. He didn't like getting water in his face, but he was determined to beat that sprinkler. He tried again and again. Finally he got mad and ran to me for hugs to make it all better.
I turned the sprinkler way down and then he decided he was bigger and could beat it. He ran right up to it again, but because it was barely on he didn't get sprayed in the face- just the legs. He really liked that.
Right before he got the full blast of the sprinkler in the face. As you can tell- he really had fun for a while.

The sprinkler is SOOO MUCH FUN!

Tanner trying to figure out how the sprinkler works

Then he helped me turn it off and we played outside to let him dry off.
Then I got him dressed in some summer clothes. Can I just tell u how much I love summer clothing. I love the swim suits, the shorts, the sleeveless shirts- I love Tanner's somewhat-chunky body. I really love his little toes in flip flops
Here is Tanner in his first summer outfit of the year
Whoaps- the shorts were a little big

Tanner didn't mind. We just pulled them up and kept on playing

Now he is taking a nice long nap because he was exhausted after our water adventure.
He's so fun right now. Everyday he learns a new skill and he's always excited to try new things. I love my boy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bowling 101 & More

I found this cheap bowling set a few weeks ago and when the weather got colder, we decided to bust it out. Since we couldn't play outside we had to come up with some new ways to entertain ourselves.
We tried to show Tanner how to hold the ball, then how to throw it and knock the pins over.

He watched as Dad rolled the ball and the pins fell.

His reaction after watching Dad bowl.

Tanner throwing the ball. I know it looks like he's just dropping it, but this is how he was throwing it at first.

From that moment on his new mission was to make sure not a single pin remained standing. Every time I set the pins up Tanner would run over and knock each one over. He would be so thrilled with himself each time he knocked them over, it was so funny to watch.
He threw the ball a few times but couldn't figure out the underhand rolling. He just loved to knock the pins over.
A much more efficient way to bowl- strike every time.

I think he really enjoyed bowling. Maybe if the weather gets cold again we will bring them back out and practice our bowling skills.

Here are a few others from the past week or so. Tanner went into nursery two Sundays ago. It was his first official time, although he has been going in occasionally to visit with Nanny (she's the nursery leader). But now its official and I can't believe he's old enough for this. He's such a little man.

We had a play date last week too. It was too cold to play at the park so we had it at the church. Tanner loves playgroup. He loves playing with all the girls- he gets all the attention because he's the only boy there.
He found this puppy in the toy cabinet and it was love at first sight.
Puppy love

He also loved this toy.

Here are the two girls Tanner's age he plays with.



Eventually the weather got warm again and we were able to head to the park. Tanner loves the park so much. It was a really last minute trip so we didn't invite anyone else. Just me and my boy. Quality Tanner time!!!

Although I love spring time and all the beautiful weather, I hate how my allergies act up. And being pregnant, I didn't know what I could take. The nurse recommended benadryl- so lets hope I get some sleep tonight. I'm so tired and Tanner has no mercy!