Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Break Fun Part 2

I just had to document a few fun moments from our Christmas break. Nanny and Papa and Aunt Laura stayed through Monday night. We decided to go see the newest "Star Wars" movie together. I got a sitter for the younger two and we took Tanner with us. 
You can bet he felt pretty special. He was the only grand kid there and he loved all the attention. Nanny bought everyone big buckets of popcorn and Tanner loved getting to sit next to Uncle David.
The movie was great and we had a great time together.
After the movie, Nanny, Papa and Aunt Laura headed back to Mtn. Home. 
Uncle David stayed for a couple more days while we watched the weather to see when it would be good for him to drive home. He ended up leaving bright and early Wednesday morning. 
However, before he left- Tanner got to play one of his grown-up board games. Actually it was Dad's "Oregon Trail" card game and Tanner was thrilled to be included. 
We spent most of our nights together playing games and Tanner really wanted to stay up and play. So the night before Uncle David left, we let him stay up and feel like a big kid. It was so cute to watch him. 

Oh and this picture had to be included. Bailey got a "turbie-twist" from Santa and we couldn't wait to try it out. It was a hit and Bailey loves that her hair doesn't soak the back of her pj's anymore after baths. I sure love this girl. 

After Uncle David left, we spent the day recovering from all the Christmas excitement. It was nice to spend the day together just playing and enjoying time at home
Bailey loves her dollhouse so much. She is so cute playing with her princes and princesses.
The rest of the week was spent playing with friends and enjoying our break. 
Tanner spent one day at Cooper's and he had the best time. He actually lost his top front tooth while he was there and was so happy and proud. So fun. 
Bailey also had a play date with her bestie, Chloe. They had a great time playing with her dollhouse and playing dress up together. These two are such a mess together- cracks me up. 

In typical Tucker-fashion, he was just happy to be along for the ride. He played with friends and enjoyed his new train set. He was a great Christmas break and I'm not quite ready for school to start. Although we still get to celebrate the new year with family and friends before that happens. Yay. 

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