Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kindy Christmas Party

There aren't many things cuter than kindergarten school events. Bailey was thrilled when I was able to come to her class party. Unfortunately, Monday night Tanner started throwing up. So he had to miss the last of school and his class Christmas party. Chris stayed with Tanner and Tuck while I ran over to the school for Bailey's party.
We did a snowman craft and then ate snowman snacks. 

Then it was time for a snowball fight. They used cotton balls and threw them at each other. This was a huge hit. The kids had such a blast. 

Bailey loves Kindergarten so much. It's fun to watch her blossom and grow as she learns. 
After the party, I went home to take care of Tanner. But he was feeling much better. 
Now school is out for the break and we are so excited. He's hoping we can stay healthy long enough to enjoy it!

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