Monday, December 12, 2016

The Compassion Experience

Tonight we had a very cool FHE. It was called "The Compassion Experience" and it was kind of amazing. 
We drove over to the mall and parked next to these trailer that were set up. After checking in, we were directed into a certain trailer that depicted life in that particular country. The story followed the life a child and their hardships. We got to experience life in Kenya for a little boy and life in the Philippines for a little girl. 
We wore headphones and had ipods that told the stories. "The Compassion Experience" was able to help these particular children and basically saved their lives. It was amazing to see how little they had. My kids couldn't believe the houses and conditions they lived in. 
These two pictures are of the kids exploring the "school" that was set up by "the compassion experience" to help kids in these countries. The supplies were limited and pretty primitive, but these kids felt immensely blessed to have them. 
You can see the toothbrushes hanging behind Tucker's head. Tanner was shocked to hear that most kids in this particular part of Kenya hadn't been taught to brush their teeth. 
Tanner was particularly touched by the stories and hardships. I feel like he realized how blessed he was in comparison to many kids in the world and he felt the desire to help. He took the entire experience very seriously. He's such a sweetheart. 

I feel like this FHE was perfect for our "light the world" challenge. We've been looking for ways to share the light of Christ and this made it obvious why that light is needed. So many people are less fortunate then us and for the first time, my kids could see that plainly demonstrated. 
We are really enjoying the "Light the World" challenge and we are having fun finding ways to serve others and keeping our focus on our Savior. 
Then tonight we had all our local family over for dinner and we made these sweet block nativities.The Allreds, Lanoys and Drakes all came over and we had a great time together. 
This is just one more way we are trying to remain focused on our Savior this Christmas. 

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