Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Break Fun Part 1

Wednesday the 21st was our first official day of Christmas break. We spent the morning at Miss Jessica's house taking our traditional "Christmas Pjs" picture. Jessica is amazing and I love how it turned out. Seriously- isn't it beautiful!!!
Then it was home for some relaxing fun. 
Then on Thursday, the 22nd, we drove down to Fayetteville to go to the Stewart Family lights with the cousins. Joseph and Julieta met us down there with Aunt Laura and the boys.
The Stewart family lights is a huge privately funded light display. It's totally free and covered in inflatables and lights. It's pretty great. It's been on our NWA bucket list for a while, but Christmas time always gets so crazy and we've never been able to go until this year.

First stop was the train ride. The kids were thrilled to see Aunt Laura. (She'd flown in a couple days earlier, but we hadn't had a chance to see her yet). 
Tuck was too obsessed and excited about the trains to look at the camera. 
After Uncle Joseph and his crew left, we met up with our Fuhriman friends. We sure love these people. 
How cute are Annalise and Bailey? 

It was a fun night and a perfect way to start our Christmas break.

The next morning, we hopped on the Arkansas Missouri railroad for the Christmas Express Train. 
We went with a bunch of friends and it was so fun. This is probably my favorite Christmas tradition. We typically go at night, but this year we decided to try the day trip and it was just as much fun. 

Cooper and Tanner are such cute friends. 
Bailey and Chloe
And I can't forget this crazy little boy. 
I love that the train car was all lit up and decorated. Santa's elves also served cookies and hot chocolate. 
We even had a visit from the Big Man himself. Tucker looks unsure in this picture but when he saw him walking down the train car towards us, he freaked out and started yelling "SANTA"!!!! It was hilarious. 
We sang Christmas carols and chatted with our friends and had such a great time. 
And the best part- Aunt Laura got to join us for the train ride so that made it even more special!
These kids thoroughly enjoyed the magic and it didn't matter one bit that it was during the day instead of at night. SO FUN!
Oh and we snagged a group shot before leaving. Look at all these adorable friends. We are so blessed!

Oh and miraculously, our letters from Santa showed up today- just in time. So fun!

Stay tuned- tomorrow is Christmas eve and Nanny and Papa are coming over tonight to celebrate with us!

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