Monday, May 28, 2018

Benson's BEARY First Birthday

Our littlest cub turned ONE on Thursday and it's breaking my heart a little. Benson's party was bear themed so I took these cute pictures of Benson in preparation. How is my baby one???

I really love how his party came together. I had a great time prepping for this party. Even though Chris was gone for the two weeks leading up to the party and I was stressing over the end of school, the party prep got me through it. 
We served "twigs and logs" and "forest berries"
along with two different types of cupcakes
We also had "bear poop" and "fresh fish" and "PB bear sandwiches"

Oh and I loved Benson's smash cake. It was my first stump cake and I learned a lot in the process.
He dug right in and he also loved it. 

We also served "Muddy bear drink" (chocolate milk), "fresh stream water" and "Grizzly Bear Fizz".

For favors, I made felt bear masks and we gave each kid a small stuffed bear. 

One of our activities was an outdoor adventure hunt. How cute are the twig pencils? They were one of my favorite finds for the party. 

Here are the table settings.

We took the kids outside for the adventure hunt. Little Benson is the cutest. I just love him. 
Bailey and Tuck are also obsessed. 
How cute is this boy?

I really can't imagine life without little Benson. He makes all of us smile everyday and he completely adores his Daddy. 
Luckily he also loves his Mommy. 
We are so glad that Nanny and Papa were able to come over from Mtn. Home for his first birthday party. We also had the rest of the cousins and family from our area there too. 
Here's our family of 6- we all just love Benny boy. 
Benson enjoyed all the food, but mostly he loved the berries. 
After eating, we opened presents. Benson was totally spoiled
 and got lots of cute gifts. 
Then it was time for cake. How cute is my little bear cub eating his first birthday cake? 

Eventually we lost the hat so he wouldn't get it dirty and Benson dug in. He kept trying to take big bites. It was so cute. 
He really dug into it and got pretty messy. Isn't he the cutest?

We had a great time celebrating our sweet Benson boy.
Happy FIRST Birthday Benson!

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