Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to the World Bailey!

Our little girl is here! She decided to come 9-days early, not that I'm complaining. We are more than happy to have her here and happier still that she is healthy and strong.
So here is the labor story- I will try not to gross anyone out with too many details- but here it is...
After Tanner and I got home from the library on Wednesday morning I was feeling a little off. I'd been having lots of contractions but they weren't painful- just like constant cramping. Then I started bleeding and that made me really nervous. So I threw our "to-go" bags in the car, grabbed Tanner and drove to get Chris from work so we could go to the hospital. By the time I got to his office I had to let him drive because I had worked myself into a panic and couldn't focus. I'd already called my mom and we drove to my parents' office to drop Tanner off to my mom. Tanner was pretty oblivious to everything and happily went with his Nanny to play. I about started crying when we drove away because I was thinking about how his life would never be the same and he had no idea. (plus I was already really emotional)
We got to the maternity ward of the hospital and they got me settled into a room. I wasn't admitted yet because they didn't know if they'd be sending me home or if I really was in labor. (like i said- i wasn't having painful contractions- just cramping)
They got some monitors hooked up to me and I finally got to hear the most beautiful sound in the world- my baby's heartbeat. Then I was able to relax a little and actually focus on what the machines were saying. I was having contractions every 4 1/2 minutes- even if I wasn't really feeling them. They checked me for dilitation and I was at a 2. (not encouraging since I had been at a 2 a week ago). An hour later they checked me again and I was at a 3, and an hour after that I was still at a 3. They decided to call my OB/GYN and see what he wanted to do with me. He said to go ahead and admit me but because by this time it was almost 5:00 pm he wasn't going to be aggressive at all. He wanted to let me "SIMMER". Those were his exact words. Simmmer- really? By the time I was finally admitted I was having pretty painful back labor and the contractions were stronger. I think that if I hadn't gone into the hospital because of the bleeding- I would have gone in at this point in the day (about 5:00 pm) because the contractions were under 5 mins apart and getting more and more painful.
They hooked me up to an iv for fluids and left me to "simmer". I was pretty grumpy at this point because the whole time I was being monitored I wasn't allowed to eat. We'd gone into the hospital at noon- and because I'd been in a panic I hadn't eaten anything. Then all I was allowed was ice chips- and then they admitted me and I still wasn't allowed any food. So I hadn't eaten since breakfast at 8:30 am and I WAS STARVING! Then to have the doc say he wanted to let me "simmer" all night- yeah- that didn't go over well.
When the nurse came back in I asked her for some I.V. pain meds- if I was going to be stuck at the hospital I thought they could atleast give me some drugs so I could possibly fall asleep and try to ignore my growling stomach. She looked at me like I was a HUGE BABY for asking, but gave them to me anyway.
So by about 6:00 pm I was dilated to a 5. The Doctor came in at that point and I told him straight out that I wasn't really the type to sit and simmer all night. I wanted this baby out. I told him about my labor with Tanner and how once I'd gotten the epidural I'd gone from a 3 to a 10 in 45 mins. I told him I wanted the epidural as soon as possible because then I'd be able to relax and let me body do the rest.
I guess I convinced him because he decided to go ahead and break my water, then he told the nurse to hook me up on some pitocin and he'd be right back to do the epidural.
After I got my epidural I started feeling a little bit better. The contractions were getting stronger due to the pitocin, but I wasn't feeling them nearly as much. But then the baby dropped really low and I started feeling a ton of pressure. It was at this point I had a nagging suspicion that the epidural wasn't working or atleast wasn't working as well as it did with Tanner. I started feeling dull contractions and so much pressure that I was convinced she was coming at any second.
30 minutes after I got the epidural I was at a 10 and the nurse told me they wanted me to wait and let the baby drop some more before I started pushing. Seriously- was it possible for her to drop anymore?
Then she left the room and came back in and asked if I was ready to start pushing. I SAID "YES!!!" She said ok- and I started pushing. That's when I was convinced the epidural wasn't working. Time felt like it started dragging and then the doctor came in and took over. He said push and I gave it all I had- 2 series of three of pushes and she was here. She was here and the worse pain I'd ever felt was over. Then I got to endure feeling every single stitch as he sewed me back up. I'm not sure why the epidural didn't take this time, but now I have a pretty good idea of how EASY I had it with Tanner. I know it could have been worse if I didn't have any pain meds, but wow- it hurt so bad I thought I was going to cry.
As soon as they laid that little girl in my arms I was able to forget everything else. She was so perfect. My labor was almost 9 hours from the time I arrived at the hospital- 4 hours from the time I was actually admitted.

My first thought was- she looks just like Tanner, except with lighter hair. She weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. She was 19 1/2 inches long and has brown hair.
This is a picture of Tanner- he weighed 7 lbs .5 oz and was 19 inches long. Do you see the similarities- to me its like seeing twins.

We named her Bailey Joyce after my sweet Grandma- Bettye Joyce. I'm hoping Bailey will take after her Great-Grandma because I adored my Grams so much and I know these two would have been buddies.
Chris and I with her new baby girl

Eventually everyone came in to meet Bailey and Chris brought Tanner in.
Nanny and Papa with their first grand-daughter

As soon as Tanner saw the baby he smiled.

Then he got really serious. He is very protective of his little sister and its adorable!
Tanner giving his new sister a kiss

Tanner holding his new little sister

My little family of FOUR

Baby Bailey

We spent the next 24 hours in the hospital and by the time 8:40 pm came around the next day we were SO READY TO GO HOME!
Tanner came with Nanny to visit twice the day after- here he is eating my hospital lunch

Bailey in her "Going home" outfit

Bailey in her carseat

Now we are home and trying to adjust to life with two kids. Tanner loves his baby. He calls her "Bay" because he can't say Bailey yet. Anytime he hears her cry he runs to her to make sure everything is ok. We have to reassure him that she is fine and then he goes about his playing. Occasionally he will give her kisses and he likes to throw away her dirty diapers for me. He's a great big brother and I'm so relieved he's handling it so well.
I'm recovering and I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful family. Chris is great and takes care of Tanner so Bailey and I can sleep whenever we want. My Mom spent the day with me today while Chris was at drill and she cleaned my house and even did my laundry. Seriously- my mom is awesome.
We feel so blessed to have a strong, healthy little girl and a sweet big brother for her. We are so excited to see the two of them grow up and play together. Life is good and I really don't have anything to complain about.
Here are a few of Bailey from today

Oh and this picture op was too cute to pass- Tanner reading to Bailey and Dad. He went into his room, grabbed this book (his current favorite) and then climbed up on the couch and snuggled in next to Dad and Bailey. He then proceeded to read to them for about 15 minutes. He even pointed to pictures for them. It was so funny.

He's already such a good big brother- I hope its indicative of the future. I sure feel lucky to have such sweet kids and such an amazing husband!


  1. Ok that was the cutest post! (well mostly the pics- I'm not sure calling your labor story "cute" is correct). I'm so excited for you! Bailey is such a beautiful little baby!!! Yay for Tanner loving his lil sis so much!

  2. yay for Bailey being here!! Congratulations! She is precious. I am also glad Tanner is adjusting well to a baby sister!

  3. what a beautiful family!! so excited for you. and what an amazing mommy you are!

  4. Emily! I love this SOOOO much. Bailey is beautiful and I'm so glad Tanner is good with her! I love your cute little family and I hope I have one just like it one day:)

  5. Emily, I'm so glad that all went well for you and that you have your beautiful little girl. I have to say when I was reading that it sounded a little familiar that the epidural didn't work your second time, mine didn't either. Enjoy your precious little ones, they grow so fast!

  6. I love all these photos. Sorry to hear about the labor not going as smoothly as with Tanner... I hope the epidural works for me!!! Bailey is so beautiful, and I can't wait to meet her (and for her to meet my baby girl).